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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some of the mods we made to our motorhome A,B and C’s

Thought I would do a few posts in a row of some of the modifications we have done to our motorhome.  Steve and I are kinda handy, so we do these things to make our motorhome more user-friendly. 
I am gonna post and explain each one, alphabetically, from my photos files…..
Some are actual rehab and alterations, and some are just darn good things we have bought that we found making our camping lives easier.
adaptor cordOur motorhome has a 50amp detachable cord for power. This handy dandy adaptor allows us to plug into our 20amp in the garage when parked in our driveway, but not have to keep our thick big black 50amp snake cord sitting out in the open.  Sure, we could just adapt it at the other end and leave the thick cord out...  but we had a rash of copper thefts going on in our rural area. This adaptor and orange cord are a bit cheaper to replace than the big black snake.  (One Wisconsin RV dealer had all the recessed type cords pulled out, cut off and stolen from all the travel trailers on his lot)

awning brace0   awning brace3
awning brace5  awning brace4
A lot of folks have had their awnings unfurl when driving in windy conditions.  The arms stay upright but the awning will unroll right up at the top roofline and billow out off the side of the rig. ACK!   Happened to my folks last year on their way back to Florida, and had to repair in the windy cold dark night.   Soooo we made this awning lock similar to one we saw on RVnet.   The forward side of our roller already has a lock on it, and the back side here in the photo has our extra rod stuck into the awning roller as an extra safety precaution.

awning lights1  awning lights0
Our awning is made of a lightweight fabric, and does not have a thick hem like most vinyl awnings have.  So the good ole clothespin clamps don’t work on the thin fabric types.  They slide right off.  I found these metal two-ended clips in the Camping World catalog.  The are very similar to the little clips we used to hold our childhood mittens to the cuffs on our snowsuits!   I have 16 of these to hold on our tacky lights when we do camp with electric hookups.  I think they came four clips to a set for under $5 each

blocks for leveling jacks 1 Our motorhome has three hydraulic levelers.  The center front one is located quite a ways in between the front tires.  By holding the end of the rope, he can just give it a kick or push back under the rig as far as it can go, and then slowly pull it forward till it is lined up with the jack!  Lot easier than getting on the hands and knees and trying to position a block way back under the jack.  We are often camping in dirt or gravel, so these blocks also prevent the leveler from *setlling* so quickly and making a divot in the dirt and commence rocking again.   Also nice to use these if stopping in a friend’s driveway or to boondock on blacktop to prevent divots in their surface.

by the door We try to keep things neat around the doorway and avoid clutter.  With two dogs, there are always leashes, tie-out ropes, toys, brushes, and gear laying near the doorway, along with our moccasins and flashlights. 

camping mat1 I bought this camping mat about 15 years ago and it’s been just wonderful for us.  It’s similar to the rubber shelf coating, but much heavier and does not rip or tear.  Sometimes we spray it down with the pressure washer on a concrete slab to perk it up.   We fold it up and stuff it in a heavy duty trash bag for storage.   It’s been used almost every weekend in spring, summer and fall.  With kids, dogs, and chairs set on it and not one hole anywhere.

our signThis is the only thing Steveio got outta his divorce from his first marriage.  Of course she didn’t want it, as she didn’t have that name anymore.  To top it off, his folks had originally bought it for them, so she REALLY didn’t want it anymore LOL!   I spruced it up with new paint and varnish, and added our first names too.  I laid *claim* to the sign, his name, and him!   Her loss.     The folks are glad we have the sign now.
(in this pic, that is Steve’s folks fiver camped next to us, so we put the sign between us, seeing as we are both Pfundtners!)

camping sign from erin0 This camping sign was from one of our kids, and it goes up on the awning every time.

chaise lounge swivel table 3Lots of folks are getting these type of *zero gravity recliners* and the camping stores recently started getting these removable swivel tables for them.  The bracket clamps into place and stays on the chair frame, even when folded up.  The angled brace and tabletop set into place once the chair is unfolded.  It can swivel out of the way, and stays level even as  the chair is reclined or set up into any position.   Recessed cup holder and large area is big enough for a dinner plate.  It’s great for my knitting, my scissors, and my glass of wine!   It was an xmas present to me from Steveio, so we had to bring my chair into the house to try it out! chaise lounge swivel table 2


coleman camp coffeemakerIf you camp rustic like we do, you ain’t gonna fire up the generator at 6am to make coffee and disturb the nature, the neighbors, and waste the fuel just to make coffee, right?
If you like drip coffee, fast, when camping, this is it for you!   This drip coffeemaker sits on the open LP flame and makes your coffee.  The pic shows it on a outdoor camp stove, but it will also set on the LP stove inside the camper.  Once the coffee is done perking, we shut off the burner, and transfer the coffee to a metal thermal carafe to keep it warm longer.  I do like perked coffee too, but it takes longer, according to Steve. 

coleman lantern I don’t think we have broken a mantle yet with this lantern, compared to the big two mantle versions… heck we even break a lens on the big ones a few times a year.  Not with this little one though.  They are about $15 and the nicest little lantern we have found!

Our motorhome has lots and lots of windows, and very little wall space, even for a clock. So we did the next best thing….  The front three cabinets in our rig are smoked glass with stereo and tv electronics behind them.  So it was easy to mount the velcro to the glass.

cover for shif control pad
Steveio made this cover from molding hard plastic. We have read of instances where a pet stepped on the Alison shifting control pad and put the motorhome in gear.  We make an effort to always use the emergency brake too.  But all it takes is one time, for an accident to happen.  Now we ALWAYS flip this down over the panel. 

We decided to remove the two couches in our rig.. for a while we did a few recliners, but they  took up a lot of room. Then we found a reclining wall-hugger design loveseat by LaZyBoy.  It was delivered in three pieces, the base and two back rests.  They snapped into place and done!  

Well, that is it from A-C…. next post will start on my modification photos from D to ?


  1. Found you just by chance - I was researching how to keep interior step covers in place.

    I have a '96 Green/Silver Safari Sahara, 36', and have lived in it full-time since 2000. Very happy - can't imagine going back to a house.

    I have also made some major changes: carpet removed, wood panel flooring. Painted inteior cream, removed window coverings and valances and had 2" real wood venetian blinds in antique white (faux wood tends to sag with these big windows). Removing the valances and sides made the rig appear to be SO much wider! Rather than the green interior, I now have all cream with turquoise throw pillows, etc.

  2. really enjoyed your blog and have noted your improvements and ideas-if you get a chance check out our blog-our first trip in MH and sparked the new hobby-will be doing more of the same in the near future-Rich & Audrey-pauperspride.blogspot.com

  3. Love the basket by the door idea. The mat! Where did you get that? Gotta have one.
    Enjoying your blog! THanks for sharing!



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