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Thursday, February 20, 2014


We finally found it... WARMTH!  

We got up in Georgia yesterday (Wednesday) about 7 a.m. at the quiet Walmart lot we slept in at Madison, GA.  We perked some coffee and headed out early.  The roads were nice, for smaller state highway roads and we cruised along enjoying the countryside.   When we got closer to Macon, we stopped and fueled up.  75 gallons at $3.87 a gallon diesel.   We are averaging 8.4 mpg which is pretty good for us.  No winds and towing a Tracker, that is good mileage for our size of rig.

At Macon we hopped on the interstate to head down into Florida.... crossed the state line and managed to grab a quick pic.

Started to see a few palmetto shrubs here and there... and spanish moss hanging down.  The temps were up in the 80's and soon our motorhome was getting TOO hot inside. We actually turned on the dash AC as we drove!

Whew....  the heat felt good, but the cooler air as we were driving felt even better.   The dogs moved up closer to the dash to be near the vents too.  LOL The termometer in the middle of the rig was reading 86, no wonder they moved up close!

As we were driving south on I-75, we saw a large motorhome that had blown a front driver's side tire, entered the median strip of soft grass that dipped down in the middle, and managed to stay upright and end up on the other side, in the northbound lane, with it's Jeep toad still attached!   All in one piece and upright and never flipped or tipped on it's side!!! Oh my !!!  The RVing Gods were smiling down on them for sure, as well as all the travelers in the northbound lane who were able to avoid the motorhome as it came into their lanes of traffic.

That sure shook us up as well.....   we need to replace some of our tire pressure sensors that are not emitting a signal, so we made sure at least our toad in back is sensored up, and the two front tires on the rig.  I think I have to order three more sensors this week to finish all four of the dualie wheels on the motorhome so we have complete coverage again.

We have another little glitch, the RV fridge is only working on electric, not propane.  It was fine at the RV park in Tennessee, but started to warm up while we were boondocking in Georgia.  Steve went out and cleared up some debris and blew out a bit of rusty gunk.. but the orifice might be clogged preventing the propane burner from working.  We kept it closed as much as possible to keep the cold in.  We knew once we would reach Florida later that day, we would be plugged into power at my parent's house so our food would be okay.  But that is another task to take care of.

We stopped at a wayside for a potty break for the dogs, and they got out into GREEN GRASS!  Oh my they were so happy.... old Duke laid down and rolled over and scritched scratched back and forth with his back on the soft green grass.... it was an "AHHHHH" moment for him.  So we got Finney to roll over too, and he was just perplexed at what that green soft stuff was???    I suppose his baby puppy mind don't remember the grass so much, since we had him in Dec it's been all snow snow snow for most of his puppy life.

We got off the interstate at Gainesville, FL and took back roads over to my folks .. thru Archer and then down to where they live just outside of Williston.  With a big blast of the air horns as we passed my Aunt Lois and Uncle Sam's place, we drove around the corner and up in front of my parent's home.

They were out the door toot sweet, hugs all around and doggies barking and happy oh joy oh joy!  Soon the guys had the motorhome backed in and plugged in.... (the fridge worked on electric just fine)  and we ladies sat on the side deck.  Auntie Lois came down the road, to come for hugs and visits and her Sheboygan Summer Sausage!  (a favorite from our Grandma Kafehl anytime anyone visited)   Also I brought both mom and Lois a clump of coleus to root into plants.... sharing the wealth ya know.

Ya think we are related? 
Auntie Lois                      Me                              Mom

We sat out for hours gabbing.... and then mom had a nice roast beef dinner waiting for us.  How nice was that after a long day of travel?

While the guys discussed motorhomes, cars, trucks, campers and what not, Mom and I went into her office room to see about her laptop.  Six months ago, Mom's beloved WEBTV unit was discontinued support or access by MSN.  She has had that as her source of internet for the last 15 years!   In September, I mailed mom a laptop from Wisconsin all set up to get her on the internet.  All she had to do was plug it into her dialup service and turn it on.  She did pretty well, but soon her email would not load up.  She has been able to access Skype and the Internet, but not her Outlook for email.   

I took a look, and in a bit we figured out her problem, and got her email open again.   While I am here, I am going to set up a larger desktop computer she bought.  For now she has very slow dialup, but we are going to look at her phone company Centurylink about getting her on a bundle deal to get better connections for her.  They have some special offers and we will see what is best for her. 

Also my Auntie Lois got a computer from her kids for Christmas, so I am going to get over there and set it up and she will see about the same deal from Centurylink for her access.  

And THEN I will get both of them on Facebook!   Their cousin Nancy in Duluth is on it, and we know they will enjoy catching up and sending recipes and silly sayings and seeing what all of us kids and grandkids are up to.  

Steve and I were tired and headed to bed last night about 9ish, so the folks could go to sleep.  It was down in the 60s as we went out to our motorhome.  A nice shower and fresh air and taking the wool blanket off the bed!  Yes, it's Florida!!!   Then crawling between crisp cotton sheets, with the window cracked open a bit for fresh air.  AHHHHHHHHHH

Woke up about 4 am to ROOSTERS CROWING!   My folks live in a rural area out of town, and the danged roosters down the road would NOT shut up!   So much for open windows, eh?  

Oh well, I perked the coffee and typed this blog, let the dogs out for a potty break.  (Duke and Finney didn't like that rooster noise either) .... and now I am waiting for Steve and the folks to get up.  Auntie Lois baked banana bread to go with our coffee this morning.  I will bring in my carafe of coffee and join them as soon as I see movement from the house......

344 miles today
1307 miles traveled total


  1. Best part of Florida right where your are, IMHO. So glad to see you warm and cozy. Maybe you will still be there when we barrel past Gainsville on our way back to Pensacola mid March

  2. I love the pic of you, your mom and your aunt. You sure do resemble your mom! I had a blowout on I-95 in SC, close to the GA border. One of the tires on my 5th wheel blew out and fortunately I was able to slow down and safely pull over on a very narrow shoulder. That is so scary!

  3. I had a right front tire blow out on the Jeep I was pulling just the other day. Did some damage to the fender. Of course I didn't know it and in the rear view camera it looked just fine. Then other drivers started pointing back and then I saw it smoking.

    BTW, I usually run my generator, that way the refrigerator will still be running on electric and then I can run the two overhead AC's along with the dash AC. That keeps the whole coach cool.

  4. The best part of Florida is not the heat, but being with family.


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