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Friday, January 24, 2014

Almost Outta GB's

I am going to try to post my blog today from my smart phone! Why??? Because Steveio and I share 5gb a month plan from Verizon, and we are at 75% usage already with 8 days more to go before we are replenished again. My smartphone has an additional 2Gb of data so I will use this and leave the laptop alone unless necessary for a few PC type needed tasks.

I know I can buy extra data, but its $30 more a month. We are trying to keep our expenses down, especially before vacation.

 (on edit:  we are locked into a 2 year plan with Verizon and like the ability to travel with our plan, using our tablet as a router... we have no internet hookups at the house, no DSL, no dialup phone lines, no cable internet, no satellite internet.  Just bare basic Verizon 5gb a month using our tablet as a router to our laptops)

If this phone blog work is too much, I could do up my blog using my laptop offline, and run over to the coffee shop to upload it. But dang, its COLD out there! We are due for horrid sub zero record breaking temps in the next five days. I think I will stay put and type with one finger in my phone.

Not sure how photos work.. Lets try:

I had to load them to Picasa first to work on here, but that's okay. At least it works!

Our poor motorhome is suffering out in the backyard

waiting...waiting...waiting....till mid February any how.

I bought some fabric to make the sashings and borders and backing for my newest quilt squares. The fabric is in the washing machine right now getting prewashed. Perhaps I will be sewing this afternoon. Little Finnegan was helping me lay out some blocks to get an idea of how it will look.

Duke is standing guard at the back door, hoping we will head outside soon. The snow is going to start falling today, then high winds are due to kick up.
when it gets this cold, the doggers curl up together on the sheep hide in the livingroom...

I am always busy with jobs. I got a batch of sock knitting machine weights dipped and drying. They need three coats in Tool Dip, a rubberized coating. I make and sell these via Etsy and Ebay, and ship them out all over the world to sock machine crankers.

This is in my little workroom in the basement where its cozy warm to dry them in between dippings.

Last week i won an auction on the Facebook page for the Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue Group. Each week various items are listed, and once you join the group, you can bid and have a chance to win some fun doggy stuff!!!

If you search Facebook for the words WSR Auctions .. It's a closed group, so one needs to be approved to join in. The proceeds go to a very good cause, with no administrations fees being taken out of the profits like some organizations....  Lisa does all the work of photographing, managing, and shipping out auction merchandise by herself for free to raise funds for the rescue group.

Also a quick blurb...if you feed your pet with any Purina brand products, please mail me your weight circles? They are redeemed for upcoming vet bills through a program for the sheltie rescue dogs that are brought in.

Finnegan is quite happy to be a pup born from an awful rescue situation for his Mommy Daisy and Daddy Snapple. Look at the life that this spoiled pup has... His life is all "sunshine" because of the caring folks from the Sheltie Rescue in both Michigan and Wisconsin

Little Finney was born after his parents were rescued, so he didn't have to live in those conditions, but he was conceived there.

Our little ray of sunshine....


  1. We just went over to Millenicom service, for $69.99 a month we get 20 gig service. You might want to check out Technomadia's website (tinyurl.com/technomadia) where they wrote a good article about this company, which is a reseller of Verizon, and no monthly contract. We are very happy with it. Dave (GoingRvWay.com)

    1. Unfortunately we are locked into a contract for 1 1/2 years yet. Normally we have been fine in 5gb, but lately FB is eating up data. Have to learn to close it off when not in use... And I already disabled the auto play on videos...

  2. That little Finnegan guy is sure growing fast.

  3. Can you use your phone as a hot spot so that you can still use your laptop but access the internet through your phone.

    1. Sigh... Already checked into that....when we first got the phone, the salesman said we could do that.... But when I tried a couple months later to do just that, it wouldn't let me. So I called Verizon to find out how to do it, I was informed because of my special promo offer for a year, I can't do it... Unless I pay a fee of course, and change my plan... LOL. THEY GET YA COMING AND GOING....

  4. I am so over winter, too damn cold here too. Just love seeing Dukie and Finn together so great they get along so well.

  5. Finnegan just knows that quilt is going to be for him when it's finished, and he's laying claim!

  6. He looks like a sweet laid back dog, even at this age. There were two of Finnegans at Red Bay (Tiffin) and they were so sweet.

  7. Before you decide which plan is better: To go to a coffee shop or add a bit more GB to your Verizon plan, take into consideration the cost of the amount of fuel you might expend to get to the coffee shop, and what you might spend once there. From what you say about the danger on your roads, that should play a part in your decision to stay, pay, and play in your own house, or go to an establishment to upload your blog,

    Your blog today looks just fine for having used the cell phone, so maybe your problem is solved! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  8. We have a Verizon Mifi that Al mostly uses. We occasionally go over the 3g limit but it only costs an extra $10 for another gig, so we don't worry too much about it.

    I'll bet you could tether your phone to your laptop if you used PDA net. It's a free app and I've been using it for years. I have an Android phone, so I'm not sure if it works for iPhones. It's easy and in fact I'm using it now. It is not exactly sanctioned by Verizon so of course they wouldn't tell you. Give it a try and see if it works. The app is free.


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