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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Campground Review - Camping at Ada Lake, Nicolet National Forest Campground – August 2009

Okey Dokey..being somewhat sidelined here by some health issues, I decided that I would fill my blog and go through my camping pic files, (in alphabetical order) and post them here……

First place is Ada Lake, which is located NW of Townsend and Wabeno, WI just west of highway 32.  We were here in August 2009 for four days.

This is a quiPICT0045_1et rustic national forest campground, with large sites and the pleasing rate of $12 a night, this is our kind of camping!   We went up here on a Thursday night, as it quite a popular place.  We snagged a back row site in the pouring rain, (#18) as all the lake front sites were occupied.   The next morning, during our doggie walk, we chatted with some folks who were leaving their primo lakeside spot at 11 am~   so we paid for that site for the next two nights and hung a tag on their post.    (this is first come first serve, self pay, no reservations)    The lady came over just as they were ready to leave, so as they pulled out, we pulled in.  

It continued to rain most of the weekend.  We were snug and dry inside, and read books, watched tv, I wove and knit, and we did manage to sneak out between raindrops a few times to walk the dogs.  Basically it was a lazy weekend of relaxing inside and being totally comfortable, as we watched various tenters and popup folks give up and pack it in and go home.

The majority of these pics were taken on Sunday, when the sun came out.  And of course it was time for us to pack up and go home….


First time trying out my Coleman Heat N Serve for some beef stew.  Set it up on the picnic table under the awning, with the 20 pounder propane tank to fuel the cooker.   It seemed to cook too fast and now Coleman sent me a new regulator to see if that might help tone down it’s bubbling.  Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet with the new control regulator.

   This pic was taken right out from the edge of our campsite.  What a GREAT location!

This lake is listed as *no motors* allowed.  So only canoes, kayaks and rowboats with electric motors are allowed.  We can take our small boat on it, without the gas powered motor, and just use the electric trolling motor instead.



The rain let up long enough for us to build a campfire for Saturday evening.  By the time we were about out of wood, the rain started again.

We are at peace in places like this.

We have our solar panels to top off the batteries during the day, and at night we are comfortable and warm , though the temps start dipping in the 30’s at night. 

We enjoy lakes like this where we can just unhook our little fishing boat and carry it down to the shore, instead of launching at the boat ramp.

Kinda hard to back up the whole motorhome and tiny boat at the small awkward not too well designed boat ramps on these small lakes.  Plus the water levels are wayyy low this year all over Wisconsin, so it’s even more difficult to launch boats.   Even if we beg someone nearby with a pickup truck to back it in, it’s still a pain in the butt.
Looking for lakeshore sites like this one, we can each grab one side of the little aluminum boat and carry it down ourselves. 
Sunday morning dawned calm and quiet.  With such a lovely shoreline to walk along, we noticed something in front of the newly abandoned site next to us…..

Golly gee, I would never have let my kids leave defenseless animals trapped like that, and would have taught them the circle of life and how little fish grow into big fish etc.  We sometimes let our kids catch bugs or things, but after looking and learning, we taught our kids to let them go again.   I felt these little guys were being tortured in a way.  And the parents should have been more vigilant on their kid’s actions.  

After breakfast on Sunday, I was able to enjoy some rays of sunshine out in my lawn chair.  I was sitting and knitting …. had to get those baby booties done for the grandkids on the way!
The whole campground cleared out fast, with the exception of one trailer who pulled in.  They were going to stay for the full week, Lucky Ducks!   Sure wish we could have too, but alas, that work-a-day world has it’s grips on us till 2013.

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  1. Yep, I feel the very same way about little critters. Treat them all with kindness & respect:))


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