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Monday, March 18, 2013

You Scream - I Scream - We all Scream for Ice Cream

Yes... ice scream!   We are at Rosie's in Bethel, MO... and she MADE us eat ice cream for SUPPER!

Let's see...  
handmade caramel topping
triple chocolate ice cream
caramel filled chocolate cups
chocolate sauce
whipped cream
and colored sprinkles! 

MINE                                                     ROSIE'S 

STEVE'S (after he had it half eaten)                   WHAT A SUPPER! 

Now I will back it back up a bit.... On Sunday, we left Sam and Donna in Dardenne Prairie, MO about 10 a.m.  We fueled up at a local station with a good price of $3.75.9 per gallon for diesel, at 48 gallons... so we were set for fuel enough probably all the way to home now.

While we were driving, I got the very sad notice from a dear couple who are our friends from up in Michigan, that their son had his life taken away in an awful incident.  Their grown son, 32, was trying to break up domestic dispute between a man and woman, and he was stabbed with a knife in the process.  The man who did the stabbing took him to the hospital, but was sadly too late.  They could not save him. The man was taken into custody and now my dear friends have to pick up the pieces and try to make sense of the loss of their son.  What a shock!   Prayers are welcome for our dear friends, and Christopher, may you rest in peace.

When the funeral plans are firmed up, we hope to be back into Wisconsin and then drive up to Michigan in time, weather permitting.   As it is, we are only travelling 120 miles today and it's getting worse and worse and the weather is not looking promising.

We were headed up to Bethel, MO.  Bethel is an interesting little town----

Visit Historic Bethel German Colony, Bethel, Missouri -- just 45 miles west of Hannibal, Missouri.  Bethel was the most successful communal colony in the State of Missouri, founded by Dr. Wilhelm Keil in 1844.  Today, this tiny community of 117 residents strives to preserve its rich heritage.  The Colony offers the public an opportunity to step back into a time when colonists lived by the golden rule and shared their crops, clothing, crafts and even their earnings.

Here is a link for the blog post about the town that I made 2 years ago when we visited here: 

We tried pulling into Rosie's barnyard on a route that loops around behind her home...a German type house in the colony.  We worked out fine parking between her house and her barn last time, but that was in April.... This is still March.   The ground is definitely softer, as their snow just recently melted.

And ooops ... the muddy area of the road to enter her barnyard gate to the north was slllipppeerryyyy  and the dual wheels on one side started spinning. OH OH.... Steve backed out right away before we got stuck!  So instead we are parked next door at her friends, Sue and Joe, who have a pottery business.
check their stuff out --- it's GREAT! 
I have one of their pots that is going to be my Urn when I pass away!

We are in their business drive that delivery trucks use, so we are in a good firm place.  Plus they let us plug in.... because the skies were very cloudy and our solar would not be working so well.  At least we can keep our batteries topped off. Our furnace runs on propane so we are fine.  But the bonus of having the plugin means we could at run our electric mattress pad overnight!

p.s. did I happen to mention it was ****S*N*O*W*I*N*G****????????

Yup, the temps dropped, the rain turned to big fluffy flakes and we were smack dab back in WINTER!  ARRRGGHGHHHHHHHH!   We had Rosie over to our motorhome for dinner, and I made up a chicken stirfry and rice.  We ate sensibly some sherbet (no fat) and blackberries.  Such a nice healthy meal, fried in a little bit of extra virgin olive oil.   Sharp contrast to the decadent supper I started out this blog with, eh?

Monday morning was somewhat cloudy, and very cold... and blasting winds!   I am sure glad we weren't out on the road today in our motorhome.  The snow stopped but the winds were biting cold and gusting. It would not have been a good day to be driving a big huge box like our motorhome down the road.   Especially when the roads are flat like this:

Rosie was needing a bag of feed from town... for her two sweet fiber babies in the yard...  Moon and Jewel.  She just lost the third fuzzy member of her trio this week, Sasha, who had to go on to the Great Rainbow Bridge of Llamas.  

As I said, Rosie needed feed, and I needed to ship out a few boxes of merchandise I sold over the weekend at a post office, so we did a run to town.  After those chores were done, we picked up a few things at a little consignment shop... and then headed up to Heartland.  Rosie and her friends here in Bethel all go up there.

They patronize it’s restaurants, medical clinic, gas station and other services. There is even a huge dairy herd and an ultra modern milking parlor to tour. They have schools and a college, and provide housing in wonderful stylish brick homes and apartments.  It was started by one man, who built it all in his dream of making a place such as this to be filled with good honest hardworking people and giving those who made mistakes a new chance.  His name is Charlie Sharpe.  This paragraph is from their website and some links to learn more:
Heartland is an intentional community in Northeast Missouri designed to help hurting people get a fresh start in life. We believe Jesus is the answer to every issue we face – including addiction, anger, broken homes, and financial crises. Men, women, and children who commit themselves to the process of restoration find help at Heartland through the power of God and the encouragement of people who have walked a similar path.

And here is the blog post about last time we were there, with a lot of cool old Ford car pictures! 

Rosie talked us into having lunch there at Heartland in the diner.  We ate from the buffet with a lot of wonderful choices. We also had ice cream.... with toppings!   See what she started?  

The rest of the day was taken up with catching up on all our weaving ideas, projects and new stuff we have been doing.  We had taken care of a few tasks like some computer work, and Rosie had a drill press she had bought that needed assembling. THAT was right up Steve's alley! 

Tomorrow he might look at her industrial sewing machine, 
and maybe help with a shelf she wants to make for her kitchen! 

Well, we ate so much at lunch in Heartland, that we were so full, none of us wanted supper.  So when ice cream was mentioned, Rosie thought that would make a marvelous supper!

And it was! 

We will see what tomorrow holds in the way of weather, it does not look too good in Wisconsin, with snowing, blowing, ice and sleet.  We might hole up down here in Missouri till Wednesday morning and try to head as far as Beloit, WI, visiting with more friends there.  We can park there overnight and have a safe spot to hang if the weather is bad.  Remember, RVers, there aren't any campgrounds open in Illinois or Wisconsin this time of year.  We need to travel from place to place, or hang out in a Wal-mart or just drive drive drive like we did when we came south one month ago.

Just checked our weather back home in Chilton. 
 It's snowing Today--- and Tomorrow--- and the day after!

Maybe Thursday will give us a chance to make the final jaunt to home?


  1. Burr! Enjoy your last few days and be safe on the road. Great to have a friendly driveway to stop in isn't it!

  2. Fun, fun, everywhere you go. I think you must bring it with you. Watch those snowy roads.


  3. Looks like fun visiting Rosie......good friends are such treasures.....You would think you were in the dairy state with all the ice cream sundaes !!!! That snow just keeps coming, hope there is a break so you can make it home.... as you said, Rest in Peace, Christopher....very sad for his family..... Know you will both be glad to arrive home after this wonderful journey .....

  4. You may need to tell "them" that it may be spring in a few days but the weather doesnt seem to know that... you will be home and Steve back to work when spring really gets here! LOL Safe travels

  5. Sure wish we had your fuel price! Here diesel is 4.89! Geesh. So glad we are not moving for a while. AND ice cream in Borrego Springs is outrageous!

  6. Sorry for friends. How sad! There is a Passport campground open all year in Linclon, IL. Full hook-ups. It is self registration in the winter. Camp A While. Just sayin. Travel safe.

    1. Thanks Paula... we hope to be far far past there to the north by tomorrow night... cross your fingers!

  7. Maybe when March goes out like a lion, we will be headed into spring.

  8. What a heartless hostess, forcing your to eat ice cream! A fate worse than death! ;c)


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