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Monday, July 5, 2010

CAMPING - winery tour and drenching dodge to the motorhome


Sunday was a crazy weather day in Wisconsin.  We had bright sunshine and heat and humidity, then scattered storms rolling through from time to time.   When it was nice out, we had taken a scooter ride and snapped these pics of nearby McCombs lake.  The water levels are wayyy down, over 4 feet at least.  We are having a severe shortage of rainfall in this part of Wisconsin.

This is the boat landing area to launch boats... good thing we didn't bring ours, because I think the truck would have gotten stuck backing down this channel to get to deep enough water! 

We sat around the morning at our camping spot, up in the woods.  But then in the afternoon it looked a bit hazy, but rainy, on and off.  So for fun we decided to brave the crowds and go up to Lakewood and tour the winery and get some ice cream.  

We tasted some wines and came home with a bottle of Northern Ice, a white wine that is semi-dry but sweet

We hit a little tourist trap and looked around.... yup, that was enough for us.  Didn't spend any money there.  but these cute ladybugs made from old bowling balls were a hoot!   The icecream was good too.

We got back to the cabin and our rigs in the mid-afternoon.  A few rain showers here and there, but it cleared up in time for cooking supper.  We had bratwurst and potatoe salad,  some grilled vegggies and baked some cookies in my Easy Bake Oven for dessert.... 

The guys gathered some more firewood for our campfire, and just got it going ...

I got in a little bit of knitting .... 

until the heavens just opened up with a huge downpour!  

Sharon and Fred starting flinging chairs under the fifthwheel and they headed inside.  By the time we gathered up a few things, and the dogs, it was TOO LATE!   We were getting drenched!  We were trapped and could not make it over to our motorhome. We ducked under a pine tree, huddled up tight.  Two adults, two dogs, a knitting bag with video camera safely tucked away under the cookie pan for protection.  I took off my watch and  hid that deep inside the knitting basket too.  It's not waterproof and I love that watch!   The more we stood there, the more it poured!   

We laughed....  we were soaked to the skin.  
We kissed...  there wasn't anything we could do but get wet!   

Suddenly it dawned on Steve.. all of our windows in the motorhome were OPEN!  OH NO!!  And I knew I left the laptop sitting near one!   So off we went through the pouring rain over to where our rig was parked.  There was no sense in running, we were soaked to the bones by now.  We got ourselves and the dogs inside, herded them into the bathroom to keep the water damage to a minimum.  No need to have wet dogs shaking off all over the motorhome, even where it was dry. 

We got the windows all shut, though the couch and the side of the bed were pretty wet.   We used just about every towel in the rig to dry off.  It was hilarious and we kept laughing all the while.   After we were all dried off and cozy, we curled up with a movie and went to sleep... as it kept raining all night long!   Most of the fireworks displays in the areas around us were cancelled too.  

Now it's Monday morning, the sun is out and things are drying off.... 
today we have to go HOME 



  1. What a romantic end to a great weekends, two love birds under the tree, getting wet is part of the deal of camping, happened before and will happen again.Glad to see you all had fun and made the best of the bad weather. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Did you remember to take your shoes off before you went inside?? He he


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