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Sunday, March 13, 2011

VACATION– Another Super Duper Chili Bob Tour Day – and dancing at The Range

(this post is about Saturday, March 12, 2011)


Oh my my, our wonderful Slab friend Chili Bob took us on another tour today!   We had been hearing about these wonderful Date Shakes, made with real dates from the palm trees in Mecca.  Folks said these are to die for!   So we hopped in his Suzuki Sidekick (with air-conditioning)  and headed out 60 some miles up to get a date shake!   Our Tracker doesn’t have AC and it was topping out at mid 90’s today.

chili bob date tour route

We stopped along the shores of the Salton Sea… and checked out the deserted resort areas and boat ramps.  Some hardy folks still live here, but it never thrived into the teeming tourist metropolis that was planned.  Some areas had flooded and others like these boat ramps were dried out and never replaced.

chili bob date tour 11

We made it up to the Oasis Date Gardens…. and enjoyed the most delicious rich sweet and thick shake ever!   We bought a few touristy things too, to take back to the kids, and Chili Bob indulged in a whole box of freshly picked dates!

chili bob date tour 26  chili bob date tour 33

There were some sweet honeysuckle vines growing around the entrance that called my name and invited all of our noses to take in a deep sniff of their sweetness too.  My oh my, I miss Sprintime!

chili bob date tour 35

Then.. he decided we needed to see Palm Desert, Palm Springs, and all the lovely places in between.  We wound our way along palm tree lined boulevards, past streets named after Bob Hope and other stars of the stage and screen.  Though the lands of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.   All the way to the mountains….

chili bob date tour 52

I just kept clicking the camera and ended up with 155 shots!   And now to pick which ones???

chili bob date tour 88  chili bob date tour 68

This is stuff we sure don’t see in Wisconsin!

chili bob date tour 80

He took us past some amazing wind farms….

take a gander at this Lisa and Kevin!  (our soninlaw’s folks) …

there were thousands upon  thousands of them here!

chili bob date tour 95

chili bob date tour 101  chili bob date tour 97


From there we doubled back around and came down Interstate 10… and stopped for some lunch at a SubWay.  We had no idea we were gonna be gone this long, and lunch time kinda creeped up on us.  A worker snapped this pic for us… just so Chili Bob’s family can see he is eating healthy and not just dates and shakes all of the time!   (he only taste tested some of my shake, and skipped having a whole one of his own)

chili bob date tour 107

Now we doubled back around the western shore of the Salton Sea, and around the bottom edge, and up through Calipatria back to Niland ….  he knew of some interesting dates that were growing on a palm tree near the road.  So what did this Renegade Driver do?  He pulled up, hacked some off and sped off with his bounty!   Gosh, now we are a party to a hit-n-run dating heist!   LOL   (they were very sweet, but small)

chili bob date tour 118 chili bob date tour 119 chili bob date tour 117

Whew … it was 224 miles round trip for a Chili Bob Date Shake Tour!  This is something you can not miss when you come to The Slabs.  He knows the ins and outs, and places and history of so much in the area!


After we rested up a bit, we donned our party duds and headed out to The Range!  It’s a stage with an open mike policy for bands and soloists.  It is run by Builder Bill, a Slabs regular resident.  Just pitch in a few bucks to help with the generators that run the lights and electric music equipment.  We had a fun time, once they stopped playing country and started up some rock n roll.  Dancing into the night of warm 70 degree temps, with a few cold beverages of our choice …. ahhhh   wonder what the folks are doing in the cold frozen northwoods this time of the night?

at the range5

They had a little food stand selling burgers and things, to help out with the costs.

(Mary, Rich, Kenny and Jan)

at the range17

Steveio was having a grand time…..                              as was Mary all dudded up

at the range30  mary 1

Even little kids were dancing, and dogs were running around, everyone was having a good time!

at the range2

Most of the guys didn’t dance, but held up the bar…  I did get Steveio to dance a few times though

at the range19  at the range21

Rich and Mary went back to the campers, but Jan hung out with us longer.  Cookie and I danced too. 

jan 5  at the range1


We came back to spend some time around the campfire, and then toddled off to bed. 

Yes, another fun-filled day at The Slabs!


  1. We just left CA on Wednesday and you might want to consider visiting Joshua Tree National Park. They have areas there that will take your breath away! Just be careful of the Chola Cactus! Don't let the dogs get in them - or you for that matter. The spines are murder to get out! Cottonwood Oasis is beautiful. Look for the rock that the Indian women used to grind their grain. Then Junbo Rock area is outstanding. Just a suggestion. Have fun. Wish we were still there, but had to come back to Indiana to go to Tennessee for a fiber festival next week end. We were gone 7 weeks and it was not long enough. We are already making lists of things to see and do next year. Love your pics. My computer crashed, so I can't load my photos to my blog....yet.

  2. This are the most confusioning blog post I ever tried a readin', and I have red some doozies. First you is goin' on a date. Then you is talkin' bout drivin' with Chilly Bob, only ya got yer shorts on, not yer longjohns.

    Them you is goin' to that Mecca place, but you got photos of folks a dancin' and drinkin' none of which I understoods takes place in Mecca.

    I's got to say that them photos the older virgins them fellers is always a lookin' fer were right nice, even if they were a little short in numbers and a mite long in some parts.

    Hopin' you have a safe trip back to the US, I.M.

    Me and Nilda's blog

  3. You got some really nice pictures today...beautiful area. I never cared for dates but hubby loves 'em. Looks like you had a great evening too.

  4. those date shakes are pretty famous..I have read about them before!!..sounds like you all had a great day and night!..nice to get all 'gussied up' for 'date night'!!

  5. I'm not fond of dates either, but I'll try them right off the tree to see if that makes a difference. I hope you didn't eat a bunch, you'll be staying on the ........ well you know.

  6. Glad you got to ride on the tour in an air conditioned vehicle. I guess your WI blood is still to thick to enjoy all that warmth! ;c)

  7. Wow you guys had a long day, now wonder Steveo didn't want to dance, I'll bet if he's rested up he cuts a mean rug. Wish we could have joined you Sam would have danced a few with you, the Officer & Gentleman he is. The pictures are great, keep them coming, we are truly enjoying your trip. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


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