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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Sky Is On FIRE!!!

Yesterday was just a normal day, walking around the campground, talking to a few folks, walking to the store and getting some groceries.  Nothing much but being relaxed and kinda lazy.  Afternoon siesta, all that good stuff.

Later today (Monday) we are expecting a visitor!  Our Canuckie Friend Seann is due to roll on in here to spend some time with us!  So we are hoping the folks right behind us move on today so we can set a lawn chair in that spot to save it for his RV.  The park probably only has about a dozen RV's in it today, but most are down on our end away from the highway and town noises.

The dogs are enjoying their mobile life and seem to have forgotten their apprehensions of going to do their duty on gravel, sand or whatever is out there.  They get down to business a lot faster this week than last, and are happy to get leashed up each time we head out the door.  Even little Binney is learning the "fun" of getting to "sniff" new stuff each time and each new place! 

But then after a nice chicken taco dinner, we were enjoying a glass of wine out on the patio at our campsite.  We could hear the hooting of the big owl in the pine tree by our rig.  They are courting and mating and soon to fill the nest with some eggs we are told.  

I managed to snap a few shots with my small camera, not daring to get too close.  These are zoooooom telephoto setting and the best I can do. We hear them hooting early in the morning and late at night.  Kinda eerie sounding and the dogs stop and stare each time.  Call of the Wild! 

Now here is where it gets GOOD!

As we were sitting in our lawn chairs... the sun started to set.  I started snapping pics and each time I stopped, it got better and better!  I could not believe how the sky was just getting golden.. then purplish and then fiery RED!

I know the camera could not even catch the brilliance or the colors of what we were seeing.. nor could it go from horizon to horizon to illustrate the width and depth of the sky we were in front of.

If I was setting this to music,
 I think the whole piece would have to be one big crescendo!

I think I snapped 2,000 pictures... but I will only post the best one above and this one below as it was slowly sinking away before our very eyes.

Softly ... quietly....  now the song is done....


  1. Karen, I have been following yours and Steve's travels. I have a 98 37 Serengeti 300 cat. About the tracker, I have a friend who recently bought one and has been restoring it for some summer travels. He said he recently found out that there was a part in the transfer case that wears out, no replacement parts to be had and a work around. I believe he said it could cause the transfer case to lock in. The work around envolved welding the part in place and installing lock out hubs. Evidently he learned this from a forum or google. Btw, I think you missed the Gila Wilderness north of Silver Ciy. Cliff dwellings and a nice ride back through Mimbers valley and back by City of Rocks We did that one year while in Deming for a week. rob and jan

    1. Thanks Rob... actually that is on our list of places yet for next week.... IF we get the Tracker going. Actually right now as I type this, the campground host guy towed our Tracker over to a local garage ... they come highly recommended and rebuilt a Tracker for another camper here just a few weeks ago. Even the park supervisor told Steve they take their vehicles to this guy, he is only 1 mile away. He came and looked and listened to it run, and said he will get on it and pull the pan, but might have to lift the engine to do so. It will bite into our travelling budget, but better to fix it than just junk it.

  2. Don't know if'n you heard this before, but the Indians, way before they learn English, call that "fire in the sky". Another one of the southwest's great wonders....desert sunsets.

  3. My corgies do not like owls. Barred owls to be exact. The sky was gorgeous in Missouri last night as well. A fiery red as is sunk. I tried to get the perfect aperture but never got it. Love your sunset photos.

  4. Another beautiful sunset! once you think there could never be another gorgeous sunset another comes along.

  5. I enjoyed all your pictures, beautiful pictures. Thanks again for letting us travel along with you and the pups.

  6. I think we saw the same sunset, but we are just north of Las Cruces. AMAZING! Love your picture. The owls are great, haven't seen any yet :-( Glad the doggies are takin' care of business.

  7. Great photos Karen. Sure hope you have luck at getting the Tracker fixed at a small price.


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