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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Steveio’s Project – a spare tire rack on the front of the motorhome!

This is a work in progress…. He is about 3/4 of the way done.  

Still need to buy the spare tire to go on the rim,  and the continental cover kit.  This will free up a lot of room in the basement storage area that we had figured for a spare tire once we go full timing.  Plus the added weight to the front of the rig helps with handling, as Safari’s are notorious for being back heavy.  Unless we are riding with tanks full of propane, full fuel and full fresh water (all which are located in the front) we do feel a difference in handling. 

The weight of this spare tire can help offset the weight on the back for the scooter and rack. The 22.5 tires weigh over 150 pounds and Steveio figured out a good way to lift or lower the tire from the rack... scroll down to see!

 spare tire project 1
He measured carefully and made up this bracket himself.

Then he cut the hole through the fiberglass.. drilling pilot holes first and using a sawsall to cut the lines.  I held my breath the entire time! 

 spare tire project 2

 spare tire project 3

 spare tire project 4
(he said these are locking nuts that won’t rattle loose from vibrations)

 spare tire project 5

 spare tire project 6

 spare tire project 7 We will also have to relocate the front license plate bracket.  If we get some cool picture painted on the tire cover kit, then we can put the license plate to one side.

spare tire project 8

someone told me the imaginary tire needed raised white letters...


heh heh heh


  1. Very nice work. However, what is the reason for mounting it on the front bumper and not the rear?

    I have a 93 24ft Isuzu Trek.

  2. Hi Carl...

    I could send this reply to you if you had posted with your Blogger ID instead of anonymous. So I will reply here.

    There are three reasons for the tire up on the front instead of the back.

    1. back of motorhome would block the air flow for the rear radiator on the diesel engine.

    2. we carry a scooter on a back hitch rack that takes up that space, but doesn't block the air flow as much as a spare tire would.

    3. with the scooter on the back rack, we needed more weight up on the front --- as Safari's are known for *porpoising* when not enough weight up front.

    We try to keep the LP, diesel and fresh water tanks full when driving, as that helps with the weight distribution up front too.

    As of this week though, we are taking the scooter rack off the back and going to try towing a cute little Geo Tracker as a toad.

    Check out my newest blog posts about that, perhaps will have it all set up with the tow bar by next week for vacation. wheeeee!!!

  3. Instead of a chrome continental kit, how about matching paint and an air brushed grill? Head on it would give the illusion that nothing is in front.


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