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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jameson takes a Nature Walk


Today after supper, that Grandfaddah Pfun was letting our little 20 month old grandson Jameson explore and learn about pine cones.  I have a little wooden cart with some pine cones in the house as decoration.   Jameson was counting them, balancing them on his head, and feeling the texture of the open scales of the cones.




Then Granfaddah decided the wee little guy should learn where pine cones come from and how they grow.  First stop on the way to the pines was the birdfeeder Steveio just put on the stump.  Jameson got to scatter some sunflower seeds and felt he did a good job.



Then he needed to learn about birch trees.  He felt the tiny buds on the branches and felt the papery bark under his hands.  A few good pats and it was on to find the pines.



Now he had to walk allll the way up and over the big septic mound system in our front yard.  He never got to play in our yard much last summer, as he was a wee tot and not even walking yet.  We set the camera up on the birdfeeder and put it on timer for this shot.




Ever so busy, learning about grass and leaves and sticks and things….PICT0118


We finally made it to the three blue spruce trees on the front corner of our lot … we planted these small little trees 12 years ago, and they sure have grown!



He learned to touch and check out the pokey needle branches.  He likes swiping his hand at them and seeing them bounce back into place.



He had to circle around all three pine trees, to see them all and touch each one.  

Learning, learning, learning.


Nothing can be more delightful than having a little one between a set of grandparents… holding tight to the wee hands, and doing ONE >>> TWO>>> THREE>>>> WHHHEEEEEE

as we swing him up between us!


“Do it again! – Do it again!”


Here he is learning about a “Baby Tree” that his Granfaddah just planted.  He learned that he must be gentle, like when around his baby cousins Allegra and Chelsea.



Now we had to learn about grass,  which has been buried under layers of snow till just a week or two ago.  The ground is firming up and dry enough to walk on without getting too muddy.   We got to pull some.. throw some … and he tried to taste some too.



Jameson enjoyed walking down the hill and then stopped to explore the bark on an elm tree.  This was a whole new world after being cooped up for a winter inside the house.



Done with the trees, now he wants to see the “VROOOM”


We took a detour down the driveway to check out Granfaddah’s Camper….

“Grandpaw, can we go camping???”



Now, as we walk around, he is getting a little more sure about walking around outside… on the gravel.. on the grass.   He was trying to kick at  some stones too.



He started back towards the house.. but….


He took a DETOUR when he saw the garden hose reel!  A TOOL!  Something else new to learn about.  Wait till summer and we can play with the hose and fill up his swimmy pool.



Along the front of the house are some soft arborvitaes, so he checked out those branches.



We THOUGHT we had him up on the side deck and going into the house.. but NOOOOOO  once he went up the steps, then he had to go down the steps!   He tried to take off on us!   But we caught him!   Up and down the steps two more times, just for the fun of it.

We posed for another ONE>>> TWO>>> THREE>>> WHEEEEEE picture



Now we circled all the way around the garage.  He sure was putting on the miles on his tiny 20 month old legs.  This was quite a hike for the little guy.  Here he was walking along the side of the garage, feeling the logs with his hands as he travelled the whole length.




Grandfaddah decided that little Jameson needed a lap around the house now.  So they walked down around the side of the house to the lower level walkout area.



And what did the little guy get to see?  Granfaddah’s BOAT!


He popped him into the boat for a look-see.  The boat is parked down below our back deck, and it is the “view” I get out of two of my patio doors from my studio.  Nice, huh?  I hope he pulls it up and into the garage soon so I get my “view” back again!


Now it’s time to circle around the rest of the house.  The hill along this side of the house is much steeper and the incline was a challenge to the little feet and legs.  But he held on tight to his Granfaddah’s hand, and trucked right along side of him all the way up to the main level again.   He stopped at the top to see if I was following them.



We stopped for a cuddle (and a rest)  on the side steps



It was time to head inside, for some juice and a cookie.  I played with a bit of photoshopping with the photos of his “up and up and up to the top” photos.

 up the hill


After his snack, he got on fresh jammies and relaxed with storybooks till his mommy and daddy came to pick him up.  He was almost zonked out by 7pm, a whole hour before his normal bedtime.  I think the fresh air and all the walking wore the little bugger out.


(Jameson’s other grandfather, Jesse’s dad,  is seriously sick, so Heather and Jesse had been at the hospital to see him.  He is sedated in the ICU in critical condition, so any prayers you might say would be appreciated for our little guy’s other grandfather)


  1. You are so good at taking off moment pictures..you really capture life!! My favorite is the Whee..when he is between ya'll..what memories!!

    I will pray for Jesse's dad. I'm glad the weather is getting nicer for you!!

    Cindy from Tx

  2. Such a little sweetie Karen and I love his jacket! Glad to see your snow is leaving--a friend said Easter eggs would be easy to find in our neck of the woods this weekend--easy to see on 5 inches of new snow.

  3. Wow what a great day with the grandson, what an age ,I call it the age of innocence, where everything is a big discovery, Sorry to here about Jesse ,oiur prayers are with you,Sam & Donna.

  4. What a precious boy! Looks like you all had a wonderful day. Watching them learn and explore is so much fun.

  5. What a wonderful adventure!
    Will be praying for your family.


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