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Saturday, March 1, 2014

VACATION - A Quilt Museum!

How do two men get hornswaggled into attending a quilt museum???? Not willingly, that is for sure!

We started out the morning with breakfast out at A and A in Bronson....  it was a nice treat!
 (our obligatory photos across the table shots!) 

From there we went up to Chiefland to see the flea market.  We didn't buy any fleas, but got a few odds and ends.  On our way back, we had seen two rummage sale signs so we convinced Lowell to turn into the first one.  BARGAIN!  They found some welding/cutting torches, gauges and tanks for a mere $15!!!!   So that spurred them both to drive us to the next rummage sale sign.  

THAT sign said "rummage and CRAFT sale"   on a corner, so Lowell turned the truck and headed down a country road. Tee heeeeee --- we drove up the road watching for the sign, and it happened to be at A QUILT MUSEUM!   The Levy County Quilt Museum...
here is their facebook page link: Levy County Quilt Museum in Chiefland, FL
and here is their webpage link: http://www.levycountyquiltmuseum.org/

The guys reluctantly pulled in and parked the truck, as Mom and I were bouncing up and down with glee in the back seat!  HAHHAHAA  the lure of another possible good tool rummage sale deal tricked these unsuspecting two guys into a quilt shop visit!

The museum is located in a wonderful log cabin on a quiet country road

The inviting front porch has plenty of room for cranky hornswaggled husbands to hang out 
while their wives check out the inside of the museum. 

The front porch also comes with a Shop Cat who greets the visitors
to the inviting area.  Great tables too, made from covered wooden wire spools. 

Inside was a lovely display of vintage sewing machines! 

We found everything very interesting
(look at that jar of thread spools.. how pretty!) 

My Singer from my Grandma Groop has a wooden case like this! 
I use that machine to sew all of my handwoven rug hems.

The guys finally came in to see what was taking us so long,
 and at least they found the big elk head interesting!  LOL 

The back room had a large quilt in progess on a rack, 
and I imagine the quilting guild that met there is working on it

Mom and I found a whole bin of zip lock bags.... full of scraps of fabrics and laces! 
She picked out four 50 cent bags 
and I found five 1.00 bags! 

Between items for sale, racks of quilts,
crocheted items and placemats and runners
 there were display cases of old pieces of sewing machines and information.

It was quite a lovely place, fresh clean and neat. 

I wanted to look some more and more, but our guys were getting ansty! 
The weather was nice and they wanted to get home and do some more body work on a different truck.

There were a lot of beautiful quilts for sale...

In the front of the store, a lady was working on another quilt on a big rack.

The gal showing us around, (sorry I forgot to catch her name) 
showed me their newest project! 
They built frames and put in 13 inch blocks that will be sealed behind plexi glass 
and mounted all around the porch OUTDOORS!  Set up high under the protection of the roofline. 

We reluctantly got back into the truck to head on home to the folks' house. 
I think I am going to go on back there, and take my Mom and Auntie Lois with me! 
(we will leave the guys at home)

Once we got home, Mom and I unloaded our grab bags of scraps.  Wheeeheeeee  There was a lot of fabric fat quarters, and lots of usable scraps for my hot pads and coasters.  

I also bought two bags worth of flannel triangles and squares already cut out, ready to go into a quilt! Maybe I will mix them with some denim?

It was such a nice sunny afternoon, temps in the mid to high 70's.... these two doggers have gotten awfully dirty and sandy playing around the yard.  I decided to pop them in the tub in the motorhome and give them a good scrub-a-dub-dub.  Little Finney is showing EXACTLY what he thinks about that!  (look closely)

As they dried out on the deck, I snapped a few shots of them, trying to get them to both face me at the same time.  Do you think that happened?  Noooooo  So I made a whole collage of them! Even though they had to have a bath, I think they are both pretty happy dogs.

We tossed some steaks on the grill, and had some baked taters and salads, to eat like kings after a long day of vacationing.   Later on, both my Mom and Auntie Lois got on their computers to practice more with Facebook, Emails and now photos!  Wheeeeeeee  At one point, Auntie Lois got stuck and called on the phone ..."HELP!"  Good thing she only lives 2 houses away, I could trot on over and give her a hand.  With more and more practice, they soon will have this new confounded computer contraptions mastered!    I hope.


  1. A quilter's dream come true! and that collage looks so darn cute! Great job, Karen.

  2. Steve sure was nice to tolerate your bus mans holiday. I'm sure you enjoyed yourself though.

  3. Love that museum! That's quite a nice selection of flannel plaids you picked up, too . . . and I think they'll look great with some denim mixed in! Pretty doggies!

  4. those quilt frames that roll up as one quilts are fascinating!

  5. Did you get a hair cut? Or is it just pulled back? Looks like a great day. The flanel will make a cozy quilt. Maybe for your grandson some day.

  6. It sounds like the guys were pretty good sports about hanging out at a quilt museum, at least for a little while.

  7. I took my wife awhile back to the huge quilt show in Houston, TX. It took hours and hours and I don't think wee saw them all. Being a guy, I never knew so many quilts of so many different designs could possilble exist. And there they were in one huge building.


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