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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Double Diva Duty Day! (gushy grandparent post)

Oh boy oh boy what fun!   We have little Allegra (7 months old) for five days while her mommy and daddy go on an adult camping trip.   Sooooo  she gets to come and stay with us!   Her silly mom hauled in three totes of clothes, bottles, toys and stuff.. and a whole case of diapers!   Wonder how long she plans to leave her here with us?  LOL

Then we also had Chelsea today too....(6 months old)  
Now the wee girls could bond, giggle and be bestest buddies.

It was so much fun playing with them all day.  Didn't get anything else done, but didn't plan on it either. 

CHELSEA                                                   ALLEGRA

They had toys scattered all over the livingroom.  Chelsea is just learning to sit up and sometimes topples over.  It was cute to observe them, each one played with the newest toys brought by the other one. 
 And then later each one wanted the exact toy that the other one was holding.  Once they all examined all the toys, then they started to really play together in the sunshine on the floor.

They would laugh, coo and squeal at each other... batting their hands and waving their arms.

They both decided the container of wet wipes was the BEST toy to play with... and it became a drum of sorts... as they took turns hitting it with their hands and listening to the sounds they made. 
Who needs expensive toys???

And wonder of wonders, I got them BOTH to nap at the SAME TIME!!!

When Granfaddah came home, he took a turn playing with the ladies so I could get some supper ready.
(just look at that watchful hand behind Chelsea in case she flops over)

After Chelsea went home, we took Allegra for a nice walk in the stroller down the road.  Went to the neighbor's farm to wrangle her chickens up and lock them in the coop.  They had left for a music festival overnight and forgot to put the chickens away before they left town.  She gave me a phone call from on the road and asked me to go take care of them.  We have an increasing coyote population around here, not to mention a certain neighbor's free-roaming husky dog .. known to kill deer and drag em home.  So the poor free range chickens have to get penned up each night. 

Allegra had enjoyed the walk down and back, about a mile each way.  Once we got home, it was into the jammies and snuggle before beddy bye time. She fell asleep in my arms and Granfaddah lowered her carefully into the crib.  Another day of grandparenting is done. 

Not sure if we are going camping this weekend with Allegra... We are waiting to see if Steve's mom is up for a visit.  She is battling cancer right now.  She keeps her spirits up and is doing quite well.  We hope to stop in with little Allegra for a quick visit, she will let us know via phone if she is up to it.  They live 110 miles away, so we are waiting to take off if she says YES, but otherwise we can pop in the motorhome and head north to go camping too if she says NO.  



  1. I've been missing your post! Glad you are back. :)
    This is without a doubt the sweetest post of the day!! Those two sweet angels are just adorable. Every pic just made me smile! Thanks for sharing your "grands" with us.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. When I saw the title of your post I had to check it out! Being a grandma myself I know all about that gushing stuff. :)

    Your granddaughters are beautiful and it is totally amazing that they were napping at the same time. They played together so cute on the floor. Nice pics of the visits.

  3. Another great day with the Grandaughters, they have their Grandfather wrapped around their fingers already, watch out Stevio. We are anxiously awaiting one more night so we can pull out Sat morning, Hope to keep you all informed of our week on the road. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. How fun watching the girls learning to play together. They are both just adorable!

  5. Fun times, it doesn't get any better than that! Gush Away!


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