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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Vintage Light and Breakfast Muffins

Before I start writing about the treat that I made for breakfast, I thought that I would write about this neat light shade globe thing. Ranger Linda at High Cliff State Park rescued this old globe from her family home. (her daughter was going to throw it out---GASP!!!!). I gladly accepted it and promised to give it a good home.

Our outside back porch only had a plain ceramic fixture with a spot type light bulb hanging downwards from it. We switched that spot light bulb to a more efficient bulb and had covered it up with a cheap round globe... it was nothing special. This new globe instead would fit right in!

WOWZER!!!! I think it fits right in for our 100 year old home.

Now next on my list. How many times do you see good recipes on Facebook, but never get around to trying them? I decided that I wanted to try this one:

So I set about making them this morning...  first I gathered all of the ingredients. I happened to have some frozen ham chunks leftover from Christmas Dinner.  I used a little larger muffin pan instead of the standard cupcake pan with 12 smaller cups.  I thawed the frozen hash browns in the microwave so they were soft and pliable.

I sprayed the muffin pan with Pam (I think next time I will give it a double coat)

Next, I mixed up the thawed potato pieces with some butter and seasonings. I used a rubber spatula to pack them into the muffin tins. I think next time i will find a drinking glass about the diameter and use that to pack them tighter.

I baked them at 400 degrees for 12 minutes
and they came out pretty good.

While they were baking I was chopping up the ham. Then I dehydrated some dried onions in a bit of water in the microwave. I drained off the water and broke three eggs into the onions, stirring them all up good.

By now the potato muffins were done baking.

I placed the ham chunks in each cup and then poured over the egg and onion mixture. Topped each one off with a clump of shredded cheese, a sprinkle of pepper, and a dab of parsley for color!

Into the oven they went for 15 more minutes.

While that was baking, I did a quick cleanup. I like baking in this section along the edge on my cabinets, right near the stove. Luckily we placed the pull-out trash bin right here in this handy location in the lower cabinets.

On swipe with a sponge into the trash and all is clean again.

15 minutes later the breakfast muffins were sizzling and done perfectly!!
Boy they sure smelled good!!!

They stuck a little bit coming out....
it never looks as good as the pics in recipe books-----

There weren't any complaints as we made up a few pieces if toast....Voila! Breakfast was done!

I think today we will be doing some more projects around the house. Already I have the laundry in the washer and dryer, the bedding is changed, my quilting shows are recorded from PBS to a dvd, and some bills are paid. Maybe this afternoon I can get some quilting done too.

Meanwhile, two little doggers are enjoying the sunshine rainbows 
coming in the leaded glass windows...


  1. Looks yummy!

    Love that globe. What a perfect fit.

  2. I plan to try those too. Of course I will wait till I have teeth and we are back home where I will have all the necessary equipment. They sure look good. I like the light too.

  3. That light globe is just perfect for your house. What a great find. I've often wondered about those recipes. They look so wonderful. Jim makes an omelet sort of thinging in the frying pan using hashbrowns on the outside. Kind of the same thing but on top of the stove. Wonder if a little Crisco would work better than the spray.

    1. Yup I am thinking Crisco too. (though we try to watch Steve's cholesterol so we won't do it too often)

  4. I agree the muffins look yummy! I love to make things like that because I can reheat the leftovers later and enjoy them again. I think blueberry muffins are on my next rotation, but I would love to try this recipe.

    the globe looks great and is a perfect fit for your house.

  5. Yes, that light fixture is perfect, looks like it was original to the house. What a great save!

    I'm copying that recipe to my breakfast file. It looks really good. And I like Gypsy's idea of making extras to save for another meal. :)

  6. I really like the handy trash bin.

    Today I saw two dogs like yours walking through the RV show, and I looked very carefully to see if you and Steve were attached to the dogs!

    The light globe is great!

  7. That light globe is awesome.

    You might try the foil cupcake liners ( yes you can buy all foil ones) I make a breakfast muffin with sausage , cheese, egg and biscuit mix. They are perfect when I use the foil wrappers.

  8. I have tried several recipes from Facebook and haven't been disappointed yet. I will be adding yours to try soon for a "test run" before our next house guests arrive. :) Thanks!

  9. Those muffins look yummy. I can never get any of my recipes to look like the pictures either. I'll bet I could come up with a vegan version of those muffins.

    I didn't use to like old fashioned houses and antiques when I was younger, but I guess as I age I've learned to appreciate them. I love that light fixture and I can't believe it was almost thrown out.

  10. I made those "muffins," too, but used Jimmy Dean sausage instead of ham. The came out of the tins exactly like yours! But they sure did taste good! I love the new globe.


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