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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Everybody's Leaving ---- 'Cept US!

Geee whiz.... everybody's leaving us! 

Seann left 3 days ago.
Debbie and Steve left 2 days ago.
Glenda and Kurt left 2 days ago.
Cathy and Pat with the the 2 shelties left yesterday.
John and Sharon left this morning.
Dawn and Jim left this morning.
Then Tom and Margo left this morning.
Paula and Mel are going to leave tomorrow morning.

The only ones left are Hazel and Patti and us! 

Guess that means the season is over and it's gonna get HOT HOT HOT in the desert.  So I guess that is a good reason to leave?  The only problem is that we need to get our Tracker back before we can leave!  Unless we can pack it up and have it shipped to us in a box? LOL

Yesterday the camp park volunteer Josephine led her craft projects in the Exhibit Hall at the park. Patti and I went over to make desert sunset (or moonrise?) cards.   Here is mine:

Here is Patti's card making efforts... what fun! 

Two adorable kids were learning how to make birds from Josephine. I have permission from their parents to post their pics here.  Josephine first had them pick a bird from the guide book to learn the name, the colors and the beak. She even showed them how to make realistic eyes on their birds.

The state park's volunteers are a great resource of creative arts to learn and enjoy the natural wonders as well as the recreational opportunities around us.  I know in Wisconsin, we are so lucky to have a great team of volunteers and the Friends of the Park organization. I am glad to see so many folks volunteering in the New Mexico State Parks as well.

Last night Seann called us from Deming where he is staying at the LowHi ranch.  He came down to our park and took us up to Deming for dinner.  While we were gone, little Finney showed his frustration at our absence.  He took the most recent thing I had touched, and showed me just what he thinks of me leaving him too long!   Yup, that is my camera strap!

I think Duke, our old sheltie, taught Finney how to do this.  Duke would do the same thing any time we left him too long.  He would find something, no matter what it was, it had to be MINE and had to be something I had recently touched. He would haul it out in front of the hallway and gnaw on the corner to show me just what he thought of me.  He would also rumple the rug in front of the door so it was in the way when we got home.  Now Finney is doing exactly the same thing that Duke did.  I am sure he taught him that !!!!   

When we came home from dinner, he was hiding up front, obviously guilty of what he had done, and feeling very bad.  We scolded him, of course, but not too much. I think he made himself feel just as bad, knowing he was a "Bad Dog".  He crawled up to us and crept into our laps and begged forgiveness.  He got it. So he could sleep with a clear conscience.

I had a very bad night and was the one who couldn't sleep.  By mid-morning I was doing much better and back on track before noon. Whew... thank goodness. 

Steve was working on a little project this morning, and I found him so intent on his task.  He was messing with an LED light fixture that was missing a few little lights.  He didn't fix it, but he didn't break it either, so I guess that is a good thing! 

This evening we had a nice dinner with Mel and Paula before they head out tomorrow to go further east and wind up their winter snow birding excursion by April.  Steve lit up a campfire, and we hauled out some wine and had a nice chat around the flames. 

Steve is looking pretty relaxed now in vacation mode.

it will be a shame to go back to work, 
dontcha think?

And a final note... to family and friends,
today our son Mike would be 31 years old...

RIP Mike....


  1. It is hard to see friends leave and to know that maybe, someday, you will see them on down the road. I sure hope the Tracker is repaired to your satisfaction. Are you going to stick around for a few days to see how it behaves?

  2. Losing a child must undoubtedly be the hardest thing in life! Hugs to you both!

  3. Mike would be a wonderful man now, and I know you miss him. We who are left behind have to honor them by living honorable lives and interesting lives. I'm glad he had your love!

  4. Sitting around a fire in the desert is just so relaxing, especially with good friends. BTW, we also lost a son. It was a vehicle accident. He left a wife and an eight year old son. I will never, ever forget that phone call. . . hit me like a ton of bricks were dropped on my head. But it is good to remember the good times. As long as someone is alive who knew the deceased, they are never really completely gone.

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss. I am unable to imagine losing a child. Hug each other for me.

  6. Karen and Steve, it was nice meeting you while at Pancho Villa SP. Sorry your car is still being worked on. I hope it gets repaired soon and you can be on your way. Be safe.

  7. We send belated condolences. Ther can't be anyhing more difficult in this life than losing a child. Hugs to you both.


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