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Saturday, March 19, 2011

VACATION – Happy St. Paddy’s Day Slabs Style

(this post is about Thursday, March 17, 2011)
First--- a note about my brotherinlaw Fuzz….   Yes, congratulations are in order because as of the newest tests done this week in Ann Arbor, MI the docs said he is CANCER FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!   Way to go, Fuzz!!!!!!  We all raised our glasses in a toast to his good news while around the campfire today!
Second--- I forgot to put in yesterday’s post about Tuesday morning.  Chilibob and Seann accompanied us out to breakfast at The Buckshot café in the town of Niland.  Seann treated us (though he didn’t have to do that)  and we ate like kings.  It was a good start to the day for us, and we sure enjoyed the company.
breakfast out with chilibob and seann12 breakfast out with chilibob and seann11

Now… on to today’s post about St. Paddy’s Day!
Our wonderful Slab Hosts, Mary and Rich, have done up St. Patrick's day in style… Slabs Style that is!   They have been cooking all day long to put on a wonderful corned beef and cabbage feed, along with veggies and buns and all the trimmings!  Everyone came and joined in the celebration.   There are a lot of pictures here, but hey, it’s a PARTY so we have to have a lot of pictures, right?
The food was piled up on one table and we all circled to fill our plates
st pattys day at the slabs6 st pattys day at the slabs13
Here you can see Chilibob’s plate half filled, and Steveio’s cut up pile of pallets in the background
st pattys day at the slabs8 st pattys day at the slabs12
We all dug in and ate to our heart’s content.  The food came out perfect.  Kudos to the Chefs!
st pattys day at the slabs7 st pattys day at the slabs10
Going back for seconds?                                                Oooomph  Mary the Slabs Chef is petered out!!!!!
st pattys day at the slabs5 st pattys day at the slabs16
Then there were the desserts!!!!   Peaches baked these cookies in both my and Mary’s easy bake ovens.
We had cakes, rolled chocolate cakes, cupcakes and cookies….  which to choose?
st pattys day at the slabs57  st pattys day at the slabs55

All of the dogs had to get dolled up too… St. Paddy’s Day in Slabs Style!
Socks                                      Daisy                                Stetson                                  Luke
st pattys day at the slabs0 st pattys day at the slabs26 st pattys day at the slabs45 st pattys day at the slabs28
Angel                                   Ducky                                  Duke                                       Bunny
st pattys day at the slabs39 st pattys day at the slabs42 st pattys day at the slabs46 st pattys day at the slabs62

And I guess this Ole Dog Kenny got dolled up too!   (note the green martini and his complete outfit?)
st pattys day at the slabs31
As the evening wore on, some folks went, some folks came… and we sat up well into the night.
We got to meet Solar Mike and his wife Judy.  They run a business here at The Slabs, selling and installing solar panels, batteries, controllers and wiring for RVs to best utilize the sun and make the best of boondocking.

We were entertained by a young guitar player, Jimi Austin James,  who had a whole book listing his repertoire, so we kept him busy singing songs.   He had a lot of good mellow tunes, like Neil Young, to share, along with a lot of his own original songs too.  We kept asking for more and more!
st pattys day at the slabs76
st pattys day at the slabs78  st pattys day at the slabs82

Jimi read my blog and left this message below in my comments section:

Thank you for the sweet comments! I'm so happy you enjoyed the music. 
I had a great time too. My contact phone# has changed to 760-587-1708. 
My email stays the same though~ jajmusic@yahoo.com
Thanx for taking my pic playing. I just seen it today!! 
I'm copying it for my facebook page.
Much love,
Jimi Austin James

Our host and hostess, Mary and Rich had a turn or two around the campfire in each other’s arms.
st pattys day at the slabs87

(psst this is someone’s forehead when he tried to take a picture with my camera… backwards!)
st pattys day at the slabs68

st pattys day at the slabs70 st pattys day at the slabs67
st pattys day at the slabs66 st pattys day at the slabs65
st pattys day at the slabs64 st pattys day at the slabs63
I had out my spinning wheel and got 3 and half bobbins done up, accompanied by my wine! 
I was keeping time to the music with my wheel and it was so satisfying.
st pattys day at the slabs72

It was such a nice warm night, and the music was good, the guitar was soothing and we didn’t wander back into bed till well after midnight.  Gosh we old folks are having a hard time partying so late.

Thanks again, Rich and Mary for the great food and wonderful party!


  1. What a great way to spend St Patrick's Day ,looks like you had a big turnout for the par, with live entertainment too, Don't get any better than that. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. look like you two are enjoying yourselves...

  3. Glad to hear that Fuzz is cancer free!

    Hummm...drinking wine, listening to music and spinning...only you :)

  4. It were hard to tell in the tuckered out chef photo which were the better lookin' one. The one showin' the front side or the one showin' the back side. :):):)

  5. What a great place to celebrate St. Paddy's Day and with such a great group of people. Loved the doggie pics!

    Kevin and Ruth
    First off congrats to Fuzz!!!

    Glad you had a great time and that everything is taking off the way you had hoped it would. Great job on the cake, it sounds delicious.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Thank you for the sweet comments! I'm so happy you enjoyed the music. I had a great time too. My contact phone# has changed to 760-587-1708. My email stays the same though~ jajmusic@yahoo.com
    Thanx for taking my pic playing. I just seen it today!! I'm copying it for my facebook page.
    Much love,
    Jimi Austin James


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