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Monday, March 9, 2015

Goodbye to Seann, Splendide Problem Solved, at Pancho Villa State Park, NM

Well, our Canuckie buddy Seann hung out here with us a lot longer than he planned. He was only going to stay two days.  I think he felt sorry for us being without a transport vehicle.  He ferried us around in his truck as we are still minus the Tracker.  We had him over this morning for one more breakfast together.  One more jaunt to the grocery store with him, and he was ready to hook up and pull out.  Thanks so much Seann for putting up with us!

We haven't heard yet from Art Miller about our Tracker... probably some time this week.  We hope!  Maybe if we don't hear from him by Wednesday, we will give him a call.  As for now, we are comfortable and relaxed in a nice park at a reasonable rate.  No complaints.  The weather is in the 70's and sunshiny today, and down in the 40's at night.

We decided to spend the next part of the day with our laundry. Steve determined that perhaps the rubber tray we had put underneath the washing machine was causing some of the trouble.  It has a diagonally ribbed bottom for strength as it was originally meant as a "rabbit droppings tray" to pull out from under a rabbit hutch and empty without a lot of flexing.  It really has a big star shape of ribs all radiating outwards from the center. We bought the rubber tray (new) at a farm supply store to put under our washing machine in case of any more leaks. It was the exact right size and we thought it would be a preventative device in case of any more leaks. In the past we had a leaking pump because the previous owners never winterized it correctly and it was cracked.  That was a job and a half to replace that pump, and at the same time we did a major floor repair too.

Sooooo Steve's brain was thinking perhaps that the washing machine was bumped up crooked and the little feet were set up on some diagonal ribs of that tray and not on others.  Maybe from the same big bump we went over at Elephant Butte????  Because in 8 years of owning this coach, we never had the washing machine bang and shake like that.

Steve was gonna get to the bottom of this, no matter what!  Either that or we would be hauling all of our dirty laundry to laundromat, which neither of us ever like to do.....

We unhooked the machine and pulled it out of the cabinet to look.  Sure enough, not only was it unevenly standing on two of the diagonal ribs, but two other spots for the legs had cracked the tray, basically rendering it useless anyhow.  We tipped the machine on it's side and pulled out the tray, slid the machine back into place and hooked it all back up again.

Wheee!!!   I did two perfect loads with NO thumping or bumping!  

The third load I had two thick towels and a pair of jeans, which did some thumping, but it straightened out again as soon as it went into high speed spin.  Our problem is solved.  I hope.

Our lazy Monday laundry day progressed nicely.... 
and Steveio watched the clothes dry on the line. 
That was his "job" for the day. 

He got a few messages about some "crises" that happened at work, back in Wisconsin.  He shrugged them off with a few smart aleck comments to his boss and let her deal with them!  LOL  Now that's the spirit, Steveio~!

We were sitting out in our area, relaxing under our palapa,
knitting socks, and drying our clothes..... 
And what to our wondering eyes should apppear????
Coming along down the road we saw two Shelties!!   

Meet Luke and Gracie from northern Idaho.... 
 They were being walked by their owners Kathy and Pat who are camped nearby.  

The dogs all sniffed and it took a bit for Binney to get close.  But she did.
Finnegan wanted to play with old Luke, who I think reminds him of our Duke.
I think those two could play ball together for hours on end and enjoy themselves. 
Gracie is the Alpha girl who said don't bother me, I want to go back to my daddy....

It was so nice out, folks were strolling through the park. We were jawjacking with a few neighbors.... Dawn and Jim from Washington
and then Margo and Tom from Missouri.

Then we met Debbie and Steve McCormick from  Down The Road 
and Glenda and Curt from Camp Lowry: That's How We Roll

Both are camped together on the other side of the park and came to visit us... and see the hooty owls in the big tree by our campsite.

