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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Daughter Erin’s Baby Shower – Oct 24, 2009

Our oldest daughter, Erin and her husband Mark, are expecting a baby girl on Jan 22, 2010.   Our younger daughter, Heather, and I threw her a baby shower at her lovely home on Saturday.  

We had a nice day for Erin's shower,  We held it at their house, and the livingroom held all the guests. Erin gave a few tours of the work she and mark had done to their home so far...  they have done complete gutting, rewiring, insulating, sheetrocking, windows, doors, trim---  totally redoing all the rooms of a huge 5 bedroom home, now almost complete except for the kitchen and one bathroom...  its the first time many of these folks got to see it, as it has been under major renovation since they bought it.  they are doing it all themselves and it is turning out to be a wonderful home, especially to raise children!



erin and marks baby shower 200919

(L to R: Daughter-in-law Heather expecting in Dec.,   Karen (me),   Erin the Mommy-to-Be expecting in Jan, and down in front is Heather who had her son, Jameson, our first grandson, in July 2008.   The photo is a bit blurry, the camera was at it’s end of batteries.

Both girls are having girls, so now we have some Princesses!


 erin and marks baby shower 20091

We had Walmart make up a bumblebee hive cake made up of cupcakes .. how cute!  Erin's nursery theme is bumblebees..... 



erin and marks baby shower 20094

Heather was the hostess leading all the games, while I manned the kitchen with four big party pans of lasagna (2 regular and 2 veggie)   and four pans of garlic bread (not on the table in the pic yet--they were still baking)   Added to this table of goodies was also a pudding cake from Lisa, Jameson’s other grandma….   it was still in the fridge when I snapped this picture.

  Oh, we had rubber duckies floating in the punch bowl… tee heeeee


erin and marks baby shower 20092

Heather and Lisa (Jameson's other grandma, mother of Heather’s fiance Jesse) made up a Diaper Cake..   Lisa specializes in making these!   It is made of stacks of rolled diapers, bound together with ribbons, and decorated around the edges with rattles, booties, and other baby necessities...


erin and marks baby shower 20095

So many aunties, grandmas, cousins, and friends, it was quite a group!   But we all fit in the huge livingroom in Erin’s house.  I think we had 28 altogether?

 erin and marks baby shower 20096

Heather kept everyone busy with word games and puzzles…. we had a great assortment of prizes, mostly from my good friend Janis who makes her own soaps and lotions, among other wonderful things!  




 erin and marks baby shower 20098

Lots of laughs and groaners on the quizzes and games…. with lots of winners too….

 erin and marks baby shower 20099

Everyone had to cut off a length of ribbon according to how big they thought Erin’s belly was around….

 erin and marks baby shower 200910

I think it was Barb who was the closest in determining Erin’s actual circumference… though we think the baby grew in just the few hours during the shower!

 erin and marks baby shower 200911

It was such a pleasant way to spend an autumn afternoon….  Steve was at our house, babysitting the two rat dog chihuahua puppies of Erins… and also tearing apart our transmission on the truck.  Mark escaped too before the party started, and went out to the woods for some bow-hunting  (ps he got a big doe this weekend!)

 erin and marks baby shower 200912

We think some gals were making the ribbons extra long … tee heee…    just to tease Erin.  Also on the seat on the right is ANOTHER Heather, a sis-in-law to our Heather, also pregnant and due the day before Erin.  All these babies.. and all these Heathers! She made a great Italian salad for our dinner and helped me in the kitchen with meal prep.


 erin and marks baby shower 200915

We had little Jameson stealing the show, being a clown, and loving all the attention!  He is 15 months old and just thinks all women are to FLIRT with!   He was go go go from 11am right through till 6pm.   No naps!    I took him home later for staying overnight and he sure slept good!   Right through till 8am.   Some of Erin's friends brought kids too, so we had a lot of fun with the little ones around.   Missing was poor Tisha and her girls, Becca and Hunter...  as Tisha had come down with the flu and didn't want to get anyone else sick. 

 erin and marks baby shower 200916

Baby showers are such a right of passage… and something guys really don’t understand.  It was great to be in a room full of love and warmth and good wishes for the moms with upcoming babies and the secrets of motherhood to enjoy and cherish…..



 erin and marks baby shower 20097

After the games and the food, then Erin opened up such lovely thoughtful presents...  and now is happily stowing them all away in the new baby nursery! 

(dang, I forgot to take a pic of her nursery!)



erin and marks baby shower 200917

Daughter-in-law Heather with her big belly baby due in Dec.. so we did some comparisons, and Heather's belly wins!  LOL  

 erin and marks baby shower 200918 (Heather on the left and Erin on the right)

After everyone left, we did a cleanup, the guys folded chairs and hauled out the trash, we split up the leftovers and went on home.   Whew.. .what a day!

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  1. What a nice shower. I feel like I was there!! I love showers, and you are right the guys just don't get it!! What fun you have to look forward to...


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