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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Topless Woman Escapes Florida Hospital!

Topless woman escapes Florida Hospital ---- 
complete story on news at 5

Hahaha actually, they were ready to release mom from the hospital Tuesday morning. When she went to get dressed from her bag of clothing from the ER visit 9 days before, her top was missing! Nowhere to be found!

I kind of suspect that when they moved her from the ER to the cardiac unit, that her shirt was cut off, to get better access for ER testing and she just was unaware of it.

The nurses let her borrow a gown to go home in and she tucked it into her shorts so it looked like a top.

I have no idea what it looked like from the back side???

Yup, they kicked her out! After many days of tests and not finding any new sources of internal bleeding, they were finally able to treat her heart condition. The edema swelling has gone down and her red blood cell count has come up so she is getting oxygenated blood. She is now on blood thinners and has to be careful, but at least she is not bleeding internally anymore. No new heart episodes or requiring any more nitro under the tongue. They unhooked her from all the machines and said it was time to goooooooo.

Her next medical situation, (once this heart is stabilized) is to address the spinal stenosis she was diagnosed with a few weeks ago. She can barely walk and is in pain.  The hip joint is fine, as she had a MRI done and then a CT scan.  That is when they told her it is spinal stenosis.

Spinal stenosis can put pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves within the spine. It commonly occurs in the neck and lower back. The condition is often caused by age-related wear and tear. Symptoms, if they occur, include pain, numbness, muscle weakness, and impaired bladder or bowel control. Treatment includes medication, physical therapy, and possibly surgery.

The doctors tried treating her first with pain pills and that didn't help, now they are considering a shot. That needs to be pre-approved and she has been chasing around clinics and insurance company approval phone calls trying to get that set up. If the injection does not work for the spinal stenosis, her next step for that will be surgery as well.

She was very happy to get carted home by her loving husband Lyle. Their dogs absolutely missed her so much and we're happy to see her come home. One of the first thing she did was get on the computer to let us know she was home safe and sound. then her next things to do was to get some good fresh vegetables and groceries into the house. After 9 days of Lyle being worried sick, and not eating anything, I am sure they needed more than a few things to restock the fridge and cabinets. She is trying to walk with a walker and get up and about. We wish her well and hope for a speedy recovery.


Over the weekend, we had two other nice things happen. The first was a totally delightful visit with my weaving buddy Juanita and her friend Don. They live 140 miles away so we met in the middle. It was our birthday meeting together!

We sat and gabbed for 3 hours and totally monopolized a table in a little cafe. The waitress was very understanding and let us stay and gab as late as we wanted to. It is always so nice spending time with her and we pick up right where we left off. We communicate daily on the internet but it's so nice to get together in person from time to time as well and get some good hugs.


On Sunday, we headed up to Oconto for our youngest Granddaughter's FIRST BIRTHDAY!


This is the sweet little preemie baby that was born one year ago. It was heart-wrenching to see her go through everything she had to endure to become a healthy sweet little angel that she is today.

Erin and Waylen had the house decorated up for a T-Rex birthday party. All of our children and grandchildren arrived for a fun afternoon.

While there, I had each of the grandchildren record a special message for their Great-grandmother Rita in the hospital. I sent them all via text to their cell phone. Isn't technology wonderful?

 The two youngest grandtots, 
Claire 1 and Whitney 2 

The older GrandGirls
Allegra and Chelsea, both 7

and the Three GrandBoys
Mason 7, Jameson 9 and Clayton 7

It is so good to see them all gathered around my old dining room table. Family celebrations with laughter, good fun and love are so warming to the heart.  Just look at the joy of little Claire getting her Happy Birthday Song from everyone.  I think Clayton is worried about which T-rex cookie he is going to get?

Erin and Waylen and kids with their little birthday girl

The kids had a blast running around, creating a ruckus, playing, fighting, and nibbling on all the food. The grown-ups tried to watch the Packer game. We were completely devastated to see Aaron Rodgers go down with a broken collarbone. It sure changes the outlook for the season for the Packers. We hope the new quarterbacks Hundley and Callahan waiting in the wings will do just as good with the rest of the team. Now that everybody else is getting healthy and back on the field, it hurts to lose our Aaron Rodgers for the rest of the season.

