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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

VACATION–Full Moon and last Sunday at The Slabs

(this post is about Saturday night and Sunday, March 19 and 20)


We watched the huge full moon come up over The Slabs on Saturday night.  It was to be the biggest full moon to come up in quite some time, so we waited with our cameras to get a shot before it rose too high in the clouds.  Of course, as soon as I aimed the camera… LOW battery.  ACK!  I had to run back to the motorhome and reload a new battery pack.  I managed a few shots, but missed the best ones.

last weekend at the slabs31

Here is Moon Man Kenny…. who either walks around with a glowing orb over his head,

or else he is the dirty devil in the flames of the fire?   He can’t make up his mind.

  last weekend at the slabs29  last weekend at the slabs1


VJ wanted a shot as it rose above her van… how cool is this?

last weekend at the slabs33


After a fun filled fire night, we headed off to bed, and woke up Sunday morning for a cloudy and damp day to our dismay.  The first icky day of our trip!   We all piled into cars and trucks and headed up to the Bombay Beach Legion for breakfast and bloody marys.  All except Seanny Boy who was under the weather himself.

(left to right) Rich, Mary, Kenny, ChiliBob, VJ, me, Steveio

last weekend at the slabs18


Interesting way to order food at this place, they hand out sheets of paper and some marking pens.  You just circle what you want with your name and table number!   You wait with your bloody mary or coffee.  Then the waitress would walk over with a plate call and out a name at your table.  Done-  

last weekend at the slabs14

There was a piano player in the corner, and groups would come in and eat and out again. 

last weekend at the slabs16  last weekend at the slabs17

From there, we drove around a bit in Bombay, and then headed back to The Slabs.  I decided to take a pic of each one’s rig here and remember them all, seeing as it was our last day here.

Rich and Mary’s Tiffen                  BillyBob’s motorhome              Kenny’s tent and van

last weekend at the slabs25 last weekend at the slabs21 last weekend at the slabs22


                           VJ’s van                             Chilibob’s Bounder                                   Perry’s fiver                         

last weekend at the slabs23 last weekend at the slabs24 last weekend at the slabs26


Peaches cook-tent                  Jan’s Tioga Motorhome                    Seann’s Jayco trailer

 last weekend at the slabs19 last weekend at the slabs28 Tour De Slabs3


Oh, we have one more picture of a Slabber Dogger to post… one of Jan’s little dust mop dogs came out to have his photo taken, as he got missed over on the St. Paddy’s Day post of doggers.  He dressed up for the occasion and posed so well.  Her other doggie was too embarrassed from a trip to the groomers and would not come out to pose. 

last weekend at the slabs4  last weekend at the slabs5


Later on Sunday afternoon, Seann was feeling better so he decided it was a good time to get his awning taken off.  See, the wind caught it a while back and ruined the automatic motor in the roller arm, and started to tear the awning fabric.  They rolled it up, but the wind caught it again and unfurled it while just sitting there.  So he decided it would be better to get the fabric off before he hauled his trailer all the way back to Canada that way.  So we pitched in and slid it out of the groove and roller at the same time.  (Seann also decided we needed a partial “moon” shot from the roof before we began)


last weekend at the slabs11  last weekend at the slabs10

last weekend at the slabs8  last weekend at the slabs6


We invited Rich and Mary over to our rig for a dinner… as a Thank You for inviting us to The Slabs and taking us to Mexico and all the great hospitality…. 

Mary had on a pair of mismatched socks!   But the funny thing was, she also had another pair just like them?

last weekend at the slabs2  last weekend at the slabs3


We had just one more night around the campfire, as we were planning a morning departure on Monday to head further east.  As much as we hate to, it’s time to go back towards Wisconsin. 

We are halfway through our miles,

halfway through our time,

and completely sure we are going to become full-timers in 2 years!






  1. Looks like even working you can manage to have fun, We so worry about the wind and our awning , even with the tied downs, and support rafter.so far we have been lucky and not had it damaged. Have fun ad be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. love the mismatched sox!..I have the same ones..two pairs too!!..have a great day!..nice to see everyone's rigs!!

  3. It's great to hear about all the fun you're having. I hate to see you go back in the snow and cold. Safe travels.

  4. I guess with writing your name and table# on your order, you can't blame the waitress for the wrong order.

    Sounds like you won't want to go home. I know that we just love this life.

    Kevin and Ruth


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