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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

VACATION - Hanging out with the parents in Florida

I know I haven't written since Friday, but it's not because there isn't any thing to write about.. it's because we have been so busy by the time I get to bed at night, I am pooped!   Tonight we are staying up because Steve's favorite show is on tv (Person of Interest)  and in the Eastern Time Zone, it plays at 10 p.m.

The folks have been keeping us hopping, how they do it, we don't know!  They have been starting out every morning with a good dose of coffee, I think that might be it.  Then Steve and Lowell zoom out into the back garage and work on the Tracker.  They have been cutting out old metal, riveting in new metal, fiberglassing in the areas, and then grinding, sanding and smoothing it down.

They are taking out all the rusted areas around the wheel wells and bottom rocker panels. 

This afternoon they started priming and painting it!  

We ordered up the modem equipment from CenturyLink and it should be here tomorrow, then we can get mom set up on her hi-speed internet connection!   After hers is set up, then we will do Auntie Lois's computer at her house too.  In the meantime, I got mom set up on Facebook!   She is having fun checking in now and getting "friends" ... she is now up to THIRTY SEVEN FRIENDS!  Her "office" is also her craft supply room--- she thinks it looks messy, but I think she is very organized with all her bins and labels and shelves!

In between, they have managed to find a whole bunch of things to keep us busy!  Mom and I have been working on some crafts....

Mom always is working on craft projects, and recently she has been making some tiny pipe cleaner doggies, just for fun.  Here is a little corgi she made for our daughter Heather. She got the book from my sister, Linda, for Christmas and has been totally enjoying herself! It's addicting she said!

This morning Mom, Auntie Lois and I were going to spend the day craft shopping in Gainesville, but instead the guys got involved with selling a truck to someone and turns out the fuel filters needed to be changed... so they used the big truck to run for parts and supplies.  So that was the end of our shopping trip for the day.  It's okay, we will go tomorrow!

So we spent the day doing our fun stuff at Mom's house instead. Mom was working on her creative little stuffed animals she sews by hand from fur, and I was working on my quilted hot pads.

The dogs are adapting well to the Florida weather, and have been enjoying walks and sniffs and exploring the sandy terrain around the folks house.  They want to dig into the mole hills, and ant mounded up hills of tunnels.. but no no nooooo  digging allowed!  I don't want the pup to learn to dig holes, so they are pulled back, told NO! and given something else to take their attention away from those things.

Most evenings, we are found to be out relaxing on the side deck, in the shade, with fun conversation, and good feelings of a day well spent on fun tasks.  The daytime temps are in the mid-70's to low 80's.  Most of the nights have been in the 50's or so.

Tomorrow will be full of shopping, and hopefully finding some bargains between Walmart, Joann's, Michaels, and Target....  Mom has a WHOLE list of things to get and stuff to look at.  Shopping with her and Auntie Lois can take ALL DAY!!!

P.S. update on the motorhome fridge... yes, it's working fine.  Steve cleaned out the propane burner portion and it cooled right down and working fine on the propane mode.


  1. Whew! I am tired with all the activities that are happening. Love your temperatures.

  2. What a guy. Vacation = working on the car. I have always respected people like that.

  3. Were your ears burning? I told my dingbat friends about you and Steve!

    Tell you mom that the fur animals are adorable. Does she sell them?


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