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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

VACATION – Prawns on the Barbie

(this post is about Sunday, March 13, 2011)


We woke up to blue skies again… every day is like that movie GroundHog Day.  Each day is sunny and blue skies and warm temps in the high 80’s or low 90’s.   We ain’t NEVER gonna wanna go back to Wisconsin!

For Christmas last year, I gave Steve a new little electric chain saw.   Well.. that pile of pallets is just sitting there so he HAD to break it in!   Afterall, who can have a Virgin Chainsaw sitting there not being tested out?

prawn cookout (3)

What a Lumberjack!  

prawn cookout (5)

The folks at The Slabs have a nice firepit, that doesn’t show up on our nighttime photo shots.  So here is a daytime view.  It’s made from a metal washing machine tub, with legs to keep it sturdy.  Dump in the wood pieces that are burnt while standing up on end, and it gets enough airflow to keep the fire going.  Someone had even brought a REAL log from a REAL tree!   So Steve buzzed it up with the chain saw, and Seann chopped it up with an ax.  REAL wood! LOL

prawn cookout

Things around here are said to get done on “Slabs Time”.  Sometimes you even forget what day it is here.  So Seann got a new clock to help him keep track.  I think we will be needing one of these.

at the slabs1

We are now in our 3rd week of vacation and we are already forgetting what day it is, what time zone we are in, and what week we should even think about heading back!  


Here is the view from Rich and Mary’s rig, over to Chili Bob’s Bounder, Seann’s Jayco, and our Safari is back between them on the far side.   Out in front of our rig is a big bus, with tilted solar panels, but we have not met them yet.  To one side of Mary and Rich’s motorhome is Perry, BilliBob, and Jan… to the other side is Woody, Peaches and Kenny.  We have quite a neighborhood going on here!

prawn cookout (7)

This community is so wonderful with sharing and asking each other if they need something picked up at the store or brought out from town.  Rich and Mary are the Community Center of the group.  On Sunday, they had been delivered some huge huge PRAWNS!   (they are very large shrimp from Mexico that almost taste like lobsters)   They treated all of us to these delicious and elegant imported treats!

Rich went to work grilling them up a dozen at a time, and others brought over dishes to pass….

prawn cookout (15)  prawn cookout (9)


Mary had soaked them in a spicy terriaki sauce and they had such a wonderful flavor from the grill.  Yummm  Then she grilled up slices of raw pineapple to add a tasty zest flavor to go with!

prawn cookout (18) 

The guests gathered for the special feast, and boy oh boy did we feast!

 prawn cookout (19)

Mary even bought new tablecloths for the celebration.  She is such a HOSTESS with the MOSTESS!

prawn cookout (12) prawn cookout (20)


Here is a shot I took of BilliBob with his little Sadie Mae.   I have been following his blog for a few years now.  It was so good to meet him in person and put a face with the name.  He is such a kind, polite gentleman and has come here for a number of years now.   Sadie Mae is smaller and prefers to sit up out of the way of the big dogs, so she perches on a lawn chair if available.  You can follow his blog here:


prawn cookout (14)

Someone commented a few blogs back about what dogs do we have at the Slabs in our little group.  I had some pics of four dogs from a steak grill-outing that belonged to other folks.   But here are the doggers that belong to our group:

Mary and Rich’s

Daisy                                                                                    Socks

prawn cookout (21)  prawn cookout (26)

(Daisy is also laying down in the foreground a few shot’s above)


Here is Woody’s Luke                                         and another of Billibob’s Sadie Mae

prawn cookout (24)  prawn cookout (22)

(I don’t yet have a pic of ChiliBob’s little Bunny or Jan’s little doggers… will get those for the next blog)


Oh… speaking of the next blog, stay tuned to find out how I was just about


in Mexico on Monday!  





  1. You're not going to want to go back to WI for sure. We've looked at that clock and was thinking of getting one, then we ask "why". Retired you don't need one unless you have a Dr appt. We still haven't switched to the DST. (one hour ahead) Who cares about time. lol Have fun out there.

  2. I think Billy Bob's account of the time he built z BBQ from an old propane tank was the funniest thing I ever read. He looks like a gentle man, anc 'm gad to see a pic of Sadie Mae.

    You make the slabs sound like a great place to be.

  3. Love the clock, Somehow I would never think of taking a chain saw along RVing, but I can certainly see how useful it was.

  4. Where do the picnic tables come from out in the slabs? That is the same kind of firepit that Phyllis has...very neat.

  5. Love the clock, and what a cool way to recycle the old wash tub!

  6. I'm having a terrible time knowing what day it is...one of those clocks might be useful,

    We aren't looking forward to heading home on Sunday, but since we are only going as far north as south Georgia and hopefully the contract on our house will stick, I guess we can deal with it for awhile!

  7. Sadie Mae looks almost like Whiskey, except that Whiskey has a much whiter face now that she is older.

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. Looks like you guys are having a ball, We would like to be there with you. There's a lot of Sadie Maes out there, but only one Rigg's, Thank God. Can't wait to hear about your adventure in Mexico. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


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