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Friday, February 28, 2014

VACATION - Lost in Walmart and Getting Computerized!

Gosh.. you take two sisters to Walmart, and sure enough, you are bound to lose one of them!   We looked and looked for her... then Mom took a guard post out in the doorway, making sure her sister don't leave the store!

I went back inside and looked around, scanning each checkout line.. nope... no Auntie Lois yet.  I wondered which department she would be lost in, all caught up in seeing something???  Hmmmm photos? lingerie? cat food? car tires?   We may never know.....

and here she comes, 
smiley and happy to have a shopping day at Walmart! 

We went to 
Michaels Crafts, 
The Card Store, 
Joanns Fabrics, 
and also 

It was my first time ever there....  friends have told us over the years to try their Two Buck Chuck wines (now $2.99 due to the economy) so I bought a case of wine.  Then I got two containers of olive tapenade for making muffaletta sandwiches.  And then.. then... I bought a jar of the highly acclaimed "cookie butter" that was touted to be so divine by Al from http://thebayfieldbunch.com/    

Yes, Al... you are correct.  It is SINFULLY delicious and to die for! 

What is "cookie butter" ???
By 2007, several Belgian companies began marketing a paste variant of speculoos, now available worldwide under various brands and names: asSpecullaCookie Butter (e.g., by Trader Joe's),SpeculoosBiscoff Spread or Speculoospasta (e.g., by Lotus Bakeries).
As a form of "spreadable Speculoos cookies,"[4] the flavor is caramelized and gingerbread-like with a color similar to peanut butter[4] and a consistency ranging from creamy to granular or crunchy.
The spread consists of 60% crushed speculoos cookies along with vegetable oils.[4][5]

So that is all I can tell you about this wonderful stuff!   
Here is more information: Trader Joes Cookie Butter

Now about some vehicles...  I got to do the driving while Mom held my GPS .... errrr "XYZ Thingie" as she calls it.   I was driving my parent's big new Dodge truck.  I have never driven a truck before that doesn't have a gear shift. Instead, it has a dial knob on the dash with P, R, N, and D!   Very hard to get used to, I must admit.

(I took this pic while we were setting at a stop light, not while I was driving) 

While we women were gone, the guys finished up our Tracker paint job and pin striping.  They had replaced all of the metal along the rear wheels, the rocker panels, and bottom edges of the doors on both sides.  Whew!  What a great job!!!!  We are gonna be the flashiest Tracker on the road now!

The weather has been treating us just fine!  We have had a few days of rain, but we didn't care.  We had some sunshine, some thunder, some clouds and a bit of frost.  But anything is better than what the folks are going through back home in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.  Speaking of folks.... every vacation we go on, I send a photo like this to my littlest brother, Umpee, and I tell him: "SUCKS TO BE YOU" !!!  (he deserves it)

The folks have been very gracious in letting us stay in their yard, connected to their power and using their water while we hang out and absorb the sunshine.  In return, our dogs are absorbing their treats and bits of their table scraps!!!!

We have two terrible beggars to re-train once we get home again! 

Yesterday Mom and I took Auntie Lois down to Ocala to pick up her router/modem unit at the CenturyLink store there... wish we had known that was possible for mom when she ordered hers from the phone company. They made her pay $15 shipping and wait 5 days to get it!   We could have picked it up the same day from 25 miles away.  Geeesh!   But we did get to pick up Auntie Lois's that way, and they twisted my arm to stop at that Walmart for another shopping trip! TWO Walmart runs in TWO days???  This time we made Auntie Lois stay right by us, and I herded them two around just ONE loop of the main aisles, and then we checked out and headed back home.

We got home late to two complaining men who had to eat leftover pizza instead of a home-cooked meal. Awwww  So we cooked up a nice supper anyhow, and they ate TWICE!

Today I went over and unpacked the router/modem and got it all arranged and set up for Auntie Lois on her new laptop. In no time at all, she was typing away and making friends on Facebook!  I think she is up to 20 friends already.  Mom has 39 after just two days!   LOL

Well, my job is now done... and I can go home now satisfied that I have computerized both my Mom and Auntie Lois!   They are both now hooked up to CenturyLink high speed DSL and both are set up with email clients, internet access, and now both are on FaceBook!   Look at this smile: 

While we were busy computerizing, sweet Uncle Sam was cooking supper so we could do our lessons and taking notes and looking at pictures.  What a guy!

That is about the extent of our last few days here... working on computers, crafts and the guys finishing up the Tracker.

Oh, and of course the parents are still spoiling our dogs rotten..... 
 I just looked over and saw him giving cheese puffs to our ever-willing pup! 


  1. Isn't that what grandfolks are for - to spoil the pups? I love it when our folks (or anybody our age) takes to computers. Hope they have as much fun as my Dad did when we got him one for his 80th birthday.

  2. Yep, that Cookie Butter is good alright. Too good though & that's why I have not bought a second jar. I just couldn't keep my face out of the first jar & knew if I bought another jar I would have that one gone in a couple days too. I just have no self control when it comes to yummy tasting stuff like that. Good luck:))

  3. On one visit to Wisconsin, we showed my Mother a laptop,and told her about email, but she just couldn't understand it. She refused to have a cordless phone and dragged around a 20 foot cord. Of course that was almost 20 years ago and she was in her 80's already.

  4. oh,oh.....we may hit Trader Joe's tomorrow. Just may have to pick up some. BTW....T J's Premium Olive Oil is the best!

  5. Soaking up some great family time as well as sunshine. Have fun.

  6. Never tried cookie butter, even though I do love other Trader Joe's stuff. The Tracker looks pretty darn cool~ So nice to have the ability to fix it like that. And...always....take cell phones to WalMart...although maybe Aunt Lois doesn't like cell phones either. Great family times and loved reading about it.

  7. Hooray for your mother and aunt! I think the computer "craze" is a boon for older folks (totally apart from the usual uses that younger people have for it) in that they can keep in touch with other human beings, no matter the weather, or how much energy they have on any given day. Facebook is really fun; I resisted for a long time,but now quite enjoy the sharing of words and photos.

    But the real treasure for me is that with a computer, I can find out anything that I might be curious about. I am an information pig, and this is like living 24/7 in a library! What a joy!

    Virtual hugs,


  8. I won't go into a Wal-Mart(or shopping anywhere) with a friend unless she has a phone that's turned on with the volume up. I've been there - waiting and waiting and waiting, more than once. :(

    The tracker looks fabulous, you're so lucky to have such a knowledgeable dad and husband.

    And, although I have to admit I spoil Katie in many ways, she NEVER gets food that's not in her dish. And very seldom does she get people food in her dish except for a few tiny pieces of apple or chicken. Oh yeah, and also except for baby carrots - those are treats for her and she loves them. Her tummy doesn't do well with other things, and I guess I'm lucky about that. It's truly for her own good. :)

  9. Cheese Puffs?! Your Dad has two new forever-friends!

  10. Hi Karen, Sounds like you both are having a wonderful vacation!! Are you renting that modem from CenturyLink? We had a modem send to us from Vontage at one time and they waved the shipping after my husband asked. If your folks are renting the modem they can purchase one and save a lot of money in the end. My husband had worked for AT&T for years. He seems to think if you call back and ask for a manager or supervisor you may be able to get that $15.00 reimbursed. It's worth a try! Safe travels. Try not to think about the COLD and SNOW in Wisconsin...it's the same here in Michigan!!!!! Burrrrrr at 16 degrees!!!


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