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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A New RV!!!!

OH yes, a new RV is in our midst!  

Our son, Dan, and his wife Heather, along with our grandtots Allegra and Mason are the proud owners of a new RV!   With months of diligent research, and checking out various things like floor plans, construction, towing weights, family-friendly features and of course a bunk house version.... they settled on a new RV!  

They waited (impatiently) for the special prices at the big RV show in Green Bay last weekend to make their deal.

Here is what they chose.....

Oh,  wait... no....  THIS one! 

It has the master bedroom up in the front, and the tv swivels around in that cabinet to face either the livingroom or the master bedroom!  How cool is that?   There is one long slide that holds the couch (with jacknife sleeper)  and the U-shaped booth and table.

Here is the floor plan.  They chose a unit with no carpeting... smart move for a young family with two little rugrats and a big yellow lab dog!   Lots of room on rainy days for playing inside.

We are sure these triple bunks are the biggest hit 
as far as features go with the grandtots! 
(whoever sleeps on the bottom bunk will get a face washing from Tiger, the dog!) 

We are quite pleased they are going to be joining the ranks of RV ownership!   All of our grown kids camp with tents from time to time, but these are the first of them to buy an RV.  We already made reservations for a double family site at the big Halloween celebration at High Cliff State Park!  We made the reservation weeks BEFORE the kids made the deal, because the kids knew they were going to get this trailer.   

May they make wonderful memories for years and years to carry on---  for our grandtots' future of becoming RVers ... and someday sit around their campfire with their kids and their grandkids.  As the RVing Torch is passed down through the generations in our family. 

Also another one of our grown kids will having exciting recreational type news ... but I can't say anything till next week so I don't jinx it.  But stay tuned...  

Steve's dad, Pa Pfundtner called me yesterday from a KOA near Pensecola FL.   He is having a grand time touring around in his new motorhome.  Nicky, the rascally dog is his co-pilot.  Adeventures abound for him as he has been wandering around the warmer regions and escaping this Wisconsin Winter!   He also gave us some GREAT NEWS of a family member who is again declared CANCER FREE after his quarterly check up....  what a wonderful thing to hear! 

It's been cold here, as it is in many parts of the United States this week.  We are really looking forward to escaping next month to get south and seek a little warmth.  It's funny to read blogs about folks complaining about temps going down to 50 at night etc.  Oh boy, we would have our windows open and breathing in that fresh air and basking in the welcoming temperatures!  

On our first RV trip to Florida we were running around in t shirts and shorts, with open windows and no heat on at 55 degrees. All of the Florida Peoples were freezing, and my folks were huddled up in fleece sweats and had their heater on!   Oh boy!

I got something in the mail yesterday....  from an Ebay seller  who has a lot of different dog breeds available.  She makes these from tiny fibers of sheep fleece and dyes them perfectly to match your breed of dog.  They are one sided ornaments, the back side is all felt with her tag you can see if it rotates. I decided to hang it from the mirror in our car.  

Too cute! 

Today is going to be a busy day... I have to run to the local bakery and get some nice kaiser rolls for a luncheon at Steve's workplace at High Cliff State Park.  It's a "goodbye" lunch to a beloved ranger, Rob, who is transferring to another park further north, closer to family.  I baked up some pans of brownies and lemon bars to take along.  Rob is the Ranger who set us up to be camphosts last August at the park.  Ranger Linda made up sloppy joes and there will be some other items brought in by other attendees.  Plus a few gag gifts to send him on his way....

After that is over at the park,  I have to zoom home, to let the dogs out one more time, and then load up my sock machine and tools.  Some fellow sock crankers are gathering up in Green Bay.  One gal is having trouble with her machine and asked me to check it out for her.  So will see if we get her cranking yet today.  

It's snowing lightly, and just above 0 now, so I guess the car will feel nice and warm as I buzz around today on my tasks.  


  1. I kind of like the conestoga wagon....but the travel trailer is really nice. It seems like a great layout for a family. I'm thinking the dog will probably get the bottom "bunk" and the two kids will go up above.

  2. That's a great looking trailer for the family. They're going to have so much fun and parking with you will be a treasure!

  3. Love that ornament. Great place to hang it because you can enjoy it any time and not just at Christmas.

  4. Nice layout to that RV for a family with children. I like it. We started with a tent, then went to a pop-up tent trailer, then to a travel trailer, then to a class-C motor-home, and now we have a diesel pusher. Loved all the modes of camping and traveling.

  5. I wish one of my kids had inherited the camping bug from me, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. You are lucky.

    Cool ornament, but I'm not sure what breed Emma is. ;)

  6. I love the floor plan of the RV, which seems to be super family-friendly. I wish them wonderful travels and fun with their new RV.

    I worked a winter at Ft. Pulaski near Savannah GA, and while most of us were all bundled up for the cold snap, two Minnesotans ran around in shirtsleeves! It just made us colder, lol.

  7. Congrats to the new RV owners! I know my own kids (20 & 18) started tenting on their own a couple years ago, just as I did when I was 18. Husband & I have been RVing (TT) now for the past 12 years and Love it! I can see our kids doing the same thing some time down the road. Tent or RV, great memories have been made over the years and plenty more to come!

  8. I love that our kids will tromp around the trails with us, snowshoe, fish, kayak, bike and camp. I look forward to the days they meet up with us once we head out FT this summer! Congrats to your kids, more exciting times ahead!

  9. Congrats on their new RV! They are going to make such awesome memories with their kids! My boys still have great memories from their early camping days . . . and we're still making more!! Good move on the no carpet . . . I wish we didn't have carpet in our living/dining area! Us northerners get lots of looks when we run around in shorts when it's ONLY 60 degrees!! lol We've been in the high 40s/low 50s at night the last few nights, and I've had my bedroom windows open! Pulled the quilt up one night, but didn't close the windows!

  10. It's great your kids love camping and what a wonderful way for families to enjoy time together!!
    Love their new camper!!! Nice! :-)

    Congratulations to Steve's dad on being cancer free!!! YAY

  11. I just realized I might have read that wrong...it isn't Steve's dad that is cancer free but a family member!! Still....congratulations and a huge YAY!!!!

  12. Oh well, you are half right! Steve's dad is also a cancer survivor and doing well himself... and is cancer free.

    But this is another family member, a sibling who has gone through a horrendous surgery and now is cancer free too!

    And they also lost Steve's mother to cancer last December 2012 ...

    So each survivor in their family needs a big CHEER!

  13. The new RV looks great! Of course, if they own a horse, the chuck wagon would have gotten great miles per hay bale:)

  14. What fun...Pfundtners in a wagon train. You'll have a modern version if they follow you in their trailer.

    San Antonio has a 60% chance of sleet and freezing rain on Thursday night into Friday. Overnight low 27, not including wind chill. Looks like we'll be taking off the hose and water filter and running the spigot on a slow drip Thurs. night into Friday.

  15. Looks like a nice trailer, should be a lot of fun for all of you.
    Keep us in mind as you travel south, always a spot in the drive for y'all. Eric & Cathy


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