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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The folks are on the road to Florida!

(posted this on Thursday, and they called from Florida, safe and sound on Friday night) 

Well, my mom and stepdad, Rita and Lowell, decided to bag this icky wintery mix weather and hit the road to get to their other home in Florida.  They closed up the house in Michigan and loaded the motorhome up to hit the road.  drivers side Poor mom was in such a tizzy, trying to remember what is packed, what is going, what is to be left in this house, what to take to that house, and what to use in between in the motorhome!   She made lists to her lists, and still isn’t too sure what is packed where.  
The last thing to be packed was her precious WebTv unit.  My sister Linda helped her pack it up so she knows which cords to hook where when she gets it to her little pink office room in Florida.  It’s her only internet communication.  She won’t touch a laptop and is comfortable with her little WebTV and we use MSN messenger to communicate daily.  Each morning about 8:30 am, Mom, Linda and I meet up in our own little private chat room and talk to each other.  Linda is busy at work, so she has to come and go and glance in between projects, but enough to keep up with what we are gabbing about.
The weather is turning fast up this frozen Hallsway, and snowy weather coming on Saturday and again on Monday.   So they had the Holiday Endeavor diesel pusher ready with all their stuff.. then loaded the big Harley in the back of the toad pickup truck, (under a raised cap  that my brother helped him with before they left).  So the Beverly Hillbillies are headed south!  LOL

They just stopped by some relatives in the Champaign, Ill area and all is going good.  the folks on the road Aunt Charlene snapped this pic of them in their rig, just before they hit the road again tonight at 6pm.  Lowell is a retired truck driver, so nightime driving and racking up the miles is second nature to him.
Mom just rides along in her seat, working on crafts, making snacks, and being his co-pilot.  They crank up the country western and bluegrass music and mom sings along to the tunes…  They might rest for a few hours at a Wal-mart and hit the road again.  Knowing Lowell, the 1,500 miles to Florida will be flying by, and they will be there by Friday night or Saturday morning.
What a lovely life for them both.  halls at home Meeting just within the last ten years, they fell in love, got married and are living happily ever after!   They are wonderful, kind loving people who deserved to find each other and share the sunset years together.
All of us children are so happy for them.  They are like a couple of honeymooners and we all enjoy seeing them happy!

Oh… on another note… our little granddaughter to be is destined to be a Tom Boy.  (Erin was!)   So when shopping the other day, the girls found this little hunting outfit.  Mommy Erin dressed it up for their upcoming bundle of joy with a few pink bows.  Shhh this is a present for bow-hunting Daddy Mark at the baby shower.  Tee heeeeetomboy hunting outfit

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  1. How nice that your mom found happiness meeting Lowell. The Golden Years can be very lonely.
    Sounds like a nice life..


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