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Friday, March 13, 2015

Four Prairie Women a Peeping Tom!

I know of four women, who wander across the West in their covered wagon prairie schooners, each unique and creative in their own special ways.

They came together as an old fashioned "quilting bee" to help Prairie Woman Hazel with basting her family heirloom quilt.  She had carefully replaced the deteriorating fabric tiny piece by piece.  Now her roaming friends who are lovers of quilts gathered to help her baste the backing to the front with careful stitches.

Needing a flat surface, and lacking a quilting frame, these ingenious ladies descended upon Poor Bob.  He was manning the visitor center and these four prairie dames decided to use the back meeting room area for their task.  He was no match for these four determined Fiber Felines who took over the room post haste.

(L to R: Patti, Paula, Hazel and Karen)

With flashing needles and flying fingers, these ladies were whipping about the threads and adeptly positioning their needles into the work of art created by another woman so long ago....

This beautiful quilt had been made by Hazel's grandmother, and now she was restoring it to it's former glory, using vintage fabrics whenever possible to replace the ones that had deteriorated.

It took all day for the basting to be completed on the horizontal sections, with much laughter, ladies talk and love putting back into the quilt for Hazel to cherish again.

The final and most laborious step is now for Hazel to painstakingly hand quilt each little section now that the back basted on evenly and hopefully without puckers so she can work a smooth pattern into each diamond shape.  I feel the loving grandmother will be looking over her shoulder while Hazel completes each stitch on the journey of restoring this family heirloom.

When we got back to our campers, we found out that Seann (the Canadian RVer who left us the other day) returned with THREE big bags of wood pellets for our campfire!!!!  We had burned up our last bag the night before and didn't know if any stores in the area carried pellets.  Seann found them in the most unusual of places.... Wallyworld???

Paula and Mel joined us for a dinner, but sadly Jim and Dawn were not feeling up to par, so they stayed home in their RV. We did up a pile of good ole Wisconsin Brats (bratwurst) ....  added summertime tater salad and a crock pot of Calico Beans... finish up with some chips, pickles and veggies.

 That stinker Dawn, even though sick, still made up a batch of cupcakes for desert!
(thank you Dawn, they were great!) 

RV Neighbor Tom came over to tell us a story.... he actually said he was a little shy in telling us, but we said "go on... do tell".  He had been watching the big owls here in the park, and he honest to goodness got to see "Owl Sex"  !!!!!   He actually saw them mating!  I think it was kinda cool to see something like that.  For Tom to get to witness wildlife creating what will be soon the next generation is something.

Fellow RV bloggers Steve and Debbie McCormick said he was a "Peeping Tom" ! Bwahaahaaaa

Now that we were loaded up on pellets again, it was a good night for our campfire... and we fired it up with Mel and Paula hanging out with us till late.

Good Friends 
Good Fire
Good Camping


  1. Love the quilt. It was an honor for you girls to get to help in the restoration of this beautiful quilt. I know you all enjoyed it. The food looks great.... Great times were had by all!

  2. Did the Owls give a hoot that he was peeping?

  3. Sounds like a great time. Are you getting wind? We sure are!

  4. I have an old quilt that is falling apart, made for me by my grandma years ago. Trouble is, in the old days they often didn't use new fabric and recycled worn clothing, so the fibers are just falling apart and I doubt the quilt could ever be fixed.

    I looked for wood pellets at Home Depot this morning but have no idea what they should look like - found all sorts of hickory chiips but I thought they might be for flavoring the smoke.

    Those exhibitionist owls probably loved performing for an audience! "Owl Porn" is what it's called.

  5. So nice that you ladies were able to help Hazel with restoring her grandmother's quilt. Looks like she has done a wonderful job with it and appreciates the help you all had in basting on the backing.

    Seeing the owls mate would have been something to see, not everyone can that!


  6. I love the way that you tell this story! We did have fun, didn't we?

  7. It was great getting to finally meet the two of you... since the wind picked up we are staying another night so if you have a fire tonight you may see us...


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