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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Collapsible bowls from Tupperware, leftover camping pics and Father's Day


Good morning... it's a rainy icky stormy yucky morning here in Wisconsin.  Nothing much to write about but I had a pic in my "blog ideas" folder so I thought I would write about that!   Here is the pic:

Steveio was at a rummage sale last week and found these collapsible bowls from Tupperware. The lady said she hosted a party and these were extra gifts they gave her.  They were all brand new in the sealed bags yet!

They are kinda cool, and come with lids.  You can pop them open just as far as you need to any depth to contain the foods you want to put in them.  They seemed to wash up okay and I used one so far for noodles.   I will see if I like them for long term use.  They will sure reduce once section of my cabinets where I keep a set of big stacking bowls if they are *keepers* for the long haul.

Steve also found some tall Tupperware drinking cups with snap on lids with a tiny hole for a straw.  He said they will work great for his Johnnie Walker Red Label and water, and now he won't spill any.  I laughed and called them his Big Boy Sippee Cups!   Also, I said if he is spilling his drink, it's time to cut him off anyhow.   LOL

Oh..  I just remembered I still had more pics in my camera from the past weekend! Remember, because we had been camping with electricity, I strung up our party lights along the awning edge....  We don't use them very often.

They are little metal leaves with holes in them to let the light through.  Not too tacky for party lights.  I am considering getting a string of LED lights and putting the little leaf light covers over them, and use them all the time when we are boondocking too.

Our awning is a thin slippery fabric instead of that rubbery vinyl type.  It's a problem to clamp on lights with simple things like clothespins, because there isn't any thick seam to help hold the clothespins on.  They just slip right off.   So I found these little metal clips from Camping World.  They are like the little clips that your mom would clip your mittens to your cuffs on your jacket when you were little, to prevent losing them.  I keep these clips clamped right to the wires (without pinching a wire)  and then just open and shut the top part of the clip to attach to the awning edge.  Neato!

Oh, here is a photo of our fancy campfire ring on that site at Twin Bridge campground, with some totally bushed out dogger enjoying the evening campfire with us.  It was a great campfire and we sat around it till late that night.  

And  here are a few pics from Father's Day.   We had already celebrated with Erin/Mark/Chelsea  and also Heather/Jesse/Jameson the weekend before.    So on Father's Day while they were off celebrating with their other half's fathers, we were invited to our son Dan and his wife Heather's house...

 and we got to spend time with little Allegra, our middle granddaughter. 

We had a nice cookout in their backyard ... and Allegra's other grandparents, Phil and Peg, and auntie Kim were there too.  So the little gal got passed around quite a bit.

Sassy Grandpuppy Tiger had to be in the middle of things... I tossed all the ice-cubes from my cooler for a game of fetch, and finally Tiger just helped himself to the ice face first into the cooler!

Since it's a rainy icky Wednesday here, I am home cranking socks, and watching Chelsea.  This evening we will hit the grocery store. Steveio has to stock up for the food for their annual Father/Son fishing trip, they are leaving tomorrow morning in his dad's motorhome.  Steve is in charge of all the food, cooking and menus.  Then Pete does the dishes and cleans up.

That leaves OUR motorhome for me to take up to North Bayshore park.  I am taking each grandchild one day a piece.   I think I will call it Camp Grandma!    It should be a fun adventure!~!



  1. Oh Camp Grandma..does sound like fun!!What great memories you are creating!!
    I saw those tupperware bowls on You-Tube under some camping info.

    Those lights are so pretty..not to campy..not tacky..just down right pretty!! Love them!

    Have fun with the grandchildren!

    Hugs Cindy and Walker

  2. To bad you guys are so far away, I do the Camp Grandpa thing with Adam all the time at the lake since Donna is still working and Grandpa is off during the week, the only bad part is trying to keep Rigg's occpied when Adam & I go to the pool or Lake since they banned dogs.On the holiday weekebds Donna can join us and then someone can entertain the Riggster. Hope you have fun with the grandbabies.I am going to ask if Donna can take a Fri-Sun off later in the summer and then we could make the trip if we leave on a Friday morning and you get a site next to yours for Fri night- Sun morning. it would take about 8 hours to drive to you part of WI. I'll let you know by PM so we could shuffle some dates between the four of us. We could maybe meet Fuzz & Linda too. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. You have a great time at Camp Grandma!! Let us know about those Tupperware bowls...they look interesting.

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Allegra is beautiful! Nice that you could all be together and enjoy family time.

    Camp Grandma is a great name for your trips with the grandkids. How wonderful for all of you.

    Hope the fishing trip is successful and they bring home their limit.

  5. Nice lights. We miss our manual awning that we had on our previous MH, our Journey has the electric awning and it's too high to hang lights on. Plus it has one of those wind sensors that will close it automatically if it gets a wind gust. Can you just see lights getting rolled up with the awning!

  6. I've often wondered about those collapsible bowls. Keep us posted on what you think.

    I tried to do something similar to Camp Grandma this spring while I was parked in my son's driveway for a few weeks. It didn't work since the grandsons' mother felt having one boy at a time would hurt the feelings of the boy left behind. Ack!! That was the end of their "special time."

    I'm sure each of your grandchildren will remember their special time. :)

  7. I got a collapsable bowl last year before we left for the winter--a Pampered Chef one. I was so disappointed when I got it home and read the insert--you can only put cold stuff in this one, no hot foods. Huh!


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