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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some of the mods we made to our motorhome - D thru F

Okay… here is the next batch of modification pics in alphabetical order….

DC (12 volt) OUTLET:
The DC outlet over by the drivers side is used for the tire pressure monitor, and I didn’t like stringing a cord across the aisle to reach it even if we put in a doubled adaptor.  Plus, that one runs off the engine batteries.  This new one Steveio wired in runs from the camping batteries.  It has two USB ports for cell phone cords. Best of all, this means I can use my laptop on 12volt with my DC power cord when parked camping somewhere and not have to have on the inverter just to run the computer on the regular 120vac power cord.

These are our two biggest drawers in the bathroom.  Steveio had replaced the slides in them with stronger slides, but they don’t stay in a shut position too well now when travelling down the road.  I cut some heavy duty velcro (dontcha just LOVE that stuff?)  into a small L shaped for on the cabinet side and a small corresponding piece on the back corners of the drawer front.  Works like a charm!And you don't see it when the drawer is closed.

We are very power conscious when camping rustic or boondocking…. (without hookups).  We know that keeping our inverter on drains a lot of precious battery power, because a lot of phantom loads are eating up those amps.  We have learned to use power strips to control the full bank of items and just one flick of the power strip will cut power to all of them at once in this cabinet.   We have a lot of stuff in those front cabinets, the tv, stereo, stereo booster, 10 disk CD changer, antenna booster, RF modulator, DVD recorder and VCR…whew!   
We also pull the plug on the microwave unless we are using it, very rarely do we ever use it anyhow.  

The only way to even find  that danged 120vac outlet was to get on hands and knees between the dash and the passenger seat and reach up under there to find it mounted upside down under the dash… ack~   So we mounted this strip to the wall, and leave it plugged in under there permanently. 

Also a mesh office rack works good velcro-ed to the wall here for maps, books, brochures etc. all next to my seat within easy reach.

Just stop and think for a minute.  If you are asleep in your bedroom of your camper, and wake up to a fire in the middle of the rig, you probably have to bail out a window or emergency exit.  The extinguisher is usually located up near the door which is locked from the inside.  So even if you bailed out, you can’t even get back into your camper to get to it.  Of course, they do burn up fast and sometimes there is nothing you can do to save it.  But having a few around, plus an external one in an unlocked compartment is a real smart thing to do.  Locating one at the far end of your rig, like your bedroom, where you might be trapped is a good idea too.    Having one in an outside compartment means you can access it and quick blast at say a fire on the brakes or tire, or at a campfire that is spreading  etc. 

(keeping a hidden door key outside somewhere is a very smart idea, not just for a fire but for any time you might get locked out or lose your keys)



  1. Can we borrow Steveio?? He does good work.. So do you!

  2. Oh gosh, Leno.... you could never afford his charge out rate! LOL

    Honestly, he has a whole list of things yet to do for OUR rig, and it seems like he is dreaming up new stuff every day to add to that.

  3. Ok really dumb question here but looking at your picture with all your video components, the stack on the right side with your VCR etc, has a little black box on top with a red light. What the heck is that box?! We have the same thing in our new RV and don't know what it does LOL help!

    1. Oh .. that is a called an RF Modulator. it's used to allow an older device like a VCR become compatible with the newer type hookups for playing through newer tv's and dvd's etc.


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