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Friday, June 4, 2010

Squeaky Clean RV

Oh I forgot to add this to the other post today.....

Remember I said we were gonna give all the awnings a good scrubbing?   Well, yesterday we jumped to the task and got the awnings all done, and washed the entire rig too!

We hauled out the Big Boy Squirtgun... (the power washer)  and some good laundry soap for scrubbing the awnings.  We only put the power washer on gentle and don't get too close. This is only a power washer, not a pressure washer.   Those pressure washers can take the paint right off something.

The awnings need a good scrubbing a few times a year.  They are not plastic-ey vinyl like our last couple campers, these are a silvery grey fabric type, and you can only use a good soap and no bleach on them.  

When doing the top side of the awning, we unroll it first, then unhook the arms where they attach to the lower portion of the motorhome lowering the awning to an almost vertical position, and let the arms slide underneath the body of the rig, this lets us reach the awning better for a good scrubbing.

Here it is all wet and dark yet..... 

And now it is drying to a lighter silvery gray color.  See how the arms are detached and slid under the rig?

Once the topside was done, we propped it up into place and scrubbed the underside of the awning too.... 

Then we went around the rig, scrubbing the little awnings too that are over each window, Steve used the scrub brush on a telescoping handle and I was doing the soaping attachment on the Big Boy Squirtgun... then later I was rinsing it all clear.   It's actually fun watching all the dirt come off, and sparkly clean in the sunlight.

Our outdoor faucet on the house has a control inside in the basement that allows us to use either hot, cold or a warm combination in the hose, and uses our softened water that makes the rig dry streak free.   Steve piped it up that way when we built the house.  What a guy!

So here it is, all squeaky clean! 

And now the day after????  Of course... its RAINING!!!!



  1. I'm jealous, you should see our 5th wheel after setting all winter and then camping a week in it, I told my son after using it this weekend we are going to spend a day with our power washer and brushes and give it a good scrubbing.Now you will hate to take it out in a rainey drive. have fun, be safe out there Sam & Donna.

  2. Oh, we are going anyhow. As I type this, I am in the driveway all loaded up and ready for when Steve gets home soon. It's kinda stopped raining but still icky damp and wet with puddles. But oh well, we can wash it again next week, right?


  3. Very nice and clean...so shiny and ready for a wonderful weekend camping!!
    Sitting under these trees this is something we will have to do on a regular basis.

    You all have fun this weekend!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. What a good idea having hot and soft water outside. It sure makes it easier to wash vehicles. Your MH looks great. Makes me feel guilty...ours is dirty but we've been busy with other projects.

  5. You keep babying that motorhome and you're going to wind up keeping it!

    It looks really sharp. On our Journey, we have an automatic awning and I hate it. It's given us more grief and isn't adjustable, I can't tilt it to let rain drain off and it goes straight out. We hardly ever use it. I wish I had a manual awning like yours.

  6. Nice job cleaning up the RV. Why does it always seem to rain the day after you wash the rig? Oh well glad to hear you are out enjoying the motorhome this weekend.

  7. We had our cheaper vinyl plastic awning ripped off by a big Kansas cross wind a few years ago so replaced it with a fabric awning much like you have. It was one of our better ideas for sure & we love the fabric as opposed to the standard plastic vinyl. Had the awning replaced in Quartzsite Ariona. The guys came right out into the desert where we were boondocked to do the job & it only took 2 of them less than an hour to do it.


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