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Friday, February 21, 2014

VACATION - A Bit of Rain & Getting Computerized

We are enjoying our RV moochdocking spot in my folks yard... they live in a rural country community, so we aren't bothering anyone by being parked in their yard. We have 20 amp power plugged in, so the fridge is working fine on electric.  Steve will get around to cleaning the propane burner and orifice when and if he ever takes a break from all of his other tasks!

He and my Dad, Lowell, hit the ground running the first morning...  they got out the brushes and water and soap and washed all that Wisconsin Road Salt off our rig!   What a great job and now we are sparkly clean!

Mom made up some breakfast and we enjoyed a sunny morning around the kitchen table....  it was such a nice morning but the weather was going to get hot hot hot later in the day.

The guys were outside talking for a bit.. and then I heard our Tracker start up.  At first I thought they were going to town, but nooooo it didn't back out of the driveway.  Instead it went further into the yard and right up the ramps into the workshop!  it seems that they are going to remove all the bad rusty spots on the Tracker and replace them with all new metal and paint it.  He did it for us 2 years ago in a few spots, but now the rust spread further.

While the guys were busy, mom and I ran to town and got a few more things on our list, and I mailed out some shipments at the post office too.  By the time we got back, the sun was at it's height and the heat soared up into the mid 80's and humid!  ICK!   But we managed and didn't complain, we are soooo remembering not too long ago we were frozen at 20 below!  

Mom turned on the AC in the house and we enjoyed some cooler inside temps and did our visiting, craft-sharing, computerizing and figuring out stuff.   We ended up with a nice cool evening out on the deck and sat till it was dark out.  I cooked up some dinner and we sat around visiting into the night.

The next morning, those guys hit the ground running again... they headed out to the workshop to get going on the Tracker.   Mom and I were busy with more computer stuff, doing this and that, and trying to get something for the guys to eat.  They had rushed out of the house to work on that Tracker, with just a gulp of coffee!  They are very, very into this project thing on the Tracker, I guess.

We came to the conclusion that mom's dial up service is just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too slow!  Her neighbors down the road have recently hooked up their phone service from Centurylink to include hi-speed internet too.  So we packed up mom's laptop computer and took it over to the neighbor's and tried out logging onto her service to see how fast it was.  It works great!

After calling Centurylink, we set up mom's home phone system to include the hi speed internet too.  It's only $14 more a month than she was paying for the slow dialup.  Lowell said it was well worth it to make her happy!   haha   So the new modem and router will be here by Tuesday and we will have mom up and running-----  also my Auntie Lois who lives down the road is going to get hooked up with her computer too.  Her kids bought her one for Xmas and she has been patiently waiting for me to get down here and hook hers up too.  So once Mom's is going, we will go set up hers too.

On top of it all, today I got Mom set up on Facebook!   Her best friend has been on for years, as well as her cousins from up in Duluth, her kids and grandkids, and we are all waiting for Mom to get on.  So she chose her profile pic, and her home page Cover photo... and she already has NINETEEN FRIENDS!  LOL

By mid afternoon the rains started... and boy oh boy did it pour! 
We knew it was coming, and it sure did! 

But we didn't care... into every vacation a little rain must fall.  This was out the front door while it was letting up a bit.  See that VW bug?  My dad just redid that and painted it up... I asked him how much it was for sale, but he don't want to sell it.    Ahhhh boyz n their toyz.

The dogs are getting comfortable with Mom and have learned which cabinet the doggie treats are kept in... and she is spoiling them ROTTEN!  All of my doggie training is going out the window as she keeps letting them get away with murder!

After a nice meal tonight of tenderloins on the grill, and big baked taters, salads and veggies, we are now sitting and watching some old westerns with the folks on tv.  I think tonight is "The Rounders".  Mom made Banana Pudding Torte (with the Nilla wafers and whip cream too) .  The guys took showers to remove about ten tons of rust and dirt.  The dogs are doing zoomies around the house and I am trying to type this blog.  

Another night of vacation at the folks..... 


  1. You are so fortunate to have the folks to visit. So much fun for all. Any mosquitoes? Hope not.

  2. It sounds like you have such a nice family, I'll bet they love it when you and Steve come to visit. And how lucky that your dad and Steve both like to tinker and fix things. Have fun! :)

  3. It's a grandma's job to spoil the grandkids....even the four-legged ones. :)

  4. I can barely remember how slow dial-up is. I know your Mom will wonder how she ever stood it so long!

  5. What a nice visit you're having with your folks--motorhome & car maintenance, comfort food & spoiled fur kids! Not to mention high-speed internet! Woot woot!

  6. The comments about your Mom spoiling the dogs, makes me think that you need "mom training" as well as dog traning!


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