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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Campground Review- Bay Shore County Park – Brown County, Green Bay, WI – June 2009

(this is one of series of posts of various campgrounds we have been to over the years... I am going through my files in alphabetical order and posting past camping trips in my blog.... something to do over this long long upcoming winter---- sigh)

This campground is located about 10 miles north of Green Bay and is very close to my husband’s place of work.  So sometimes we come here during the week and he can commute to work easily.  Actually it is shorter than commuting from home!

Although there are 106 sites, they are in 4 separate loops so we are not subject to all the traffic going past our campsites.  Some sites are 30 amp, some are only 20 amp and some in one loop are rustic tenting sites.  There are three bathroom buildings, two are with showers and one with laundry.  An ice machine and soda machine at the entrance, along with a humungous picnic area overlooking the waters of the Green Bay.  In the kid’s playground is a big timber structure of a sailing ship, near the rentable pavilions and baseball diamonds.  Down the winding road through limestone cliffs is a nice harbor and boat launch, but not really much of a swimming beach or recreational area.

Many folks like to camp here – it’s all first come first served, no reservations- and then they can day trip up to Door County, a prime tourist area, and also into Green Bay to see the sights there…  $20 a night, and they have discounted rates for monthly camping too.

The website:
 Cecil DePeau Bay Shore County Park

Every time we camp here, we are treated nicely by the county park rangers, and the park is well maintained, and closely monitored for noise and disturbances.  It’s one of the few places we go with hookups, E and W at the sites, and a dump station at the exit.

at bayshore campground
We usually like site number 79, but it was taken this time.  We like the quieter side of the campground, furthest from the highway. 

My folks came down from Michigan for a short visit, on their way to get some motorcycle parts in Green Bay.  We had a nice visit, and my mother was curious about my laptop (she only has Web-TV at home)  and wanted to email to my sister while stopped by us.
 at bayshore campground 20091 - Copy bayshore campground 20090
My step-dad, Lowell, gave his thumbs up of approval!  

  at bayshore campground 200921 - Copy
Daughter Heather stopped by with the little guy, Jameson, just about 10 months old.  She hung out for awhile, and then we STOLE the kid for the rest of the weekend!  

 bayshore campground 20090-3
Daughter Erin stopped by too, just after her doc appt. where they confirmed her pregnancy!   (due in Jan 2010)   Here she is reading up on the stack of baby books she bought on her way to the campground!    She is resting in our zero-gravity recliners and said she just LOVED them.  We bought one the following week for her birthday!

 bayshore campground 20098-4
We got in some special B-Ball playing…. 

 bayshore campground 200912-2
Dumb Ducky (aka Duchess)  loves to be carried around like a parrot on Steve’s shoulder.  At least when she was a little puppy, it was easier.  Now that she is 50 pounds, it’s a tad bit more difficult?

 bayshore campground 200915-8

Our future-son-in-law Jesse’s folks came out for a visit.  This is Kevin, Jesse’s dad

bayshore campground 200915-10
And this is Lisa, Jesse’s mom.  They just HAD to stop by and see the grandson.  It’s hard to go too long without seeing them, and since we were so close to their area, they stopped on by, shared a campfire and got in some cuddles with the little guy!

 camping at bayshore6
During the weekend, we got in quite a few stroller rides around the park.  Just look at how that little stinker propped up his feet and rose around in style!

 camping at bayshore13 - Copy_1
The portable crib sets up perfectly in our rig between the front seats…..   but once he wakes up in the morning, we pop him into the king-sized bed between his Grandfaddah and Grandmuddah Pfun!

 camping at bayshore21
This little guy had to look out the windows in the morning, just to see what was going on in the campground.

 camping at bayshore31  camping at bayshore32
Duke and Duchess are quite the well-behaved campground doggies.  And a swat with a fly-swatter can make them shush up if  they happen to utter a peep.   They sure enjoy the walks, the sniffing, and the attention they get when folks saw “Awwwww look at the Lassie dogs!”  Duke is only a sheltie, and much smaller.. so most kids ask if he is the *baby*….  how cute is that?

four generations

We managed to get a four generation camping picture of all of us…..


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  1. That picture is awesome! You'll love that one a few years from now. Great blog, getting to know you and the family.


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