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Saturday, March 26, 2011

VACATION- Last night with Roger and Lila - heading East and North tomorrow

Well, we have been hiding out on some BLM (Bureau of Land Management) areas in Arizona... with Buddies Roger & Lila, and Bob & Pam.   It's been a quiet location in the desert, with lots of beading, food, fun and friendship!

Steve started out the day with a long walk with Roger in the desert.  I took the dogs on a short loop around and came back to get started on some sockcranking and spinning.  We kinda spent a lazy day just looking at maps, reading magazines and taking naps.  Some vacation, huh?

But yes, we must move on in the morning.  We need to head north and east, towards Wisconsin.  As much as we do not want to, we need to get our butts in gear.   We are thinking of heading up towards the Grand Canyon next....  then finding a place over near Flagstaff so we can day trip over to Sedona.  We are going to avoid the treacherous route between Prescott and Sedona where we are warned about 15 mph hairpin turns, and no vehicles over 40ft recommended... complete with dented guardrails and even missing ones.  No thanks, we will day trip it in the Tracker instead.

So, to celebrate one last night before saying goodbye to our desert boondocking friends, we went out with all three of us couples, for dinner for our last night here.  We went to a place just north of Congress AZ called Nichols West.

 We walked in and got a table for 6 right away.

Imagine our surprise when we realize the tablecloths are really sheets of BROWN PAPER!   Yes, like brown packaging paper used to wrap parcels???? Hmmmmmmm    Guess tablecloths, linens or disposable placemats are in short supply? It sure was different!   LOL   For the menu prices, we should have had at least real cloth tablecloths if not cloth napkins?

We ordered our food, which was good and served hot... especially mine which was SO hot and steaming that I couldn't even eat till until almost everyone else was done!   Can't complain about it being served cold now, can I?   They were pretty busy as we left, and we had to wait a bit while someone unsnarled our bills.

We headed out and on the way home,  stopped by a Trading Post (which was closed) and looked around the lot a bit. Hey brother Umpee, here is a sign I looked at for you.  But I didn't buy it.  You can come here yourself and buy it if you want it!  LOL

I snapped a few pics to catch the local flavor of the place!  haha

For some reason, we just HAD to pose with the Big Rooster! 
It just seemed like the "touristy thing" to do?

We meandered back to the boondocking site and dropped off Roger and Lila at their rig, and managed to snap a few shots of the desert sunset with pretty pinks and blues.  What a lovely ending to a great day!


And the lights of the sunset are reflected in our rig out in the Arizona Desert. 

We sure hate to say good bye to Roger and Lila... instead we will just say "See you Soon!"

So tomorrow morning we hit the road, and see what our next adventure will be?


  1. Glad you enjoyed your time in the desert. The memories of that will stay with you a long time. Too bad about having to head home soon. We know the feeling well & it is always a sad time for me:((

  2. Looks like you had a good day with your new friends and a nice dinner, The sunset was good too.We are still snowbirding here in Dardenne Prairie, ended up with four more inches of snow, should be long gone by the time you get back this way.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  3. Don't know if you've left yet, but traveling 89North the way your route shows can be a nail biter bttween Congress and Prescott - steep grades and curves...may want to go east to I17 and then you can take 69 to Prescott and then north on 89 to Ashfork.

  4. What a wonderful time we've had following you in the boondocking experience. I can't wait to see what's next. Still snowing up north, maybe you should take your time getting back.

  5. Gotta say that if'n me and Nilda git out west in the future, I.M. is goin' to have to use yer blog posts as a guide on places to visit and stay.


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