I had another project in mind to take care of....  years ago I had made a vinyl tire cover for our spare tire we carry mounted to the front of the motorhome.  Time has taken it's toll, as well as sun, wind, rain and snow.... The stitching all needed reinforcing and a new rope threaded through the casing. 
Good thing I have my sewing machine along, eh?  I think that the duct tape we had holding it together may be a tad bit tacky looking???

 BEFORE                                                              AFTER   

Much better, don't you think?

I moved my sewing machine inside and was working on some quilt squares. 
It sure is a great way to spend some time and create a fun project. 
If I couldn't take along my fun fiber stuff to play with, I wouldn't go ya know.  


Next, I decided to post a few cute pics of the dogs, just because I can.  It's my blog.  I can do what I want!  And some people are asking for more pics of Finney and Binney and their Great Southwest Adventure!

I honestly don't know how we are going to get them to sleep in their own
beds on the floor once we return home again. 

Somehow they think this king sized bed in our motorhome
is for THEM??????

Who can resist? 
They are just too stinkin' cute!!!!

Tomorrow fellow blogger Hazel from Class A Greyhounds: RVing with the Big Dogs is supposed to be pulling in!  Anxious to meet her face to face! She is a sock customer of mine, and wants to see how my sockknitting machine works. Yes, I have it along and will give her a fun demo of it in action.


  1. Send me the sample socks:-)) Neat about the dogs and the mystery "Rocking Machine". Those trays can be had without the ribs. Our weather was nice today too. I sat out in the sun just like an old dog on the porch! Wow a converted Greyhound. Be vewy vewy careful. Steve could get the bus conversion bug:-))

  2. Nice to see Steve supervising the laundry drying. If he needs helps, I would volunteer!


  3. Glad to hear you got the washer problem fixed.

    I have a complaint on the blog pictures. There aren't nearly enough doggie pics!!! Those two are so darn cute. That dog reminded me of Duke too. I'll bet that's exactly what Finney was thinking. We have a doggie friend here next to us. She's not as cute as your two, but she's pretty sweet.

  4. Are all Shelties that laid back and well behaved. Every picture I've ever seen of one, and of course Duke & Duchess, have that "good dog" look!

    You have me wondering what I can take along on my upcoming long drive to keep me busy for an hour or so each day. I usually stop in early afternoon, which leaves a lot of daylight time whether camping in a tent or staying in a motel. When I get back in mid-summer I plan to take a quilting class but for now I don't understand it enough to do anything. Plus I doubt if I'd have room for my sewing machine.

    1. Hey Gypsy - after spending a lot of time with Jeanne and Riley (On The Road With Riley) lately, I'd say Shelties ARE laid back and well behaved. We call him "Chill." And I don't think they shed much, either. :)

  5. Girl slow down, your working too much! LOL Washing, repairing, quilting, knitting.... you are on vacation you know. lol I say that as I crochet. Love the pics. And you can probably forget having the dogs sleep in their bed when you go home. At least you have a king size bed. Buddy our dog, loves to sleep with us but likes to get between us. A queen size bed is almost too small for the three of us. Especially when he decides to sleep cross ways.

  6. I hope your Tracker's repair goes as easily as the washer's did. I love cheap and easy repairs, too bad they are so rare! ;c)

  7. Hi K&S, we've retrieved our coach from a longer-than-expected time at the repair place, and are now in "Santa Fe Park" on I-5 in San Diego. Trying to decide whether to close the windows to block out the road noise, or leave them open for the near-the-ocean air. Best of luck with your Tracker, hope that you've found a good guy.

  8. Nice to meet you both. And thanks for all the great tips on Mexico and the drink card! Your doggies are even cuter in person! Hope you get your car back soon!

  9. Your tire cover may be an inspiration for me. My hands are really starting to twitch in the direction of making one for the Jeep tire. I love to make things, but they have to have practical, or small space. I am also thinking about taking up rochet again, but not an Afgan or an animal head. Not sure what... Maybe I'll just go for a walk.

    Hope you get your car back soon.

  10. I am especially interested in the swing of the tire cover...I figured the machine would struggle with the stiff fabric!


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