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Sunday, February 16, 2014

VACATION- Tennesee Time with my buddy

Ahhh to wake up in sunshine and warm weather!!!!  Although it got down to 28 overnight, and snowed a little dusting overnight....  the sun soon brought us up into the FIFTIES!!!   It was sweatshirt and slacks weather, and we were sooo happy to wear shoes instead of boots.

Steve was able to get the water pump to prime once things were easier to see in the light of day.  Not sure what he did, or what I did, but between the both of us, we got the pump working.  That was one more relief and pressure off of our minds.

Steve unhooked the Tracker and ran it over to a nearby car wash to get some of the salt off.  We carried a LOT of Wisconsin Road Salt down on the surface of the Tracker and some on the sides of the motorhome too.   We will wash that probably as we head on down the road and find a truck wash somewhere on the way.

At noon, our friends Linda and Mark came by the park to pick us up for lunch!  We went out to a nice place called Aubrey's for a good meal....

I have known Linda for many years now, and we are weaving/spinning/fiber buddies and best friends for a long time.. along with our third of our Trio... Rosie.  (we stopped at her place in Bethel, MO last vacation on our way back from Texas)   Sure wish we all lived closer together!  We write, chat, email or phone each other multiple times a day.  The spring before we sold the other house, they both came ALL the way up to my house to help me deplete some of my weaving stuff, and they hauled home a full van of goodies!

Linda has a weaving studio and some lovely looms... we spent the afternoon on her little farm, gazing at her pregnant mommy goat, and her HUGE great Pyrenees dog, Max, who guards her little herd of goats.....

 (maybe the baby goats will be born while we are here?) 

We oohed and ahhed and gabbed and chin wagged our way through her studio... it's very nice and she has such good taste in decorating her area around her workplace.  I will ask her if I can post some interior pics on my next blog.

The guys kept themselves busy chattering away about this and that....   and it kept them outta OUR hair!  LOL

We drove back to the motorhome to find both dogs snoozing.  I woke them up as I came inside.  They didn't even hear us drive up or even when I turned the key in the lock.  We had cordoned them off in the bathroom and bedroom of the motorhome, behind a babygate.  That keeps them off the front dash or trying to climb up to look out the windows.  With fresh water and food, toys, and their doggie beds, they were cozy and comfy. We turned on a tv loud enough to drown out any noises from outside that would cause them to bark.  Duke is good, but this was the first time Finney was left alone in the motorhome without us.

We asked the folks at the campsite across from us if they barked at all.  Nope.. they had even been sitting out and had their door open and didn't hear a peep.  Whew!  

Nothing can be worse than being stuck next to an RV all day long with barking dogs inside and the owners nowhere in sight.  We have put up a video camera in the past to film our dogs while we were gone, and it's pretty boring viewing.  Duke and old Ducky were always very well-behaved campground doggies.  We need to train little Finney to do the same.  I think he is off to a good start.

I took them up to a fenced in doggie play area in the RV park we are staying at.... and I had a tennis ball for a romping rolicking good time!  Soon they were both panting so we brought them back to the motorhome for a drink and rest.

Before we left Chilton, I had purchased two unbaked pot pies from Hilde's Deli.  We had froze them before we left Chilton and had them along in the motorhome freezer.  I popped them in the oven for 25 minutes and soon our meal was done. Ahhhhhh  a bit of Wisconsin on the Road.

I facebook'd Hilde and told her that now her foods were "imported" !  hahahahhaaaaa

We decided to stay another day at The Escapees Raccoon Valley RV park here in Heiskell, TN.  Tomorrow we will do some sightseeing, thrift shopping and museum going with our friends Linda and Mark.  Sure wish Rosie was with us.....

NO miles traveled today in the RV


  1. It is great that your dogs are so well behaved. At home, when we leave, they bark for awhile, but get quiet soon. Not sure how they react in the RV. It has been a long time since we have been on a trip and they were never alone.

  2. Now warm; but warmer for you guys anyway. Glad your trip is starting out great.

  3. We were always fortunate as well that none of our dogs barked when we were away. Sure makes things easier.....

  4. Congrats to all who can leave their dogs quietly in the motorhome. Until now, we couldn't do that, Abby was in a complete panic and would bark. We couldn't leave here anywhere. Finally, in her old age at 12, and with Jeremy to keep her company, we can leave the two of them for a couple of hours with no barking and no incidents. Whew. Fun to see you getting warmed up.

  5. We use our baby gate to keep the kids out of the bedroom and off the bed while we are gone. They lie on the dash, watch whatever is going on our just sleep in the sun. No barking, but they are wild and crazy when we walk in the door.

    Enjoy that warm Tennessee weather! Soak up all the vitamin D you can!

  6. Glad to see yo and Steve got to somewhere warmer. Bet it is great to get on the road again. My Dad lives in Old Hickory, so I am familiar with Tennessee.

  7. Where did you visit in Indiana? Was it Nashville? If so, that may be the same place I visited how hen we were passing thru. Cute town.

    Re dogs in Motorhomes. The full timers next to us in AR had a pretty new motorhome, but were having trouble with the horn going off periodically. He checked all kinds of things and one day when he was under the hood DH noticed his little dog in the drivers seat. Turned out that it was the culprit! Lol


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