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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Back at the Blog

It's a new year, and the last one went by like a blurrrrrrr.

But now things "should" slow down, and I think it's time to get back to the blog!

So much has happened in the last few months, and I think now that the holidays are officially over, I can concentrate more on the blog.  I will try to fill with RV stuff, family stuff, and fiber stuff...

Okay... RV stuff! 

We put on 6 new tires, (ouch $2,500)  2 new driving batteries (ouch $200), and the rear brake pads ($150) .... then we filled the fuel tank to the top ($350 or so) and topped off the propane tank ($100)

Do you know what that all means?  It means the motorhome is backed in the yard, facing nose out, and ready to roll!  If it all works out, we can take off for a few weeks or so this winter... most likely Florida for a shorter trip.   Two of the staff at the state park where Steve works have moved to other positions, which only leaves 3 full time staff to run the park till replacements are hired and in place. MAYBE by late Jan, or mid Feb that can happen and we can still take off on some vacation?

I could have it loaded up in about 2 hours and ready to head out if it all works out.  The water lines are all winterized, but we would use bottled water till we are south far enough to fill the fresh tank again....

So stay tuned, we might have some winter travels to blog about!

Next... family stuff.....  

Okay, did you know we were expecting?  Yup... a bouncing 9 pound baby boy!   He's a little fuzzy and not toilet trained, but we are working on that.  He's pretty danged cute though!

LOL..... about a month ago we applied and were approved for adopting a rescue shetland sheepdog via the Michigan Sheltie Rescue.  Here's the story, and of course, it's pretty sad.  It seems a horrible woman in Midland, MI hoarded a bunch of shelties, breeding them and keeping them in a mobile home that was atrocious.  38 live shelties and 2 dead decomposing ones were rescued from the hell-hole she had created.  Soon the 38 became 70+ as most of the female dogs were pregnant.  The pup we adopted was safely born in the home of a rescue foster person, to a very small young mommy dog, just 8 months old herself!  She is the "Daisy" mentioned in the articles below.

Our sweet pup had some health issues when first born, and was kept until all was right and safe and healthy... before he and his littermates were allowed to be adopted. We got him at 20 weeks old, after three different volunteer people worked to transport him over 550 miles to us!   Thank you so much to the kind people who all played a part in our getting him to our home!

We named him Finnegan (also Finney, Finster, and Finnegan Outagain Inagain)  and Duke is absolutely smitten with him!~  Duke has been so lonely since we put down Ducky in June... and this has really brightened his world.

Duke's health is faltering at times, and his tumor is large and growing under his armpit now.  Sometimes he breathes so hard with no exertion, so we figure it's the onset of congestive heart failure.  He goes to the vet next week with the pup, so we will learn more about him too.

Now on to more family....

We had a great Christmas, starting out with a party we hosted at our home for some of Steve's co-workers.  Then we spent a lovely Christmas eve alone, making a luscious snow crab dinner by candlelight.   Christmas day was spent with Steve's side of the family surrounded by joy and fun and laughter... but by the day after Christmas I became sick... and sicker... and had to bow out on seeing all of our grandtots at daughter Erin's house on Saturday for our side of the family celebration!  Steve went alone, while I stayed home sick with the company of only the dogs.

The kids kept me abreast of the happenings up in Oconto with video clips and photos sent text and by email.  I saw all the monkeys playing on the sleeping bags I embroidered their names on. It warmed my heart and made me feel better.  So that is a bit about fibers for my creative friends....

Steve hauled home all my presents which were wonderful, but I sure wished I could have opened them up with all the loving children and grandchildren around me.   My only solace is that I will see all five again in 2 weeks at Chelsea's 4th birthday party! 

It is also the one year anniversary of the closing on our home we purchased last year.  Here is the blog post I made of that crazy day:  

New Years Eve came quietly and coldly, as most nights the temps have been down in the 5 to 10 degrees below zero range.  The wind chills are in the 20 to 30 below range ...ACK!   Plus, on top of it, Steve caught what I had, so now he was down and out.  We were supposed to babysit for Allegra and Mason, but with Steve so much under the weather, we had to bow out.  Daughterinlaw Heather said Dan also was having a rough day and was not going to go out anyhow, so we were off the hook for the babysitting obligation.   

And that brings up to New Years Day.  We are both not up to snuff yet, but we laid around, watching movies and the Wisconsin Badger football game (we lost) .  As I type this up, I have one dog laying at my feet, another draped over my lap and both are snoozing... hmmm for that matter, so is Steveio! 



  1. It's great seeing you blog again, even though I keep up with the facebook posts it nice seeing it all put together.

    I do you you get to go South for awhile. It's time to get out with the Motorhome. Maybe see you soon.

  2. A wish of a Healthy and Happy New Year to You, Steve and all your family.
    Kathy got an unexpected gift from the grands and this is her first day since we arrived in Florida that she actually was out of bed for the better part of the day. Be Safe and Enjoy and who knows we might even see you down here.

    It's about time.

  3. It's nice to have you back among the bloggers. Hope you two start feeling better.

    Congratulations on the new fur child.

  4. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year. That's a cute addition to the family!

  5. Welcome back, we've missed you! Glad Duke likes the new puppy!

  6. I always try to keep my RV ready to go. All we need to do is load the food and clothes and head out.

  7. Nice to see you out here in Blogland again. Great that you guys are gearing up for a trip south. Love the new little Finnegan. I must have missed it about Ducky passing away. A very sad time. All the best in the new year..........:))

  8. Get well quick you two. Both of us are sick too. All I can say is "Yuck."

  9. Hi Karen,
    Good to hear about the last few weeks. Shame you couldn't spend your holidays with the wee ones. I know you missed them. Hopefully you are on the mend by now.

    I cried when I saw the articles about the Shelties. How can anyone be so cruel?
    Finnegan is a sweet pup, and has got himself a really great home.
    But I wonder what happened to Daisy and all the others? I hope they all got new 'furever' homes, and will be well cared for, and happy from now on.

    I hope you have a good health report on Duke. My Misty has outlived her cancer 'expiration date' by over three years, but I know it is just a matter of time.

    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny.

  10. Yes Penny, Daisy was adopted to a great gal here in Wisconsin and we have already met her! Actually today is her birthday, she is ONE year old! Imagine that, to only be one and already had a litter of five month old puppies!

    All the dogs were adopted out... folks from the Wisconsin Rescue helped to find homes, all were evaluated and new owners carefully screened and made aware of the behavior and health problems these dogs would all have.

    Our pup Finnegan and his brother pup were the last two to be adopted, because of being born with "puppy strangles" (juvenile cellulitis) a dangerous gland swelling disease. But treated correctly and swiftly, the pups are fully recovered and now adoptable.

    I will write more about the pup and adoption process in my blog tonight.

    (and I hope that woman rots in jail for a LONG time for what she has done)

  11. Great to see you posting, Karen. I think your new baby is very beautiful, and the older baby is of course beautiful as well. Glad to hear you're heading out in the motorhome!

  12. I like your recap of the year. All the best in 2014! (My ASU Sun Devils lost too...ugh!)

  13. Glad to see a post from you. You have certainly been busy this year. The pup is adorable, a sad story with a happy ending. Hope you are feeling back to normal by now. And hope you get some time down south in that RV.

  14. Well, I just got back to blogging too, I hope I make it this time. Congrats on your adoption, he is one lucky pup.


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