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Monday, March 4, 2013

Leaving Seminole Canyon and heading to Big Bend TX

We spent two nights at the Seminole Canyon state park.  I was still a bit under the weather yet yesterday so we hung around the park for one more night. I didn't want to travel further west in case we needed to head to the ER in Del Rio.  Sometimes my stomach don't handle digesting right since the surgeries, and I need a good batch of IV medicine to make me right again.  I have some pill forms along for under the tongue, but sometimes that isn't enough.  I didn't know if I could make it through the night without going in to the ER.  It was touch and go.... but I am alive!  LOL

Glad that we did stay an extra day, because fellow Blogger Barney Old Fat Man stopped by!   (he sure ain't old and he sure ain't fat--- but that is his blog name!)  http://ofmadventures.blogspot.com  It was so good to meet him in person, as we have read each others blogs for a while and knew each other's back story.  With a big hug from me, and another that I delivered to him from fellow blogger Gypsy...  http://gypsy97.blogspot.com/ we went in our rig to sit down and confab a while.

Barney is a good buddy of a fellow blogger we met up with out at the Slabs 2 years ago... Billy Bob.  http://billybobsplace.blogspot.com  So we all knew people in common and nobody has turned up to be an Ax Murderer yet, so i guess we are safe. eh?

Barney is just chock full of information on the Big Bend National Park, and he suggested I take out a notepad before we began looking at maps.  OH MY!  I filled up four and a half pages of legal paper pad of notes!!!!  He gave us all the ins and outs and what fors and what nots...   I think we are well informed for what is coming up in the next part of our journey.  Wish we could spend weeks or months there, and sure we won't see it all.  If you have any doubts...  just google Big Bend Park, TX and see how big it is???

Steve and I both enjoyed the stories and information and sure wished we could have stayed together longer.  I started up some lunch stuff but Barney had to get going.  I was fading fast and needed more time to rest.  So I crawled into bed about 1pm and slept till 3... then Steve said he was gonna head out on the guided tour of the pictographs in the caves with the rangers... so I went back to bed!   I slept on and off most of the evening, and managed to eat a little cereal and some crackers.  Took a shower and went back to bed again.  I must say, I had a restful night and feel much better this morning.

Here is what I missed out on from on Steve's canyon tour with the Rangers.  The pictographs in this park are probably the oldest ones known to the entire area.  Steve is getting pretty good at taking pictures now.  Soon we might have to get him his own camera?

We are at about 1800 ft elevation, so the temps are warm during the days .. in the 80s  but at night it drops fast.  Last night was the only night we didn't need to turn on the heater.  Here is Steveio relaxing after his hike with a nice cold Abita beer!  (take note, Eric... it's his LAST one)

I did manage to feel up to a walk after a while, and we caught some sunset shots... but with no clouds to reflect on, it's hard to really see the colors.

This is a Yucca plant and a close up of the flowers.  They are swarming with bugs all sticking to the strong smelling blossoms.

This is our parking spot in the "primitive" area of the Seminole Canyon State Park... not too bad for "primitive" eh?  Cement patio, nice table, hook for a lantern, firepit (but a burn ban is on)  and it's nice and quiet here.  The upper loop with electric and water has about 10-20 campers a day pulling in and out.  Here in this loop it's only been one besides us.  But the heat is rising and we are thinking we might spring for an electric site when we get to Big Bend at Stillwell Store.  I think I need it, plus if we leave the dogs all day in the motorhome while we are out sightseeing, it's best if they have a cool place.

We just dumped our holding tanks and topped off our water supply here at the park... and are on the road heading west on Highway 90. Hills are getting higher and things are getting greener. The sky is all pure blue with a few wisps of clouds to the west.  We love driving WEST in the mornings... no sun in our eyes... and driving EAST in the evenings.  We should have gotten an earlier start because it's a day with no wind at all.   (yesterday was blustery)

Going to stop in Sanderson to get groceries and fuel before heading on into the park.  (suggested by Barney OFM)

Driving now through flat flat desert... got a few more clouds building up into clumps.  I began singing that song "A Horse with No Name"... seems to fit!

miles traveled so far  2071 miles

(this blog is now posted at 4:30 in afternoon once we got to Stillwell Store RV park, I slept most of the way from Seminole till we stopped for groceries in Sanderson, and now as we got to the edge of  Big Bent.... will post more later) 



  1. Great campsite. Glad Barney was able to give you so many hints. It's a big place so it's good to have inside info. Definitely need those groceries and fuel before you get there. Steve did a great job on the photos. Have fun.

  2. Phoenix AZ is just around the corner :)

  3. Looking forward to your report on Big Bend...always wanted to visit there!


  4. Do they not allow you to run your generator during the day for the dogs?

    1. We never really asked, but I wouldn't like it running without us around anyhow. We will splurge for a few days at an RV park to be plugged in I guess. I enjoyed the AC today too!

  5. Can't wait to see what you do while you're there.

    I'm happy you feel better. Enjoy the rest of your trip. If you're heading back to San Antonio, let us know!!!

    Susan & Bob

  6. I'll bet Barney could write a book about that area, and so glad you could meet him. Isn't it ironic how often RV gypsies are traveling all over the country and can hit exactly the same spot to meet up along the way. That's one of the highlights of RVing life, I think. I'm so sorry you were ill, but glad it didn't take a trip to the ER. It's awful to be sick when you're traveling.

  7. Take one of the sites across the road from the store at Stillwell Store--it is so quiet over there and if she is still doing it, one of the daughters gave an excellent talk one night at the museum next to the store. Glad you were able to avoid the ER.

    1. We took one over by the 50 amp sites to get both AC units working at the same time and cool down... whew! They are having some live music tomorrow night by the museum too. Should be interesting?

  8. we are headed to amarillo. hope you feel better soon

  9. Love your blog. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Would you be willing to share the notes on the park?

    1. I would have to recreate all of Barney's stories that went with each line of the notes! LOL

      I will see how much we do and what we don't get to do, and then compile some of it?

      Karen and Steve
      RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  10. When we stayed in that park we tolerated some pretty stiff winds.

  11. Hope you bounce back to full health soon, it's no fun being sick on vacation. Don't ask me how I know...

  12. Look at the strain on that bell bottom shirt the OFM is wearing.

  13. Keep feeling better, PLEASE! Tell Steve thanks for the photos!


  14. Well, first off that photo of Steve with the beer in his chair with the moccasins did my heart good .....never knew a guy who deserved a vacation more than that guy..... Glad to see you soooooooo relaxed Steve !!!
    And Karen, you and Barney having a visit with instructions included was a terrific site ...... Both of you are two of the best friendly bloggers on the planet ..... Feel better and keep on relaxing !!!


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