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Friday, October 13, 2017

Mom Update and Stuff Around the House

ON EDIT: She thought she could go home but more complications bottom part of heart isn't pumping like it should so staying another day and more tests. Keep praying. thank you all

Here it is Friday afternoon.

Mom is still in the hospital in Florida. We are waiting for some more test results from today and perhaps they may release her soon. We don't have all the answers yet, but she is feeling much better. She's also complaining about the hospital --- so I guess that's a good sign!

Things like the room temperature, the channels on the TV, her blankets, and how mixed-up they are with her meal orders!  lol  So I guess she must be feeling better?

I have been trying to be "Communication Command Central" here between all of the siblings and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. So many phone calls back and forth, and then to top it off, they changed her room numbers at one point!  When they brought her back from some tests, they put in her in a new room.  So..... we thought they lost her somewhere in the hospital!! But they found her again through the switchboard gal, and were able to put us through.


Around the house this week we worked on a couple little projects.

My little white bench underneath my Tools of the Trade table loom is really too high when I sit in the rocking chair. Steve examined it and decided to cut down the X legs to lower it a good 3 to 4 in. But then it would be too tippy so he added a cross piece for more stability. He put the casters back on and it works wonderfully.

I like the casters so I can roll it away from me to get up and walk away, and then once I sit back down I can roll it right back into place for weaving.  It is so nice to weave while sitting out on the front porch.  Soon the weather will change and it will be too cold out there to weave.  Then I can just roll it inside the house again. 

I am working on cotton towels in a twill, 
I think they look like little pine trees! 

The shuttle flies back and forth as inch after inch of woven fabric shows up on the loom.  I have an intricate pattern plan to weave this on 8 harnesses.  As I go along, soon I have the pattern memorized and I can weave away and not even think about it (too much).

Remember the fabric I won from the quilting shop down near Beloit?  Well.... I got my fabric all pre-washed. Want to see why I pre wash? (Some quilters don't...) Just think, all this dye from the dark brown fabrics would have bled into the light cream fabrics in a finished quilt if I hadn't prewashed.


There is a new business in our little city of Chilton called KS's Custom Detailing. Steve saw their ad about being able to take the yellow out and shine up the headlights lenses on cars. For $25 he said let's give it a try. My old faithful Lincoln Continental is almost 20 years old and the headlight lenses are really yellowed and very dim. We dropped the car off in the morning and left it there to be worked on during the day.

Oh my 
here's the "before" pictures

And here are the "after" pictures...
 what a complete Improvement! 

At night, the lights seem so much brighter too. As we get older now, we don't like driving at night as it is. This will help us a lot. 

KS's does car detailing, window tinting, stereo installation, maintenance things like changing oil, rotating tires, etc. Here is their Facebook link:

It's nice to see another new business come to our little town. We will use them again in the future if there's anything else we need done.


This morning, Steve and I had an appointment downtown and from there we decided to go over to Hilde's Deli and Bakery for a little breakfast. Hilde makes the most wonderful food. Even though we don't eat out that often, it's a special treat to go to her deli and bakery.

 This is our favorite table.....

She has a hot case full of prepared food that you can choose from or she will make something on the spot of whatever you would like. We did a little shopping and picked up some fresh bakery kaiser rolls and some seasoning spices as well.

(this tall plant on the right is one that my friend 
Connie gave to Hilde because it got too big for her own house) 

It is such a pleasant place to sit and relax.  Surrounded by antiques and plants and good foods and nice gifts.  Can you tell I like to patronize local businesses?

oh... and FREE WIFI too! 


Well, supper is in the oven. Tonight I am making scalloped potatoes and ham. Steve just cut the grass for hopefully the "Last Time of the Season".  Isn't that something, it's the middle of October and he is still cutting our lawn?

Next comes the autumn leaf raking!


  1. It is a strange fall Tom just cut our grass two days ago and he is hoping the the same thing, that it was the last time.
    Hope you good some good news concerning your mom's test results and she is able to go home soon. In the meantime take care of yourself.

  2. The hubby spent some time yesterday and today mowing too. I know he's hoping it's the last time for the season.


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