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Thursday, March 3, 2011

VACATION - ONE WEEK! Can you believe it, and we are in Arizona

(This post is about Wednesday, though it didn't get posted till Thursday) 

It is almost unthinkable to realize that we have only been gone ONE WEEK~  
-We have visited with Sam and Donna in St. Louis
-We met up with Doug and Ann in Oklahoma City
-We toured through the panhandle area of TX,
-We snuck through the high wind storm and found a safe place in New Mexico
-We walked down 80 stories deep under the earth at Carlsbad Caverns
-We played in the sand of White Sands Nat. Monument....
-and now we are on way into Arizona!

We woke up at the Kmart in Deming, NM with about 10 other motorhomes and fivers parked around us.  We went and did a little shopping at the Kmart as a thankyou for letting us stay there.  Before we left Deming, we decided we needed to fuel up.....  OUCH!  Most places were 3.99 a gallon for diesel.  We managed to get fueled up at a Shell station for only $3.79 a gal diesel.

61 gallons at $3.799  a gallon

We hit the interstate to get across into Arizona, but left it as soon as possible.  We really dislike the busy traffic and semi-trucks blasting past us, and the dumb drivers in the merging lane who have cell phones plastered to their heads.. .which blocks their view as they merge into the traffic.. and often almost run into us! 

The scenery is getting more *desert-like* and we are enjoying the changes and textures of the landscapes.  This is so foreign and unreal to us, as we are used to hills and trees and either green leaves or white snow.  We never see they sky like in Wisconsin... going from one horizon to the other as the sun rises and sets....  without anything blocking it's way!

We never knew pecans grew in the desert!  Something else we learned today! 

So we pulled off at Wilcox and headed south....  Our good RV blogger friends Al and Kelly directed us to a good place to boondock and let the dogs out to roam and sniff and stretch their legs.  

It has been a busy week, so we really enjoyed setting up and relaxing in the desert.  We are between the Swiss Helm mountains and  the Chiricahua Mountains.   We stopped in a tiny Tourist Information station and got a whole bunch of brochures and booklets to pour over.  

We did manage to find a little bit of this Arizona dust while driving through the desert....

Tracker:  "Cough-cough-choke-choke-gasp!"

We whipped up a good dinner of Wisconsin Bratwurst and relaxed as we looked at our view....

And here is our VIEW!!!!  These are the Chiricahua Mountains..... 

Here is an Arizona sunset, splattered across the side of our rig.....

It was quiet and no lights and no sounds... just us.  We went to bed early... we sure needed it!  

191 miles traveled today
2,072 total miles traveled so far


  1. what a great place to rest!..nice post today, Karen!!

  2. What a neat campsite, it's looks like God's own hand created it just for you guys. and then a supper of schnitzel's, it just doesn't get any better than that, I'll bet the doggers were bugging for a taste.We are so enjoying being in the back as you drive down the highway, keep the pictures coming the views are great. Tell Steveo I'll loan him Sadie as a car wash mitt when you get back here.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. We don't like interstates either. Today we were on one from Beaumont, Texas to just after the Louisiana border. We were going to stay on it way longer but hated the traffic and got off. I think we found some of the stupid drivers you were talking about, as well!

    Kevin and Ruth


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