Little Claire got to open a bunch of presents, with the help of Mommy and Daddy. It was so cute to watch her, and she was more interested in the cards than the presents!!??  She kept turning the pages like a book and wanted more cards. She LOVES story books.

This is her new sleeping bag that I embroidered for her...
 it's to come for sleepovers in Grandma and Grandpa's camper? 
plus new sweats and a telephone to call home and say she is having a GREAT time! 

It's hard to believe that she is one-year-old already. She is most likely our last littlest grandchild we will have--- as I think all of our children are done adding to their families. We have to enjoy and cherish each of these passing years. These grandkids are all growing up so fast. Where does the time go?

We said our goodbyes to all of our grandkids and headed on home.

But we are so looking forward to this upcoming weekend. It's our big weekend at High Cliff State Park for their Halloween Celebration! All of our children and grandchildren will be there for the event. Including our nephew and his family. All of the campsites are decorated up to the max and usually four to five thousand people come through the park. Our son Dan and wife Heather with kids are camping next to us on a double family site.  Then the other kids and grandkids will join us on Saturday.  They can all help us decorate our campsites.

We go through an awful lot of candy, but it's worth it to see all the happy children trick-or-treating in a safe environment. We even put out a dish of dog biscuits for the dogs that get to walk by with the trick-or-treaters. We have costumes for both Finney and Binney to wear as well. They close off the campground to vehicle traffic, so it is safe for a constant parade of costumed kids and families and fun going past our campsite.

Traditionally campers decorate their campsites for the Halloween Holiday at High Cliff State Park. The Family Campground roads are closed to motor vehicles from 4-8 p.m. Parking is available along the road entering the campground, as well as the Horse/Bike Trail and Indian Mounds Trail lots. The Friends of High Cliff will have concessions available adjacent to campground shower building from about noon to 7 p.m. Be sure to bring your flashlights for walking in the dark! A vehicle admission sticker is required to enter the park.


I have been such a bundled up mess of nerves the last 9 days over Mom, that now my blood pressure can finally go back down and I can get some things done around the house. I have been cranking some socks for orders and need to get more done for my Etsy store inventory. With this beautiful fall weather that we are experiencing, I don't even feel like staying inside and working.

Steve and I got some yard work done, and pulled out plants in advance before they all meltdown to mush from any upcoming frost. It's easier to clean it up in the fall than to try and do it in the spring.

I have to call now and arrange an appointment to go fill our propane tank on the motorhome. It's a huge tank that needs a fill from a propane station or a home delivery truck, it is not small portable tanks like on camping trailers. There is a place in the nearby town of Stockbridge that will fill us if we call ahead and make an appointment. There isn't always a guy on duty to do a fill, so that is why we need to arrange in advance.  The propane place is on the way to the park tomorrow, so we can get it done on the way.

Although the weather is supposed to be warm this weekend, we are going to top off the propane tank so it's ready for any winter trips we decide to take.

Stay tuned.....  
 perhaps an escape to the desert is in our future? 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Mom Update and Stuff Around the House

ON EDIT: She thought she could go home but more complications bottom part of heart isn't pumping like it should so staying another day and more tests. Keep praying. thank you all

Here it is Friday afternoon.

Mom is still in the hospital in Florida. We are waiting for some more test results from today and perhaps they may release her soon. We don't have all the answers yet, but she is feeling much better. She's also complaining about the hospital --- so I guess that's a good sign!

Things like the room temperature, the channels on the TV, her blankets, and how mixed-up they are with her meal orders!  lol  So I guess she must be feeling better?

I have been trying to be "Communication Command Central" here between all of the siblings and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. So many phone calls back and forth, and then to top it off, they changed her room numbers at one point!  When they brought her back from some tests, they put in her in a new room.  So..... we thought they lost her somewhere in the hospital!! But they found her again through the switchboard gal, and were able to put us through.


Around the house this week we worked on a couple little projects.

My little white bench underneath my Tools of the Trade table loom is really too high when I sit in the rocking chair. Steve examined it and decided to cut down the X legs to lower it a good 3 to 4 in. But then it would be too tippy so he added a cross piece for more stability. He put the casters back on and it works wonderfully.

