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Thursday, March 13, 2014

VACATION - Last Day with the Folks in Florida

This post is about Monday and Tuesday as we prepared to leave Florida.  (just getting around to it today to post it)

Monday morning we had our nice breakfast with sister Tonya and family... and they headed out to the airport.  Seeing as we had an afternoon to fill up, we asked Auntie Lois if she wanted ONE MORE WALMART RUN????  (we had done both of the Ocala and Gainesville Walmarts, but hadn't hit their "home base" Walmart in Chiefland)   Of course she wanted to go!!!!

There is a nice little fruit stand in Chiefland that I wanted to get more fresh produce from, plus they carry  HOT Cajun Peanuts that Steve enjoys.  That was a stop on our list.  We also hit a new thrift store, and I found some great denim material to go with the flannel pieces I bought 2 weeks before at the quilt shop.  So now I can make a heavy denim and flannel quilt.  Then we needed to stop at the Dollartree for a few things, and that killed another hour. We finally hit the Walmart and made our loops and turns  and laps around the store.  We didn't lose any one this time!   LOL ....  soon our packages were loaded and we headed on home.

The guys had been busy with a few projects too... they are working on a big air compressor and sand blaster, and then headed out for a big welding machine and plasma cutting tool that Steve found on Craigslist for Lowell to add to his array of tools. Steve has enjoyed helping Lowell spend his money... tee heee!

 After we cooked up a supper, the guys decided to take THEIR turn in the kitchen cleaning up duties!  They cleaned up the dishes, stowed the leftovers and made it sparkling purty.... (see Mom's Pillsbury Dough Boy Collection?)   It was such a great treat to have THEM do it on our last night.
Mom's feet were really hurting from our shopping marathon, so I took in some good foot lotion and gave her a long massage while the guys banged and clanged around the kitchen.

Thinking they are on a cleaning jag or something....  
but I think they just wanted second helpings of dessert.  Hmmmmm?

The doggers have been having an absolute blast here!  The back yard is pretty well fenced in so we could let Finney off the leash with our supervision.  As long as we had his new favorite toy, he stuck around to play.  My nephew Blake showed us how his dog loves to play with a plastic soda or water bottle.  Finney is in LOVE with this wonderful new crackly sounding toy!!! Duke lunges to take it away, and Finney can grab it back by the nozzle area of the bottle.

He has learned to twist and turn and jump in the air, flipping the bottle around and chasing it, totally entertaining himself.   This is one happy puppy------

As we settled in for our last night sleeping in the folk's yard, 
we took out our mapping software (Microsoft Streets and Trips) 
and planned our way home.  

As much as we didn't want to, we know the work-a-day world is waiting
and I do admit--- I miss my house. 

On Tuesday, we woke up to a sunshiny Florida morning, with birds singing and warm sand under our feet.  Reluctantly, we had our last coffee clutch around the table with the parents.  We had spent the last 20 days starting out each morning around this table with them. Quite a nice routine. 

As we packed up our gear, stowed our power cord and chairs and topped off our fresh water tank, and dumping our holding tanks, it was time to gather the last of our items from the house.  We did a doublecheck to make sure nothing was left behind. 

The neighbor ladies who Steve and Lowell installed the washing machine for had a bit of an emergency.... so Mom and I did what we could to help.  Later that day, they finally convinced the lady to let them bring her to the hospital for better care, which they did.  She is resting comfortably now and under the care of her doctors. 

We moved the motorhome out onto the street, and got the Tracker hooked up.  Double checking our connections, we then said our goodbyes, as much as we didn't want to. 

Choking back tears, Mom shoved a handful of homemade Easter cards in my hands for the great-grandtots.  And a special one she made for us, thanking us for all the help we did for them. Awwwwwwww  how perfect for us! 

(I treasure her homemade cards) 

It's always hard to say goodbye... and after spending 20 days with the folks, it was very hard to turn around and get into the rig and head north.  

Now they owe us 20 days at OUR house in May!!!!!!


  1. Safe travels on the way back. Or are you already most of the way home?

    Visits do go fast don't they.

  2. That homemade card of the dogs is wonderful!

  3. I have really enjoyed reading about your visit with your folks. I wish I could sit and talk to my Mom one more time, but we have to grab the chance while we have it!

    Have a good and safe trip home, and I hope Wisconsin warms up a bit for you.


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