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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

VACATION - Meeting My Sis and going to Cedar Key, FL

I come from a combined family--- about 10 years ago my Mom married Lowell.  We don't do "steps" in our family, so everyone is a sister, brother, son, daughter. All family, no steps.  Lowell has sons and only one daughter, Tonya.  We have never met Tonya in person before, just through emails and facebook.

Tonya, her husband Mike, and son Blake were able to sneak away from snowy cold Ohio for a little spring break weekend to Daytona!   They flew in near Orlando, drove up to Daytona for 2 days, and then came to spend a night at Mom and Lowell's before heading back.  So we FINALLY got to meet each other in person!

Mom and Steveio made a nice meal of a baked ham dinner
complete with pineapples on top, mashed taters, veggies and biscuits! 

After our meal, we hopped in two vehicles to drive over 40 miles to Cedar Key, an island in the Gulf of Mexico.  It's a nice small tourist town but not too overdone or crowded.  The white sand beaches and dog-friendly atmosphere are welcoming and pleasant.  The sky was THIS BLUE, no enhancing, and the sands were THIS WHITE!  The temps were in the 70's and it was gorgeous.

Ooooh my feet just couldn't wait to dig my toes into the sand...

We played "tourist" and took some pics while we got our feet wet in the water... 
(but Steveio and Lowell didn't)

 I think Mom and Auntie Lois were two of the biggest KIDS on the beach! 

I scooped up some "goody bags" of pure white sand for the grandtots to enjoy... yes, I bagged it up into five smaller bags and mailed them out yesterday!  I put on a note that they should get some Florida Sand Between Their Toes.... I hope their mommies dump it on the floor and let them put their feet in it!   LOL

The guys hung out under a shaded palm tree....  we women took off to walk along the shops and buy a couple of Tshirts and postcards... Yup, typical tourists we are!

Cedar Key is known for it's gathering of pelicans and other sea birds along the pier that goes out into the water... We walked out to see some fishermen wrangling their catch from the swooping dives of the pelicans! LOL....  When the catch is too small, they toss it over to the waiting birds.  

I found a buddy while hanging out on the pier
play this little video clip?

We drove on back home for an evening of wine and laughter out on the deck...  with good wishes and sweet dreams we all crashed about 10 pm.  It sure had been a LONG day for all of us.

Knowing the next morning we would be losing an hour due to Daylight Savings Time, Tonya and her family had to get up and going after a big breakfast cooked by Chef Lowell.  

They had a plane to catch and we waved goodbye and wished them safe travels! 

I am posting this a day late, but I just hadn't time to catch up yet. 
Next blog will be about our last day in Florida. 

As I write this, we are safely ensconced in our rig at a Walmart north of Atlanta....


  1. Travel safely! Great memories you have made.

  2. Love that there are no steps in your family! They must've loved spending time in warm Florida--poor Ohioans have had a particularly hard winter!

  3. Nice that you were finally able to meet your sister and her family and spend a bit of time with them.

    We liked Cedar Key too when we were there. It is a pretty little spot and as you say not real touristy, it has a nice laid back feel to it.

    We stayed at the Low-Key Hideaway, which has a few RV spots, if you are ever there again you have to stop in and stay a night or two, Pat and Cindy were fantastic hosts and they have the neatest little Tiki Bar with views of the sea both out your front window and back window so that you see the sunrise and the sunset.


  4. I don't want to read about your last day in FL (sniff-sniff) anymore than you wanted to write it. :c(

  5. The white sand is really nice but you know you will probably be home before the sand gets there!

  6. The picture of your mother wading brought back memories of my grandmother doing the same ( but wearing a dress) in 1951. Thanks for brings those memories back!

  7. Wow, that sand is really white!! Better be wearing sunglasses on that beach and the reflected sun from the white sand can burn you in places you don't expect.

  8. After all this fun and you want to go back to GB


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