I like the casters so I can roll it away from me to get up and walk away, and then once I sit back down I can roll it right back into place for weaving.  It is so nice to weave while sitting out on the front porch.  Soon the weather will change and it will be too cold out there to weave.  Then I can just roll it inside the house again. 

I am working on cotton towels in a twill, 
I think they look like little pine trees! 

The shuttle flies back and forth as inch after inch of woven fabric shows up on the loom.  I have an intricate pattern plan to weave this on 8 harnesses.  As I go along, soon I have the pattern memorized and I can weave away and not even think about it (too much).

Remember the fabric I won from the quilting shop down near Beloit?  Well.... I got my fabric all pre-washed. Want to see why I pre wash? (Some quilters don't...) Just think, all this dye from the dark brown fabrics would have bled into the light cream fabrics in a finished quilt if I hadn't prewashed.


There is a new business in our little city of Chilton called KS's Custom Detailing. Steve saw their ad about being able to take the yellow out and shine up the headlights lenses on cars. For $25 he said let's give it a try. My old faithful Lincoln Continental is almost 20 years old and the headlight lenses are really yellowed and very dim. We dropped the car off in the morning and left it there to be worked on during the day.

Oh my 
here's the "before" pictures

And here are the "after" pictures...
 what a complete Improvement! 

At night, the lights seem so much brighter too. As we get older now, we don't like driving at night as it is. This will help us a lot. 

KS's does car detailing, window tinting, stereo installation, maintenance things like changing oil, rotating tires, etc. Here is their Facebook link:

It's nice to see another new business come to our little town. We will use them again in the future if there's anything else we need done.


This morning, Steve and I had an appointment downtown and from there we decided to go over to Hilde's Deli and Bakery for a little breakfast. Hilde makes the most wonderful food. Even though we don't eat out that often, it's a special treat to go to her deli and bakery.

 This is our favorite table.....

She has a hot case full of prepared food that you can choose from or she will make something on the spot of whatever you would like. We did a little shopping and picked up some fresh bakery kaiser rolls and some seasoning spices as well.

(this tall plant on the right is one that my friend 
Connie gave to Hilde because it got too big for her own house) 

It is such a pleasant place to sit and relax.  Surrounded by antiques and plants and good foods and nice gifts.  Can you tell I like to patronize local businesses?

oh... and FREE WIFI too! 


Well, supper is in the oven. Tonight I am making scalloped potatoes and ham. Steve just cut the grass for hopefully the "Last Time of the Season".  Isn't that something, it's the middle of October and he is still cutting our lawn?

Next comes the autumn leaf raking!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Family Medical Situation and trying to keep busy

Monday morning didn't start out very well for our family. My mom's new husband, Lyle, texted me that he had brought her into the emergency room. She hadn't been feeling good for a couple days and he finally decided it was time to get her in. She's been seeing a doctor for some pain in her hip and possible spinal stenosis. But this was much different and much more serious.

My newlywed parents Mom and Lyle on their visit here in August

It turns out she has congestive heart disease with her diastolic portion of her heart not pumping properly. The fluids backed up in her system from edema were swelling her up so much that she was extremely uncomfortable. She also has undetermined internal bleeding and very anemic. The doctors say she is VERY lucky she got in when she did. They took one look at her in the ER and admitted her immediately to the cardiac department at the large Shands Hospital in Gainesville Florida.

I can tell you, being 1,500 miles away is soooo painful!  I want to be there. I want to be holding her hand. I want to be soothing the worry from her forehead. I want to make her smile. I want to touch her. I want to be strong for her.

She is trying to keep up a good attitude and do what is told of her and follow the directions of the doctors and nurses.  We have all been in contact with her and trying not to bother her too much so the team of doctors can do their jobs. She is in good hands and prayers are appreciated.

I am thankful for the ease of communication with the network of family that we have nowadays. Between texting, cell phones, messages, and sharing information from the doctors, we can all keep in touch. They even have a password that the family members need to have in order to connect with the nurses station to get information.

Tomorrow are more tests and hopefully some results and answers!

