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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daughter Heather and grandson Jameson made the local news tonight

Our daughter Heather was shopping with her son Jameson and friend Connie today in Ashwaubenon...

On their way into Dollartree, they were stopped by a roving reporter on the local NBC TV26 news out of Green Bay.  He asked them questions about the economy and living paycheck to paycheck...

I think she did well, being put on the spot.   Our grandson Jameson was being held in her friend Connie's arms, so it looked like she was the one who was his momma!  LOL

Here is the video clip from the 6pm news:

They just aired another segment tonight at the 10 pm news, 
so not sure which clip you will get to see when you get to the website. 

Also, yesterday we got a surprise visit from my folks!  They were wheeling and dealing with Steveio involving a riding lawn mower, a snowmobile trailer, an old ATV and an air compressor and gosh knows what else.   I had about a 2 hour notice they were coming, so Chelsea and I baked apple pies!   

Mom thinks the lower pie has a funny face on it...... okay?????  Ya right, Mom.... .whatever you say..... 

We know Great Grandpa Lowell LOVES apple pies....  so little Chelsea was good as gold while I peeled sliced and rolled pie crusts. She sat in her little bouncy chair on the floor in the kitchen to offer advice and support.   My little baking buddy! 

When the fols got here, we grilled out brats and burgers, had one pie for dessert and sent the other pie back home up to Michigan with them.   What a nice visit... and the guys got all the wheeling and dealing done! 

Steveio also got the rear shocks done on the motorhome too.   Just in time to take it tomorrow for a five day camping getaway to our friends cabin up in the northwoods.   

No crowded campground for us this weekend, 
No fireworks scaring the dogs, 
No kids running amok, 
No all night drinking parties and loud music

Should be a lovely weekend....



  1. I keep trying to send a message..this will be #3 today. I have commented on all your grandma fun!!This darn computer is driving me batty! A course right now it won't take much..lol

    Dad did great for his surgery..they take him off some potent pain stuff tomorrow..so we will see how he's doing.6 hrs after knee surgery they get him up and stand on it..owwww

    The grandbabies have been so cuuuutte!! Ya'll have a safe weekend.Hugs.

    Cindy and Walker

    PS that pie does like a face..lol

  2. Heather did very well for being put on the spot like that. I remember one time we happened upon the Kennedy compound in Palm Beach just after Jackie Kennedy died. The local news interviewed us (well Al)...we had been roller blading, were sweaty and covered with sunscreen....we ended up on the cutting room floor! So she did well to make the cut!

    Those pies look yummy. Enjoy your camping trip in the woods. Wish we were going somewhere.

  3. In reality, I think both those pies have my name on them:))

  4. Looks like being in the camera's eye didn't faze Jameison all he wanted was to go into Dollar Tree and shop. Heather and Connie did a good job too. WE are letting the trailer sit this holiday weekend, I have that tree to finish cutting up and we will be leaving on the 17th for a weeks camping vacation with Adam, so a staycation home for the holiday is in order. Habe fun, and be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. Those apple pies look soooo yummy!

    Sounds like our kind of camping that you will be doing this weekend. Have a great time with your friends and enjoy the weekend.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. AW thanks everyone for the nice comments on them.

    The part that DID get cut out was that both young ladies work for the State of Wisconsin! So the next time you think State workers are overpaid and cushy jobs, think again.

    And Jameson was so adorable, yes, I am biased. LOL

  7. So, are your daughter and grandson still talking to you after becoming famous?

    I think that bottom pie has a funny face on it too! :)

  8. Oh my gosh, those apple pies look wonderful. Something I never did do well at was making pie crusts..
    Have a great weekend and Happy 4th..

  9. I miss having an oven, we have that microwave/convection oven thing, not condusive to pie baking, let alone TWO apple pies!

    What other magic can you whip up in your RV??? ;C)

  10. Oh, sorry to leave the impression that I baked them in the motorhome... nope, I baked them in the house. But I *could* bake them in the motorhome cause I too HATE the convection/micro oven in ours. So I have my Coleman Instastart oven that I bake with when we are in the rv. Go to the search box on my blog page on the lower right side and type in oven... you will find the posts I have written about it.


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