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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mochdocking Again

Yup... we are "moochdocking" again.  That is an RV term that means you are stopped overnight in a driveway belonging to a fellow RVer, friend, blogger acquaintance or relative.

on Edit: 
 My blogger friends Paul and Marti Daul say: 
It's no longer politically correct to call it "Moochdocking", 
it is now GAFHing:

Gratefully Accepting Friend's Hospitality. :c)

We met John C. last summer up at our campground, High Cliff State Park.  We knew of him because he is a fellow Safari owner and we belong to the same yahoo group for Safari Owners at:

We enjoyed his visit last year, and took he and his wife up on the invite that if we are ever in the area, we could stop by and moochdock in their driveway.  So here we are!  Tucked away in the foothills north of Dallas area.  They live in the country, with an assortment of animals: some dogs, cats, a horse, 2 burros and a turtle!   I will snap some pics later today if I remember.

Moochdocking usually means just parking, but John insisted that we plug in.  We are fine with our solar panels for power, and four big batteries to draw from.  Someone on the Safari list suggested a blog on how we are doing with our boondocking with solar, so that will be another blog post.  Once we plugged in, we were able to vacuum around inside of the rig (the vac cleaner does not work well from the inverted power from the batteries)   and we able to suck up all the little burrs that are coming in our dogs' long fur.

Oh, backing up a little bit-----  Yesterday we drove across the upper portion from Midland over to just before Fort Worth, taking highway 180 instead of the interstate.  It was very interesting with scenery and small towns and nice places to stop and look around.    The terrain has changed to softly rolling hills, green grasses and wide blue skies that stretch from horizon to horizon!  (sorry for the glare, this was a "through the window" shot)

We found a nice rest area to take the dogs out and make a little lunch.  It was comfy to set in the sunshine and relax a bit.  And Duke was very very happy to have grass again to do his business on.   But the dogs both got a bunch of burrs on their legs and feet.  Some are soft and green yet, but others are very sharp and hard sand burrs.  OUCH when you step on them with your own bare feet.

By dinnertime, we made it over to the Clevenger's house and got the tour of the animals, while the guys gabbed jeeps and motorhomes and engines and all kinds of Guy Stuff.  They decided to show us their most favorite place to eat, in the small town of Boyd, TX.  Seems there is an award winning chef who runs a tiny little place, with a name of Go Go Gumbo!   OH MY GOSH!   Their food was excellent!!!

We had to wait about half an hour for a table, as the place was packed on a Tuesday night!  But the wait was worth it, by far.

We got a booth seat and placed our order with a very friendly waiter.  The Clevengers are "regulars" here and helped us decide what to order.

For appetizers, we enjoyed tempura battered green beans with a really good veggie dip, 
some coconut shrimp, and Steve relished a bowl of Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.

Our food came quickly, and each dish was better than the next.....  
 I had the crab stuffed shrimp on the right.... 
and John had the crab crusted tilapia on the left. 

Steve had the blackened salmon on the left, 
and Crystal had the Artisan goat cheese salad to the right.

 Of course, then they brought out the desserts! 
Steve ordered a Jack Daniels Chocolate Mousse Pie....
The banana cream pie was to die for, and I could only eat part of mine and took the rest home. 

Okay... enough with the food.  We got on home and toddled off into our beds, with full bellies and quiet peaceful countryside to relax in.  We slept very well, and now I am trying to get my butt in gear, get this blog done, get up and dressed and start the day.   

We are going to meet up with Steve's cousins later this evening ... for another dinner out... oh my! 


  1. All I saw when I drove the interstate from Ft. Worth to Midland were oil well drills and windmills. It was the first time I drove my RV across country and I stayed on the interstates.

  2. Sounds like your going to be doing like us when we get back home. Using the bikes and taking a lot of walks. It's just too easy to eat heavy when the food is soooo good. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Dang, now you made me hungry and I got to get me something to eat.

  4. Oh my gosh I think I gained a few pounds just looking at those pies. They look delicious!!

  5. If the food was as good as it looked, it must have been really good!

  6. Wow, that's a busy place and your food looked really good.

    It is always fun to "moochdock".


  7. All I can say is "YUM!" spoken with a drool sliding down my chin. So happy you all are having a great time!

  8. You are having a great journey! I want some of that Jack Daniels chocolate pie! Sounds decadent.

  9. By the time you get back on the road, you'll have exceeded your MH's CCC! :cO

  10. Karen in the woods
    Your mean...showing all the pictures of that good looking food is Cruel and Inhuman Treatment of your blog followers.


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