My sister Linda, Mom and myself

While waiting in between updates, 
of course I'm waiting on pins and needles.

Butch, Umpee, Mom, me and Linda


We are trying to keep busy..... 

Steve noticed some beautiful cement planters and pedestals on the local Facebook buy sell trade page. The price was extremely reasonable, $40 for all. I have found pedestals like these online for well over $100 each, and the large planter urns in the $70 to $90 range each.

Did I really need them? Not really. But I think I'm going to put them on each side of the garage door next spring. The current plant stands I have now are quite lightweight plastic pots on metal frames, and blow over on windy days.

These pedestals probably weigh in the 50 to 60 pound range and Steve really had to ooomph to get them loaded up into the car. The pots probably are in the 30 pound range, and I could barely lift one to help.

Steve took out the pressure washer and gave them a good cleaning this morning before he went to work.  That pressure washer sure gets a workout around here, doesn't it?

By mid-afternoon they were dry enough to start painting. I hauled out my bucket of primer/paint blend and my brush and my gloves. I really enjoyed transforming them with a shining white new coating.  Even though I am not going to use them until Spring, it was fun to get them cleaned up.

Steve did all the heavy lifting to put them up on the sawhorses...
and then he relaxed in the lawn chair while I painted and he took these pics! 

It was amazing how intricate the cement work is on the pedestals. There are actual pieces of fruit that seem to be cemented onto the base feet. The intricate work in close detail of the entire pedestal is really amazing. I have no idea how they can make them this unique and intricate. They are all of heavy heavy cast cement but a smooth surface.

Tah Dah!!!

Seeing as I had the paint out, Steve started finding other projects for me to do! Pretty soon I was painting the window sills of the garage that had been flaking. He did the grinding and I did the painting.

Then he pulled up a couple of the storm windows that need to go on our basement windows on the house. He repaired some of the loose glazing, and I painted those too. Of course, next he found a couple window screens from the basement that needed to be painted as well.

Did I mention that Steve hates painting?

He is also adapting my little rolling bench that is secured underneath my table loom.  The two sections of wood that he is planning for that project also needed a coat of white paint. Finally, after about an hour and a half of painting, I was able to wash out my brush and say I was done for the day!

But it was a good way to keep me occupied...

I also started weaving another towel on my table loom... this is an 8 harness pattern in a fractured twill weave pattern.  I am really liking it, and it appears to look like little pine trees!

I've got one of my rug looms ready to start a new batch. My Loom Room is so sun-shiny and pretty to hang out in.  Some days I can not believe I have such a nice place, with the sunshine coming in through the leaded glass windows and making rainbows all over the floor.  It's a great retreat to hide away, turn on the celtic music and lose myself in my weaving.  Especially when times are trying and my mind is full of worry. 

Oh, one more thing:

If you remember, a few blogs back I posted that weeks ago I entered a contest at the Twin Turtle Quilt Shop down in Clinton Wisconsin near Beloit. I had reported two blogs ago that I had won!

Teresa, the owner of the shop, helped me "long-distance-shop" to pick out some fabrics to use up my gift certificate. She took photos and sent them to me so I could approve of the color combinations that she was picking out for me. I got three panels of this adorable coffee themed print fabric. I will cut them all apart into little 4" squares and then build around each one with a log cabin theme. She picked out beautiful coordinating Fabrics that will go along with the panels.

I will construct the blocks somewhat like this idea....   put the coffee square in the middle and build the log cabin blocks with lights on 2 sides and darks on the other 2 sides.  I think it will make a great quilt to curl up in and sip a cup of coffee!

What a great service to do it all long distance and then ship it out in the mail to me. The package arrived today and it was absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to get started.


Newest update on Mom, she is well stabilized and comfortable and getting better.  Some changes will have to be made in her lifestyle and she will need to watch this condition closely.  She is only 78 and has a lot of life ahead of her!

We hope to get some more answers from future tests being done tomorrow, and see where we go from here.  For now, I am NOT frantically flying down there or trying to get connections and air fare and car rentals etc.  Instead, I am staying put with my laptop, tablet, cell phone and knowing that my Mom is in good hands.  Here I am in her good hands.

I love you, Mommy!