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Sunday, June 20, 2010




My blog post 2 days ago about my nephew driving a demo derby car in honor of his dad’s battle with cancer.   The derby was last night…. a Father’ Day demo derby sponsored by the Iron County Pullers Association in Iron River, Michigan.  

Christopher won in his division of the mid sized cars!   This is a 1992 Mercury Sable…   I am still waiting for the smashed up pics from mom later today.

    Fridays Post on the Cancer Crusher Car

Guess at one point he hit another car so hard it flipped… so they had to stop the action, flip the car back and make sure the other driver was okay.

hpim6349 (1)

I can just hear the roar of the crowd when that happened!   Did ya know I once drove a car in the demo derby too?  So did my sister.  Guess it runs in the family…  heh heh


Here is the driver, my 25 year old nephew, Christopher Andersen

(he wrecked enough cars in his teen-age years, so he is very good at demo derbies)



Some of the action shots….

hpim6351 (1)hpim6352 (1)

Christopher with his girlfriend, Lyndsay, and their little girl Allison



My folks were there too, and they did the car painting….




And here is the family, their son Christopher,

Cancer Survivor Mike (Fuzz) Andersen,

and his wife, my sister,  Linda Andersen.  hpim6350

He has stage four cancer of the jaw, which they treated by cutting out the jaw, removing a bone from his leg to build a new jaw and skin grafts from his thigh to rebuild the inside of his cheek.  He just underwent 6 rigorous weeks of daily radiation and multiple doses of chemo.  They had to travel  many times over 400 miles one way for all the doc appts, surgery and housing at hotels for the radiation treatments.  So Christopher was doing the demo sponsorship to help defray the costs and expenses as Fuzz was not covered on Linda’s limited health insurance.        Stand tall, Fuzz, you are tough!





  1. Way to go Chris, by the way I got an e-mail from your sister and I will be sending a donation, I know they can use it since they are without insurance, Maybe some others on the blog will help insome small way also, we can always pray for that. I know my brother Rick was watching from heaven and rooting Chris on , Rick loved stock car racing especially the modifieds at Middletown New York. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. God bless them for all they have been through. Prays are headed their way...

  3. Congrats!! Sounds like a productive event. What a wonderful family...God bless them. Mike and I will keep him in our prayers.
    You should post a link with your sister's address so those that wish could make a donation.

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Amazing people! Still smiling after all of the illness, treatments and devastating expenses. God Bless All of You!

    You drove in the demo derby too? Another amazing thing!! :)

  5. Congrats on the win! Many prayers are headed your way.

  6. Good Idea Mike and Gerri!

    They live in a tiny town in Michigan where the whole town has P.O.boxes .. no house to house delivery. They all go to a tiny building in their town to get their mail!

    Mike and Linda Andersen
    P.O. Box 86
    Gaastra, MI 49927

  7. Glad your BIL is doinghis well. Good for your nephew winning his class in the demolition derby. Just don't get any ideas to do that with your motorhome!!!

  8. I wish I could have been there. That looks like it was so much fun! Congratulations.

  9. Good job to your folks! The paint job looks fantastic.

  10. I agree with Plaza, the paint job is just amazing. Great job, guys!


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