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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lazy Dreary Yucky Saturday

Geesh, I know we shoulda went camping.  A lousy day camping sure beats ANY day hanging around the house doing chores!  I think I am on strike….

I made it all the way till 4pm wearing my flannel jammies (tee hee)

Simmering a pot of chili and watching college football, just don’t seem right when we *could* be camping!  Arrrrggggghhhhh

Had a lot of fun with the little guy yesterday.  The girls and I shopped till we dropped, and I HATE shopping.  I spent more time playing with Jameson in all of the stores, while Heather picked out stuff for the upcoming babyshower for Erin.  He was SOOO good all the while, never a fuss or a problem for over 6 hours of hauling him in and out of shopping carts (that we pre-sanitized) and in and out of his car seat between stores. 

But we found him the cutest little lion costume.  He has been doing his animal impersonations, and as of late, it has been LION ROARS leading the pack.  So since he has been rehearsing so well, we decided that he needs the costume to fit the role!

VID02506  VID02509    










Jameson is only 14 months old….






He is thinking 

“That Baby”

in the mirror is sooooo funny!






He is really good at the ROOOARRRSSS  so now we have to work on “Trick or Treat” VID02513



(just look at that little tail!)

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  1. Hi!! Thanks for leaving me a comment...hope we see you guys on the road some day! Oh...just had to tell you...what adorable pictures!!! Absolutely adorable. *Tricia*


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