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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Back to Mexico Again and Tracker Update

This morning it was bright and sunny, without a single cloud in the sky!  Steve was helping out our neighbors Tom and Margo with some settings on their solar panel and wiring.  He thinks they got it all figured out now, and Tom said it was charging quite well.  Great!

I was busy working on some socks in the morning 
on the circular sock machine......

Steve then walked over with Tom to check on the status of the Tracker.  Almost every thing is done and complete, but waiting on one more set of parts (the rings for the pistons) which the parts place sent him the wrong ones twice now out of El Paso.  Hopefully by Friday we will have it done, if not then, he said Saturday morning.  Hope so!  He said everything else is done and went well, just have to put the final parts on and reassemble and test it out.

About 10 am we joined up with fellow campers Dawn and Jim from two sites over.  We hopped in their truck and headed back into Mexico with them to get a few things and eat lunch at The Pink Store.  We wandered around the area and saw some of the sites in Palomas (The City of Doves) ... Near the city center park, we saw this lovely old stone church.  It wasn't open for tours, but we enjoyed just looking at the workmanship.

After we wandered around a bit, we were heading over to the famous Pink Store for lunch.  We saw these men repairing the city streets with some hot tar and gravel packing it into holes in the street.  Quite the industrious workers, with one end shovelling in the gravel mix and tar, and the other one packing the shovel fulls into the street holes.

We had a very enjoyable lunch at The Pink Store, complete with our complimentary margaritas.  The food was very good, and I especially liked all the guacamole!   We went away very full, and we totally didn't need any supper later on.

Actually, we were so full, we forgot about going to the bakery!!!

Once we got back over to the US through customs, 
we realized we had forgotten a bakery stop.  Dang! 
But that is okay, because tomorrow four of us gals are going to go back
over into Mexico and specifically visit the bakery! 

Us gals got together for a bit of fiber fun this afternoon.  My quilting teacher Paula from Wisconsin rolled on in to the park this afternoon!  Go figger!!!  She and Mel traveled over 2,000 miles to see us, when we both live in Wisconsin???  LOL  So it was "gals only" gathering in Hazel's campsite to work on our projects.    Hazel's blog is Class A Greyhounds: RVing with the Big Dogs

I was altering some denim shirts for a fellow camper, and Paula brought over some of her recent projects and a new one to work on. 

Hazel brought out a quilt she is hand stitching on sections to repair it. This quilt had been made by her grandmother, and now it is left up to her to restore it and replace a lot of the deteriorating fabrics. 

Here are a few close up shots of the tiny pieces that Hazel is hand stitching onto the quilt, with so many lovely patterns and different vintage fabrics.  She is painstakingly recreating each section.

Tomorrow we will head over to the main rec hall building
 to spread it out flat over several large banquet tables. 
Then we can help to hand baste it to the backing fabric 
so she can hand-stitch the quilting next.  
What a labor of love! 

Another quilter, Patti, stopped by, with her projects in hand. I forgot to get a pic of her, but I did manage to get one of her three sweet pups in their stroller! Oh my, they are soooo cute!

As the day wound down into the evening, it was getting cooler out.  Time for Steveio to light a campfire!!! ... this is the last bag of our fire pellets, so we will need to find some more to reload up on our stock.  I bet the guys can find some in they check around.  I know we saw some up in Elephant Butte area, so might find some down this way too?

Little Finney and Binney got to meet Hazel's two big gentle greyhounds.... Power (the black male) and Hera (the fawn colored female).  They are both adopted retired racing dogs and now travel all over with Hazel and a cat in her RV. 

They gave curious sniffs all around, and that was about it.  The greyhounds' butts are too high up for the little shelties to sniff.. haha   Soon her two big sweeties curled up on a blanket by the campfire for an evening of camaraderie. 

Here is a shot of Hazel with her two babies, getting comfy by the campfire. 

Our friends Paula and Mel are in the park near our campsite in their Safari Motorhome too. They came to hang out around the fire too... Mel is curious about Steve's campfire pit and wanted to see it in operation.

We hung out around the campfire till about 9 pm, 
when everyone wandered back to their rigs to bed.  

Steve and I hung out until the fire died down...  then we let the doggies over for one more potty time before heading in ourselves.  It's going to be a warmer night again, probably in the forties, but it's still 58 at 10:30 pm as I post this.   I can easily enjoy that!


  1. You did a good job telling about all these activities! Thanks for the fire!

  2. The quilts are gorgeous! So are the greyhounds. But forgetting the bakery goods? You just wanted to have to go back, lol.

  3. When the Tracker is finished, are you planning on traveling further west? We are still in Borrego Springs....until the 23rd when we land in Yuma for our Mexico fix. Actually dental appointments. Would love to run into you and Steve someplace on the road. After Yuma, slowly heading back to Indiana.... I received my larger hook CSM needles this afternoon and hope to get the machine working tomorrow. Are you treating your CSM any differently now that you are in the desert?

  4. Cool weather is not over yet. We just melted off two feet of snow here but rain and snow moving in. Don't know if it will get that for

  5. Looks like some busy days. Enjoyed the post and the quilt pictures.

  6. A busy fewdays! the gal by the fire looked a bit cold, but hanging with friends is worth a bit of chill.
    Glad the Tracker is getting fixed.

  7. Those pups in the stroller sure look cute. Love the little guy in the bottom suite.

  8. Glad to hear that the Tracker is coming along nicely, sure hope it all works out well when he is finished. I love the look of that Mexican food! It's sure making us miss Mexico.


  9. What good is a doggy friend, if he's too tall for a butt sniffing. LOL


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