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Saturday, July 3, 2010

CAMPING - 4th of July weekend in Northwoods of Wisconsin at friend's cottage


(this post made by a solar powered computer) 

Ahhhh  we have escaped the crazy holiday crowds at the rv parks and campgrounds.  Instead we are tucked away at a friend's cottage, wayyyy back in the woods on a dead end road.  And I am not going to even TELL you where, so you don't come and find us!  LOL

We took the rig up here on Thursday already, as Steve has Friday and Monday off of work.  Fred and Sharon took their fifth wheel up here too, although they could just stay in the family cottage.  It's nicer for them to be in their own bed, their own things, and not have to haul up coolers of food etc. and pack it all in a truck box.  Easier to just take their rig with the cold food in the fridge and all their own things already packed up.

The guys played with the tractor for a while, bringing in some firewood for our bonfire. I think it's just a Big Boy Sandbox Toy and they are just having too much fun!

Then they put in a little bit of time on babysitting duty...
see how great it works to clip a towel over the top of the portable crib?
Keeps the bugs and the sunshine out, but lets her look out like a little lion cub in a circus wagon!

The dogs are having a blast running around with sticks, balls and anything else they can find to bark at, sniff at or just look at.  Being off leashes is fun for them here, and they are enjoying it, to the max!

Erin and Mark still needed me to babysit Chelsea on Friday... but lo and behold Erin's first stop for they day was only 20 miles or so beyond where we are camping.  She is a district manage of a big chain of retail stores, so needed to get out and about before the holiday weekend to check on displays.  So she dropped Chelsea off here at 7 am on Friday... and picked her back up later in the day with Mark after they went out for a nice relaxing fish dinner.

Don't ya just LOVE these hats???

Chelsea looked so danged cute in her little portable crib, that I couldn't decide WHICH pic  to put in here.  But, hey, it's MY blog, so I can do what I please, right?  So I will put them ALL in here!

Here parents picked her up, and then it was relaxing time for the adults...

Then we made up  grilled salmon and whitefish, big baked potatoes and grilled veggies.. Yummmmmmmm

For dessert, Sharon made a cheesecake pudding pie, and I had fresh strawberries from the Mennonite's.

After a nice big bonfire, we hit the rack with open windows, pleasant breezes, and a calm quiet night.
No fireworks, no blaring radios, no doors slamming, no kids running amok...
Gosh, do you think we are missing being in a campground this weekend?  NOT! 


  1. Your week-end sounds wonderful! Especially the part about open windows and cool breezes. The picture of Steve and Chelsea with their hats on. She is such a little doll!

    We're home and painting, so not having as much fun as you are!

  2. Looks like the perfect escape weekend, We are just staying in this weekend, Adam will be coming over for a few days wednesday, and just maybe we will go to the Lake for a couple nights just Adam & Rigg's and Grandpa, then the week after that we will be headed to the Cincinatti OH area for a weeks vacation. Have a fun weekend, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I hope you are thinking about us this weekend????LOL Seriously, things are going very well and so far it has been a great weekend. The temps have really helped. It has been like a fall day.

    I LOVE the hats!! Adorable!! That Chelsea is a little doll and I don't blame you...put all the pics in they are terrific.
    What a wonderful place to retreat for the 4th of July!! Looks perfect. Quiet and peaceful. :)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. what a wonderful place! I love the crib idea and the hats are awesome! What a precious baby. You're really living the dream, wait till you can go for longer periods of time.

  5. How do you find all these neat places to camp? And you even get to take your granddaughter with you.

    Life must be good in Wisconsin, eh?

  6. glad to see you guys are getting to relax and enjoy the day...

  7. I love the Northwoods of Wisconsin, as long as the mosquitoes stay at bay! :)


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