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Saturday, June 19, 2010

CAMPING – Twin Bridge campground in the Marinette County Parks, Wisconsin

Oh boy this is the life… I am sitting down right now in a great campground with a margarita in my hand, a belly full of steak, and time to write my blog.  Can life get any nicer than this?

We drove up to this place on Friday as soon as Steve was done with work.  We took the pickup truck up too so he can haul a few loads of firewood back from a guy near here.  So I drove ahead in the truck and scouted out for any remaining sites in the Twin Bridge campground.  We have never camped here before, because it’s usually full.  But since it was only 2pm we thought we might have a chance.  

I drove through and there was only one short crooked site open, nope, won’t work for us.  But then in another loop there were two handicapped sites with big cement patios, inset firepit and a big wooden deck to erect a tent on… about 2 feet off the ground.  Then a disabled or wheelchair person could easily slide from a chain into a tent that is that high off the ground.  

Well, neither one of the handicapped sites were taken, and the ranger at the gate said we could take one of them, because if nobody called to reserve it by 1 pm, it was ours!   Just as he said that, Steveio pulled up in the motorhome and I was able to send him on into the site while I filled out the first come first serve envelope and drop it in the tube.  There… done!


Here is some information on the park itself:
Twin Bridges Park
(94 Acres) Provides campground with electricity on every site, showers/flush toliet building, very large picnic area, boating, swimming, fishing, playground and a scenic rock outcrop overlook of High Falls Flowage. 62-site campground on the Peshtigo River. Opens the day before fishing season, closes November 1st.
Important note: Depending on the weather, anytime after Oct. 1st the water system (including the shower building and water tower/dump station) may have to be shut down for the season- please call the Parks Office before you come!

Twin Bridges Park has 62 campsites. Only the odd numbered sites can be reserved and even numbered sites are first-come first-serve. See the Twin Bridges Park Campground Map & Dimensions to see the layout & for a description of the campsites you can reserve.
There are a total of 31 (even numbered) first-come, first served sites and 31 (odd numbered) sites that can be reserved.
There are two handicap accessible campsites at Twin Bridges Park. One is on a first-come, first-serve basis and one can be reserved (Site #45).

$15.00 Per Site Per Night
 Firewood $3.00 Per Bundle
Dump station available for $5.00

twin bridges campground map

Our site faces a woods to the south, full of chippies and crickets and birds….  on the north side next to us, pulled in a family with three wee kids and couple tents.  Nobody is across from us and to the west there is a site further down we don’t see too well through the trees. 

It was very hot when we got here, about 87 and humid.  So we plugged into the 30 amp and fired up the air conditioning.  I know my other post was lauding about our boondocking abilities, but this time having electric hookups was kinda okay considering the hot humid weather.  Plus, we had never camped here, so it’s fun to try it once. 

We pulled out our new lawn chairs and boy oh boy are they nice!  Here is Steveio trying one out….


The parents next door were setting up their tents and the kids were kinda looking for attention… so the Granmuddah in me came through and I brought them a pack of sidewalk chalk and asked if they would give us some sidewalk art in front of our rig. There is a paved path to the bathrooms from our site, and it could use some decorating.  They were still in view of their parents, but able to be outta the way while setting up.  Here are some of their delightful decorations:

PICT0041 PICT0044

Do you think the ancient tribes with hieroglyphics left behind were really just parents giving the kids something to keep them occupied while they put up their tents???


Of course by this time, we had to cook supper….   and Steveio got to open a Father’s Day present for our Friday Fish meal.  We do a lot of salmon, so this year I got him a rack to hold a big slab of salmon…. 

We didn’t put the awning out Friday night because horrible wind, hail and torrential rains were predicted.  We didn’t even make a campfire because it had been a long day for us, both up at 4:30 am.   So after a nice hot shower, we hit the rack early….   and we never did get ANY of that awful weather, thank goodness!

Saturday morning we perked up some coffee and decided what we wanted to do for the morning before it got too hot.   Steve went to get a load of firewood from a guy that lives near the park, and he took a full pickup load back to our house 45 miles and came back with the empty truck to get another load on Sunday before we leave. 

