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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Grandtot Weekend!

Yup, it's a "Gushy Grandtot Post"!!!

Our daughter Erin and her husband Mark are working on their cottage this weekend.  Having an almost 2 year old and a 4 year old underfoot would be a daunting task.  They are priming, painting and laying new vinyl flooring and carpeting.  Sooooooo

We took the two little bealers for the weekend!  It's also their wedding anniversary, so this is our present to them....  We picked them up Friday from daycare, and grabbed their suitcases to spend the weekend at our house.

They settled right into the routines in our house. 

The little table and chairs from the front porch come into the kitchen for meals, 
because of course it's wayyy too cold out there on the front porch this time of year. 

The one who had to learn and adapt was little Finnegan.  He has to learn about food and children and not grabbing what is at his nose level on that little table!   So to be extra sure for now, he and Duke patiently waited behind a gate in the laundry room till the meal was over.

Then we let them loose to clean up the floor of any droppings! 

We decided to do a little baking of sorts.
The dessert of choice was to be rice krispie bars WITH sprinkles!!!   
They worked hard on making them, 
each taking turns and dumping and measuring and stirring. 
Little Finnegan figured out if he sits nicely nearby, he can get any droppings that come his way! 
Duke was on the other side, because he figured out Clayton drops a LOT more than Chelsea.....

 And once the treats firmed up, they were both very eager to do some taste-testing!

Chelsea is an aspiring beautician now, and wanted to work on my hair.  I remember my own girls brushing my hair for hours, tying it in ponytails, braiding it and doing all sorts of up-dos!  Chelsea is following in their footsteps.   (you can see Finney in the background nosing through the toys, trying to see if there was anything of interest for him)

After a very long and busy evening, I got them both fast asleep with a couple dogs laying at their feet, and a stuffed sheltie clung tightly in Clayton's arms.  Awwwwwww

Chelsea made it till 1:30 am before she woke up, and toddled down the hall to our bedroom.  Then at 6 am it was Clayton's turn to come on in.  We had a good snuggle and cuddle in bed before starting the day.  Ahhhhhhhh

The kids helped make breakfast and little Clayton got the chance to break his FIRST egg while helping Granfaddah make scrambled eggs for our breakfast.  He did pretty good!  No shells.  

After breakfast, Chelsea was helping me with a few tasks.  One of which was to make some doggie toys!  Braiding three strips of fleece fabric into tug toys was our project.  She tried them out and they got the "doggie tested and tug approved" award. 

When the kids are at our house, they know all the toys are kept in the munchkin closet.  We grandparents spend time picking them up, and the grandtots spend time taking them back out again.  Routine.  LOL 

One of the places I enjoy hanging out with the kids is on the bottom of the stairs.  The rainbows coming in from the window make extra fun for the morning.   Pretty soon I shagged them up to get dressed into clothes... we can't stay in our jammies ALL day long, can we?

In the afternoon, Steve watched Clayton while he was napping... Chelsea and I snuck out to the local movie theater!  The new release of  "The Lego Movie" was on for the 2pm matinee.  Boy was she ever surprised when she realized what we were doing!   Loaded up with some popcorn and M&M's to keep us occupied.  The movie was pretty good, lots of action and enough hidden adult puns to make it enjoyable. 

Now it's Saturday night, after our nice dinner I made sure each kid got a long bath. Now they are slowly winding down and will soon be nodding off.  All clean and fresh grandtots in jammies and some of my Grandma Talcum Powder...   perfect for cuddling. 

It's time for some sweet dreams....


  1. The kids are having a wonderful time and I'm sure their parents are getting things done! Nothing like a picture of a sleeping child - precious.

  2. Sounds like great fun except for those middle of the night visits.

  3. What a fantastic time for all of you. Special memories were definitely made.

  4. Spending time with the grand kids is always great. Then it is good when it is time for them to go home:)

  5. I really love that last picture of the little hands. So sweet.

  6. I really love that last picture of the little hands. So sweet.


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