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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Digging out a treasure and Baby Showers galore!

With our oldest daughter Erin expecting her first baby, it was time to dig out a treasure to wash up and send along with her.   So that was my project today. I am not much of a quilter, but this baby quilt has endured many years of cuddling babies, burping and diaper changes, little children playing on it, and going on buggy rides.  Had to repair a small hole made from baby buggy axle.  Now it’s time to pass it on to the new mother-to-be.


erins baby quilt from 26 years ago

And here is the one for Heather, our younger daughter, and this is used for our little grandson Jameson now!

heathers baby quilt made 24 years ago

My friend Jean is working a quilt now for our upcoming grandchild with our son, Dan and his wife, also a Heather,  to match their baby nursery.  (I think my quilting days are over)


We went to a baby shower this weekend for our daughter-in-law Heather and we had a wonderful time.  The Mommy is having a great pregnancy and is due in Dec.  Erin is due in Jan.  Both are gonna be little girls…awwwwww  We are gonna have PRINCESSES !!!


heather and dans baby shower 20094  heather and dans baby shower 200912

heather and dans baby shower 200917

Little grandson Jameson was there, flirting with the ladies.  He thought he was Sumptin Special of course.  Wait till all the new babies come, and he gets to be the Big Cousin!heather and dans baby shower 20098 

He gave up after a while and went to join all the guys in the Family Room with Football!

heather and dans baby shower 200916


Next weekend is a shower for our daughter, Erin.  Oh gosh, it’s been *baby baby baby* around here…. and we are lovin it~!

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