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Friday, March 11, 2011

VACATION – At The Slabs on a sunny Thursday

(this post is about Thursday at The Slabs)

Yes, as much as I hate to torment my blog readers from up north, this is a picture perfect day at The Slabs.  It’s in the mid-80’s clear blue sky and sunshine from the Chocolate Mountains on one side and the Vallecito and Santa Rosa Mountains on the other side.


the slabs

And here is a map of where we are:

we are here

We were invited to a cookout on Thursday…  bring your own steak and a dish to pass.  It was at some friends of Rich and Mary’s.  I baked up some brownies in my little Easy Bake Oven set up on a table outside of the rig. 

at the cookout0


It’s been getting HOT here during the days…  already 82 at 9:30 am.  Whew!  We put out the awning and it helps keep the heat off the side of the rig.   Our thermometer read a high of 96, and Seanns was over 100.  WOW!   Steve and Seann did some configuring on some extra gas line hose for a catalytic heater on Seann’s trailer. 

at the cookout1

Then I whipped up a pot of my Calico Beans.  It was getting so hot in the motorhome, that I broke down, fired up the generator and kicked on the air conditioner for a while. 

Mary brought over a cool thing for me to borrow of hers.  It’s from Coleman, it’s a silver colored metal round tub unit with a black locking insulated lid.  Inside is a removable metal pot.  Heat up the beans, dump em in the pot, and set it in the unit… good to go!  Keeps it hot for hours!  (I will get a picture of it later, forgot)  So off we went to the party, with our steaks, brownies and pot o’ beans.  LOL   Steve and Rich were on cooking duty at the grill.

at the cookout6

I was the MOST POPULAR person at the party!   (well, for the dogs at the party!)   Steve’s steak had a big portion of gristle and fat, so I cut it into tiny pieces and these four doggies just LOVE ME!  


at the cookout8 at the cookout9

at the cookout11  at the cookout10

We came back later, sat around the campfire till dark,

enjoying the warmth and friendship of our good buddies here at The Slabs!


  1. So often you hear people say the Slabs is a lousy place to go. You and Stevio are showing that you can have fun anywhere you go.

    I think the Slabs looks to be a great place to visit and your posts have verified that idea.

    Are you missing snow yet??? (LOL)

  2. That one guy looks like a skinnier version Of Mr Rigg's, no doubt he would have been at the head of the hand out line.Did you see the paper about your Gov. getting his bill passed , but he did say no layoff's, Poor Steveo more money out of his paycheck. Looks like a great bunch of folks out there, Have fun and keep the pictures coming. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  3. It mite be I read it wrong, but wasn't you sayin' that one minute it were between 80 to 101 degrees and next you is a hookin' up a cattylitic heater? I ain't sure exactly what is wrong with that picture, but something sure seems to be.

  4. The slabs is a fairly decent sized area, there are some pretty great parts of it and some not so great parts. Overall, I thought it was pretty cool and hate that my lungs can't handle it :(

    You guys are definitely showing the finer side of slab living :) Very cool!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  5. Isn't it amazing how dogs know how go get a handout? They probably sat around in thawt "good dog pose" until somebody caved In.

  6. Yup... when you drive in, the first part (Poverty Flats) is pretty rugged looking. But once you get down where we are, it's all nicer rigs, clean areas (these folks keep their areas clean and pick up after themselves and others) and lots of friendly people.

    We just bought a big bag of oranges from a roadside vendor. Couldn't talk him into half a bag. So about 10 pounds of oranges went back with us. I just took bags of 3 or 4 oranges around to all my Slab Neighbors to share the wealth! Heck, 10 pounds of oranges wouldn't fit in my fridge! hahahahahah


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