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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tire Pressure Monitors, Catching up Tuesday and Shameless Granmuddah Post

Oh boy... four days camping (well, if you count Thursday night it was five days)  and now we are home and back into the routine.  Sigh.

The rig is back in the driveway, the fridge unloaded, the bedding and dirty clothes are taken out and the dogs pouted all the while we were unloading.  They hate to come home.

Then, using up some of the water in the motorhome freshwater holding tank, I start up the outside shower faucet and gave each dog a good sudsy bath right on the lawn next to the motorhome.  It's so easy to spray them off right there instead of struggling with a bathtub.  Each had so much tick spray on their fur from the weekend, they needed a bath to remove it all.  It was almost like hair spray!   Popped them up on the deck to dry in the sunshine while we did a few more tasks around the house.

We have a Hopkins Tire Pressure Monitoring system on our rig.  We noticed on our way up to the campground, we kept getting one sensor that would lose connection, and finally it would not work at all.  Steve checked the tire pressure and it was fine, just the sensor was going whonky.  Steve removed it and it had a bulge on one side of it.  He just put on a regular valve cap on the stem and we continuted on our way.

In checking all of them we noticed that on of our other sensors on the same side also had a bulge on it, but it was still sending a signal.   This morning I called the company, and a young man cheerfully took my information, and is sending me out two new sensors, free of charge.  He said some of the older sensors have the bulging battery problem and they might be two from the first batch that went out.   So they will send two more, even though I am 4 months out of warranty.  How nice is that?

This happened once before just a few months after we first got the system, so I know the new sensors will come by UPS in a day or two and all will be fine before we go again.  The peace of mind having a tire pressure monitoring system is nice, but Steve checks all the tires regularly too.  

This evening, I was thinking of getting the power washer out (set on gentle to use the soap feature)  and do our awnings on the rig.  I wanted Stevieo to help, but Steveio decided he wanted to work on our riding lawn mower, and he said we can wash them another day.  They have not been done yet this spring and could use a good washing, as well as the rig.  The weatherman said it's not too promising the rest of the week.  If I am gonna get all wet, I want it on a warm day where it's kinda fun to do it!

As for catching up part in my title, today I finished up six pairs of socks by closing the toes up and steaming them into shape ... it helps the yarn to *bloom* into a set shape and makes em softer and fuzzier.  I had knit up these 6 pairs on the weekend (actually I knit 8 pairs but left two in the camper)   Here they are, 4 pairs for one customer, 2 pairs for another customer and the rug in the background is for a third customer who bought it from my Etsy store.  All will get packed up and shipped out in the morning.

Now for the shameless granmuddah photos.. haha   
I take SO many pics and I just HAVE to share them!

Here is Jameson-----  22 months old

Next comes Allegra --- she is 6 months old tomorrow

And last, (but not least) is little Chelsea, who is almost 5 months old

Oh , I can hear the Steveio got the lawnmower going...  so I guess washing the awnings are up to me now.  



  1. It is easy to tell you are proud of those babies! They are beautiful....

  2. Our dogs are loving the camping life right now! Aren't dogs funny that way? They don't like being back to the ordinary any more than we do! The socks look great! Can you link to your Etsy store again?

  3. Hey Cowgirl! Thanks for the compliment. Besides what is listed in my store inventory, I can do custom socks in most any color if I have it on hand, and make the sock to fit the size of your foot.

    Here is the link:

  4. Hey Cowgirl! Thanks for the compliment. Besides what is listed in my store inventory, I can do custom socks in most any color if I have it on hand, and make the sock to fit the size of your foot.

    Here is the link:

  5. Glad you didn't have to spend any money for the new sensors. Good customer service is rare nowadays.

    We really like having our TST TPMS. It gives me a lot of peace of mind, although we still need 4 extra sensors that weren't available when we bought the kit!

    Those grand kids are all so cute. They are all at such cute ages. I guess anything under teen age is a cute age though!

  6. Do you ever relax? Making socks while camping? I thought camping was time to kick back and chill. :c)

    Love the Grandma Magnet bib! Too funny. Your GK's are adorable.

    If you had to do it all over again, would you purchase the same TP monitor system or would you go to another brand?

  7. Is Allegra's hair a bit on the reddish side? With her rosy cheeks she reminds me of my own daughter at that age! (Daughter is now 43, mother of two, PHD ...

    I have just cleared out about $1000 worth of yarns and roving that I had in closets from before I transitioned to using fake fur for my animals. Boxes and boxes. When I found a good fiber I bought out the store. Now it's at Goodwill, I don't have the patients to put it on Ebay.

    It was painful to say the least, especially some of the beautiful alpacas.

  8. "the dogs pouted all the while we were unloading. They hate to come home."

    Yep, I know how them dog's is a feelin alright!!

  9. Such cute pictures of those sweet little grandbabies! What a blessing!
    Love the socks and rug....they are just beautiful. I'll check out your Etsy store. :)
    Glad you had such a great weekend and you arrived home safely and got those sensors taken care of. We love our Pressure Pro system...does give added security.

    Have fun!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)


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