While he was gone, I decided since we had electrical hookups, I would bake up some brownies for him for a treat… in my "cursed" convection oven.  Now SEE why I don’t like it???   The fan in there blows around so much that the cakes, brownies and even muffins get tilted!  The motorhome is level, the pan is level, just the brownies are crooked!

I guess I will just continue to bake in my Easy Bake Oven instead (Coleman Instastart oven)

After Steveio got back, we had a little lunch, and then headed over to my dad’s little cabin in the woods.  We had some Father’s Day presents for him, plus Steveio had to do a few projects for dad… fix a chainsaw, repair a light fixture etc.  Then we walked over to chat with the new neighbors who bought the lot behind him.  It was a nice visit and ended with hugs and wishes for a great Father’s Day.

Back to the campground we went…  and we cooked up a big ole T-bone steak on the grill for the rest of Steveio’s Father’s Day gift!  We had mushrooms and onions, broccoli and some buttered no-egg noodles left over from last night.  Yummmm what a treat!


After supper it was time to get off our butts and walk a bit….   so I set the blog aside and we took a path down around the beach and back side of the swimming area.
See that big big rock along the shoreline in the background?   We walked waaayyyy  up there too!

PICT0094 PICT0082

Here is an aerial view from Google Earth.   We walked down around most of the shoreline and then found our way back into the campground on the far end loop.  Whew, that was enough for an evening stroll… dontcha think?
google map of twin bridge

Tomorrow we will haul one more load of firewood back and get to our son and daughterinlaw’s in time for an evening cookout with them for Father’s Day… our son’s FIRST Father’s Day, and we will be celebrating with him. 

We came back now and am winding up the evening with a nice campfire …. It’s time for me to put away this computer and join Steveio in our new lawn chairs.


Anxious to hear how my nephew did with the Cancer Crusher Car in the demo derby this evening, I am sure my mom will get online later tonight or early in the morning with some photos.  


  1. First of all, that was absolute genius giving the kids the chalk. I usually keep bubble soap with a wand on hand for wayward kiddies, but I'll have to get some chalk too!

    That looks like a really nice campground and site.

  2. Very nice campground. Glad you all were able to get a site and enjoy a wonderful weekend camping. :)
    Beautiful site!!

    Happy Father's Day to Steveio!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. 1...those chairs do look comfy
    2. that salmon looked good enough to eat thru the screen!
    3. Smart Grandma!!
    4. the park is so lovely..I about had heat stroke here today..I long for cooler temps.
    5.I was cracking up over the brownies..now I see what you mean..Walker said..they would still taste good!
    6. Are you okay? I know these holidays can be taxing on you. Ya'll hang in there!Steve looks so relaxed!

    Hugs..Cindy and Walker

  4. Looks like a great w/e. I look forward to your w/e adventures. Pretty place!

  5. Now that I've sort of conquered the onboard w/d, the convection oven is next. I've never used one before, and your brownies make me wonder, ;(

    Glad you were able to get such a nice site.

  6. It seems my GE Profile micro/convection oven is rectangular
    in shape. Whereas my mom's in their Holiday Endevor is more square with a rotation rack for even the convection cooking and hers seems to bake more evenly.

    These brownies are done around all the edges, but still kinda mushy in the middle. Oh well.

    I think I give up on mine... one time we did a big lasagna and it took over three hours and still was not done right in the middle.

  7. We have those same chairs only in green and we so enjoy them. They are comfy and having the side table is such an added bonus.

    Sounds like you had a great weekend.

  8. On the map, its states that sites 45 & 46 are handicap sites. You circled site 56 as a handicap site. Do you know circled the wrong one? Or is it a misprint? We are trying to plan a vacation there and I'm just wondering, thanks!

    1. The map has a misprint. For sure 56 and 45 are the handicapped sites. We have since stayed on both with Steves dad whouses a scooter chair to get around. On the reservation page for the park, it designates 56 and 45 in the list as ADA compliant. Also on Google maps satellite view you can easily see 56 with cement pad and recessed fire ring, same as in our blog pics. its a nice place, have fun!


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