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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mouth Wrassling! and... Tracker Update

This is Day 20 at Pancho Villa State Park in Columbus, NM.  We are still waiting for word on the completion of our Tracker repairs.

Monday morning was time for our RV friends Paula and Mel to depart. They have a Safari that is the same year as ours, and they were loading up and getting "road worthy" to head further east and eventually north back up to Wisconsin.

(I love the horses on the back of their rig) 

We said our "see ya laters" as they pulled out about mid-morning.  They called us back about road conditions ahead to the east (smooth road on Rte 9 but construction on the east side of El Paso on the interstate) 

After they departed, fellow RVer Hazel of Class A Greyhounds: RVing with the Big Dogs  asked if I wanted to do a Walmart Run with her up to Deming.  It's about 30 miles north and I had a list of things to get that I can't find in the little store here in Columbus.   While Steveio manned the fort, Hazel and I took off on a quick trip north.  After our Walmart Run, we did a dash into Dollartree and a stop at Wendy's to bring back lunches for ourselves and Steveio.  

Sometimes people don't take the time to thank those in service for our country.... but Hazel does!  She picked up a few boxes of donuts for the workers at the border inspection station that we pass by on the way to and from Deming.  These Homeland Security folks are living under the worry of not having a paycheck coming in, due to the blackmail shenanigans in our Congress ... Life and their jobs can not feel too secure for those folks.   As we drove back to the park, she stopped at the inspection station, approached an agent and gave him the donuts with a word of thanks.  Awwwwwww what a lady! 

We came back and unloaded our bounty of things to our RV's.  Later we shared a strawberry shortcake with Hazel and I showed her the quilt that I am working on.  

Steve added two bicycle tire inner tubes, one to each side, of our washing machine between the machine and the cabinet it sets in.  He held them in place and I carefully inflated them with the air compressor.  They seemed to help on the shaking and vibration as the machine goes into the spin cycle. I caught up on some laundry and we are ready to roll if our Tracker is ready soon.  Our time is running out and we do need to be back in Wisconsin shortly.  Not only for Steve's return to work, but two of our grandson's birthday parties are coming up too. 

The doggers are having a blast on vacation.  Day by day little Binney is coming out of her shell more and more.  We have had her in our family for three months. Now she has started to play more with Finney, especially in the evenings.  She doesn't take the toys in her mouth too often, but does chase Finney around when he fetches the toys. 

It's racing doggers back and forth and back and forth the length of the motorhome.  We toss the toys and they chase each other to a frenzy and stop to do their newest interaction. I call it "Mouth Wrassling" and Finney LOVED to do this with Duke before he passed away.  He has finally convinced little Binney this can be fun too!  It LOOKS viscious in the pictures, but really it's a bunch of mouthing, moaning, groaning and an occasional YIP if one gets too rough. 

Finney gets Binney, then Binney gets Finney! 

 Here in this shot, Binney is actually taking a toy up in her own mouth! 
That doesn't happen too often, so it's picture-worthy.

We took the dogs on leashes and had a nice leisurely stroll around the park before nightfall.. and I caught this shot of the sunset.  We can NEVER have too many New Mexico sunsets, can we?

We are supposed to hear about the Tracker today. 
Steve is gonna walk over early afternoon to see if it is ready. 

I will post an update then...... 
(keep your fingers crossed????) 

Steve walked over to the repair shop again....




  1. I was so looking forward to seeing you this winter, but that darned Tracker had other plans for you. I hope that it is ready and that you will be ready to roll. Having a deadline can be nerve wracking, to say the least. But, you seem to have made lemonade from your lemon. Good for you!

    1. Nan.. we will get together sometime.... and do a bunch of fun fiber things!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Slim.. Steve said it looks good and clean and like they are doing a nice job. Today he was putting in the AC, hoses, belts etc. So we will see how noon tomorrow develops!

  3. The mouth wrestling game that Finney and Binney play is called "bitey face" among greyhound people. Either way, the dogs look like they are having so much fun!

    1. Yah its all play and rwoolllwww ing back and forth and gnawing on each other without hurting. Silly things!

  4. Having met your doggers, I can't imagine them looking vicious. They could conceivably look viscous, which means "sticky; thick; adhesive".

    1. lol Craig you are so right, thanks for being my spell checker! I went back and fixed it.

  5. Enjoyed the dog pictures. They can keep you entertained.

  6. Keeping our fingers crossed for your tracker.
    I'll be posting the LED pics tonight.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. I love the doggie photos. Hope you get the Tracker back and can continue with your plans. In the meantime, enjoy those New Mexico sunsets!

  8. It's so good that Hazel is there to keep you company, Karen! Glad you got to go to Deming with her! You're right--she's an angel! The Border Patrol must've appreciated her gift very much! Good news that the Tracker looks clean & all appears well with the work. Really truly--give that little vehicle a big smoochie from us when she gets home!

    It's really good hearing that little Binny is becoming more comfortable with each passing day! Baby steps...you & Steve are such good fur baby parents! When we see the 4 of you next, Binny will be as effusive & comfortable as Finny!

    I found out that you can make reservations 6 months ahead so we'll be doing that in early September in anticipation of the centennial. The reservation sites 5, 6, 7 & 8 all look good--the other ones are closer to the road.

    Have a good day, Missy. Can't wait to see pictures of your Tracker Girl!

  9. Just think of all the fuel money you have saved being stuck in one place! At least you have been surrounded by some realy nice people in a really nice place. Crai edits everything I write. If I put up a post before he gets to it, he will edit it anyway. When we first met him, I was in High School and he was up at Madison, I wrote him some letters. After we were married I found them and discovered he had corrected my spelling errors. It's what he does.

  10. That's some traveling you did. We just to travel long distances each day. Now we dwaddle a few hundred miles and stop unless we're in a hurry that is.


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